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Apple Revolutionizes the Computer

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It is 1984 and Apple announces a new product that will blow your mind about what you think you know about computers.  (Remember, I wasn’t born yet so I missed this).  The Mac was announced at a special event to analysts, employees and the press in the Fall of 1983.  There was an advertisement during the January Super Bowl that changed what we thought we knew.  Then on January 30, Steve and specific employees (Bill Atkinson, Steve Capps, Steve Wozniak and others) met on stage to show the Mac to the public at a meeting for the Boston Computer Society (BCS).

Here’s the link to watch the video from 1984 that has been hidden until now: Apple Announces the Mac.  The video comes from TIME.  In case you missed the famous Super Bowl ad for the Mac, check it out below. Finally, tell Apple about your first Mac and be part of the Mac story.

This blog primarily focuses on iDevices and less on computers; however, the Mac turned 30 years old so we had to celebrate Apple’s revolutionary product.  A quick mention of iDevices: the iPhone 6 rumors are heating up, Tim Cook had an interview with ABC where he revealed no new products, but talked about NSA and Apple is looking to develop a mobile payment service.