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iPad: Latest Rumors

Credit: iMore
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This past couple of weeks I have written posts about the iPhone 6 and iOS 8, but now it is time for the iPad.  Some rumors came up this week about the 12.9″ iPad (code named iPad pro) and third generation iPad mini won’t be launching until 2015 and the iPad air will have some iPhone 5s improvements.  At this point in time, there are not many rumors for the next generation iPads because they usually don’t launch until October.  With that said, here’s a quick guide to what we know so far about the iPad air, iPad mini and iPad pro.

iPad air 2

The iPad air, credits: Macgasm

The iPad air, credit: Macgasm

This iPad, for those of you who are keeping track, is the iPad 6 (or the sixth generation iPad.)  The redesign of the iPad 5 came with the new name “air” which relates to the lightness and thinness of it.  There’s a lack of rumors for the new iPads, so many of the points will be educated guesses based on Apple’s history.

  • A8 Processor, which is the same processor that will be found in the iPhone 6 (KGI Securities)
  • Touch ID, found on the iPhone 5s (KGI Securities)
  • Similar design
  • Improved internal components
  • Better camera (higher than 5MP)
  • Release date: October 2014, some rumors suggest April or June at WWDC

iPad mini 3

iPad mini with Retina display

iPad mini with Retina display

This will be the third generation iPad mini, but the second one to feature a Retina display.

  • Release date: 2015 (KGI Securities)
  • Touch ID
  • They predict the release date won’t be until 2015 because the iPad mini currently has updated internal components (A7 chip and Retina display) and can survive another year.
  • This reminds me of a rumor saying the iPad mini 2 (the current generation) wouldn’t come out until 2014…but the rumor wasn’t true since it came out in October.

iPad pro

One of the iPad pro concepts sitting next to a MacBook Air.

One of the iPad pro concepts sitting next to a 11″ MacBook Air.

This 12.9″ rumored iPad will be aimed at the education market, business market and at developers creating apps for the iPad.  The larger display will be a hybrid between the laptop and a tablet.  Here are some of the latest rumors:

  • Quad-core A8 Processor, available in 128GB size, arriving in Fall 2014 (Patrick Wang of Evercore Partners)
  • Arriving in 2015 because Apple is busy working on the iWatch (KGI Securities)
  • 64-bit computing with an UHD (ultra-high definition) display (Korea Times)
  • Touch ID, 64-bit A7 or A8 chip (TechRadar)
  • Arriving with late spring/winter or October 2014 release, 2 models (2K display launching in April 2014 and 4K display launching in October) (Pad News)

Other iPad Rumors

iPad 4 and iPad air side by side, credit: iMore

iPad air and iPad 4 side by side, credit: iMore

Black Friday Survival Guide

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Black Friday is almost here and that means most of the advertisements are out.  Apple, as expected, waits until nearly the last minute to post their Black Friday deals.  For now, we have all the major retailers with their Black Friday Apple iDevice deals.  Here is your full guide to getting the best deals for the best iDevices, for hours check out this page:

First, the hot buys:

Black Friday Deals Update

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Why look online through Black Friday advertisements looking for Apple iDevice deals when I have already done that for you.  Come back here often to see the iDevice deals. (Updated 11/12 8pm)

iPad Air

iPad Air
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The iPad Air (the fifth generation iPad) was announced at Apple’s October 22 Event.  In addition to a brand new design for the full-sized iPad (mostly taken from the iPad mini), Apple updated its internal components.  This iPad will be available for purchase starting November 1.  Here’s a breakdown of the new iPad Air with features, tech specs and what’s included along with rumors for future iPads.

iPad Air weighing in at only 1 pound

iPad Air weighing in at only 1 pound


October 22 Event Invitation Released

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Yesterday afternoon, Apple finally released their event invitation for the iPad-focused event on October 22.  We expect Apple will announce the slightly thicker Retina iPad mini (second generation), the slimmer iPad mini-shaped iPad 5 (fifth generation full-size iPad), the release date of OSX Mavericks and the Mac Pro.

