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New Holiday commercial: "The Song"

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Around this time last year, Apple came out with a new commercial called “Misunderstood.”  It told the story of a boy who, in our and the family’s perspective, was shying away from the group and always on his phone.  About halfway through the commercial, he puts on a video that he was creating with his iPhone 5s during the family’s activities.  This year Apple has released a similar emotional and creative video following a girl connecting with her grandmother.


The girl, as seen in the commercial above, finds a vinyl record that her grandmother gave to her grandfather in 1952.  She listens to the record of her grandmother signing “Love is Here to Stay” and then she uses her Apple products to create a new version.  She uses her MacBook to create a duet of her and her grandmother singing together and shares it with an iPad mini.

The commercial can be seen on Apple’s YouTube page and on network and cable TV.  There’s also a new section of Apple’s website for it and a featured page on the App Store for the apps used. Happy Holidays!