October 22 Event


Invitation Clues:

“We still have a lot to cover”

  • “We still” –> Apple isn’t finished yet announcing products, the iPad mini 2 and iPad 5 are expected to be announced around this time and Apple is secretly confirming that “yes, we know and yes are going to be talking about iPads.”  Also, “still” refers to them updating their products, not necessarily announcing new ones.
  • “a lot” –> 2 new iPads do not qualify as “a lot”.  Apple is expected to announce the iPads in addition to the release date for OSX Mavericks and the Mac Pro.  Does 4 new products count as “a lot” to you?
  • “cover” –> very interesting choice of word, could it refer to the new color choice for the iPads (Space Grey, White and Gold) or maybe a new Smart Cover because their iPad 5 is changing form or something.
  • The colors of invitation and transparencies are interesting, I don’t think it has a direct referral to the iPads.  The leaves could represent Autumn, since the event is in Autumn and the colorful transparent leaves could relate to iOS 7.
  • Here’s a crazy theory: I mentioned on Facebook that 71% of users have upgraded to iOS 7 within a month.  What if the leaves represent people who have upgraded.  The non transparent leaves represent people who have not upgraded (they are in the minority towards the top of the invitation) and the transparent leaves are users who have upgraded (the majority towards the bottom of the invitation).  Or the leaves are covering one another, directly relating the the “We still have a lot to cover”.
  • We will know within a few days.


ipad5_store3-640x480 (1)


iPad 5 Tech Specs:

  • Touch ID
  • 7.2mm thin due to thinner display
  • iPad mini-like design, narrower bezels
  • storage: 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB
  • camera: 8MP rear facing, 1.2MP front facing
  • colors: Space Grey, White, Gold
  • same prices as previous generations


iPad mini 2 Tech Specs:

  • Touch ID
  • Retina display with 324ppi (2048×1536 resolution)
  • same form as previous generation, maybe slightly thicker to incorporate Retina display (like the iPad 2 vs. iPad 3)
  • A6X processor (same as iPad 4)
  • storage: 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, potentiall 128GB
  • camera: 8MP rear facing, 1.2MP front facing
  • colors: Space Grey, White, Gold
  • same prices as before



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iPad 5 Rumors, Release Date

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Last month, Apple introduced us to two brand new iPhones.  The first was the iPhone 5s, the predecessor to the iPhone 5, and the second was the iPhone 5c, which is a more colorful iPhone with similar specs to the iPhone 5.  The iPhone 5S also came with some cool new features, such as Touch ID, 64-bit chip, two processors and an improved camera.

Apple is expected to release two new iPads this month: the iPad 5 and the iPad mini 2.  Rumor has it that the iPad 5 will be smaller, lighter, more efficient on battery power and may also have some cool new features, such as Touch ID and an improved camera.  The picture below and a bunch more pictures of the iPad 5 come from Sonny Dickson.


Tech Specs

  • processor: A7 or A7X processor (the A7 is current the power behind the iPhone 5S)
  • redesigned form factor: 15% thinner and 25% lighter, thickness of 7.2 to 8.0mm, thinner side bezels, chamfered edges and curves, 9.7″ screen (no change here)
  • sound: dual speakers with dual volume buttons (as compared to the current volume rocker on the iPads)
  • camera: improved 8MP camera with similar features found in the iPhone 5s
  • colors: Space Gray/Black, Silver/White
  • prices and storage: $499 (16GB, WiFi only), $629 (16GB, Cellular), $599 (32GB, WiFi only), $729 (32GB, Cellular), $699 (64GB, WiFi only), $829 (64GB, Cellular), $799 (128GB WiFi only), $929, (128GB, Cellular).

Release Date

Last year, Apple held their iPad event on October 23.  If Apple’s history tells us anything about their future (which it usually does), this year’s event will be sometime between mid October to early November.  I am betting on something closer to October 15.


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iOS 7 Top Features and iOS 8 Wish List

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iOS 7 is Apple’s new operating system.  It brings a brand new user interface that is simpler and more layered, the felt and the linen have been taken out to dry  for the last time and we now have new additions, such as Control Center, male Siri, new ringtones/text tones, AirDrop, iTunes Radio and much more.  It has been out since September and here are the top features every iOS 7 user should know and my wish list for iOS 8 (coming Fall 2014).

iOS 7 Top Features Every User Should Know

Slide to Unlock


On the Lock screen, you can now Slide to Unlock anywhere on the screen.  You just have to slide your finger from the left of the screen to the right side of the screen.  The Camera icon is in the bottom left corner of the screen and you must slide the icon up to unlock the Camera. To open the Notification center, slide down from anywhere along the Status Bar (where the time and battery icon are located).  To open Command Center, slide up from the bottom (opposite of Notification center).  If you don’t like having these capabilities (with the Notification and Command center in the Lock screen, you can disable them in Settings).

Text Message Time Stamp


To see your text message time stamps, slide any chat bubble from the right to the left.  This works in many messaging apps as well (e.g. Facebook Messenger).  This will reveal the time stamps as long as you hold your finger on the screen.  For a more permanent copy of the time stamps or to win an argument, while holding the your finger on the screen with the time stamps shown, take a screenshot (lock button + home button).

Search iPhone


The iPhone search (known as the Spotlight Search) is now found on any Home screen by sliding your finger in the middle of the screen to the bottom.  In the search bar, you can find apps, contacts, music, calendars and more.  You can also search the web or Wikipedia.  To save battery power, adjust your settings so your search results only contain contacts, apps or music.  The battery is drained more quickly when the iPhone has to search through your phone to find “Roar”.  It will display any contact information, songs, apps, notes, calendars, etc. that contain the word “roar”.  Plus you’ll have to dig through the results to find the song.

Siri Voice Gender


Change Siri’s gender in the Settings app.  Tap General, Siri, Voice Gender and switch to the gender of your choice.  You can also turn off Siri, change the language, enable Raise to Speak and identify your information so Siri can be more personal.

Add I/O to On/Off Buttons

On/Off Labels Turned On

On/Off Labels Turned On

On/Off Labels Turned Off

On/Off Labels Turned Off

The On/Off switches by default are white when they are turned off (such as Airplane Mode) and green when they are turned on.  If this is confusing or you prefer something better, you can turn on I/O in the Accessibility Settings.  Tap General, Accessibility, On/Off Labels and switch to On.  The colors of the switches won’t change, but “I” will be displayed when the switch is on and “O” when the switch is turned off.

Swipe to Go Back in Safari 


Swipe to Go Back

In Safari in order to go back or forward through websites, you can tap the arrows at the bottom.  Or you can slide your finger quickly across the webpage.  Sliding from left to right will bring you to your most recent webpage prior to this one (just like the back button) or sliding from right to left will bring you forward to another webpage (unless the current page is the farthest you have gone).

iTunes Radio


The featured stations and my stations. The featured stations change every week or so.

Just quick note, iTunes Match subscribers ($25/year) do not have to listen to ads.  Okay, so iTunes Radio is Apple’s Pandora.  It is built right into the Music app (very convenient).  You can listen to Featured Stations, such as iTunes Top 100, Pure Pop, Guest DJ: Katy Perry, etc. or set your own stations, such as Dance Hits Radio, Ke$ha Radio, etc.  While listening to a song, you can also tell iTunes to play more like this song, never play this song again, add to your iTunes wishlist or in the top right side of the screen, you can purchase the song.  Tapping the i button at the top center will open a menu where you can also purchase the song, creation a new station from the artist or song, tune the station to play more hits, variety or discovery (new) songs, allow explicit tracks or share the station to your friends.


Hide All Notifications in the Lock Screen


My lock screen is now clear, my notification center is not.

When you’re lock screen is cluttered with notifications, it is easy to unlock the phone to make the notifications disappear.  However this could be time consuming, especially if you have a passcode.  To hide all notifications on the lock screen, pull down the Notification Center and wait a second for the notifications to transfer to it.  Lock the phone or swipe up to reveal a clean lock screen.

Update Facebook or Twitter


iOS 7 updated the Notification Center to be better at providing notifications, but took away the ability to quickly update your Facebook status or tweet on Twitter.  To update your status (without going into the app), tell Siri “Update my Facebook status” or “Tweet…”.  Siri will open a box to allow you to speak what you want to say.  You can either tell her or tap in the box to type it in yourself.

iOS 8 Wish List

  • At the bottom of the Command Center, I would love to be able to put my top four most used apps (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and swap out for the clock and camera.
  • The Notification Center is still missing the Clear All Notifications button.  It is hard work tapping the X and Clear every time I want to clear out all my notifications.
  • Still hoping for a way to hide unused Apple apps (like Stocks, Compass, etc.) For now, they are all in a Folder titled “Utilities”
  • The ability to make group FaceTime calls
  • iOS notifications that allow you to interact with it without leaving the app you’re in.  Say you’re playing Candy Crush and someone texts you, it would be great to write a quick replay in the Notification Center without leaving the app.
  • Multitask with two different apps at the same time on the iPad.  I would love to be able to use Skype while Googling something, or while Siri is using Bing.

More Evidence Released for iPhone 5S

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The iPhone 5S/5C event is only two days away! And, as expected, more photos of the iDevices are showing up online.  The iPhone 5S is rumored to feature a fingerprint scanner on the Home button and to help confirm this, Patently Apple discovered an European patent concerning a Home button with a sensor ring around it.  This picture, shown below, looks a lot like the Home button that we saw earlier on the iPhone 5S retail packaging.   Patently Apple believes it is a sensor ring surround the Home button with the ability to detect a user’s fingerprint without them actually hitting the Home button.

Apple's Home button patent

Apple’s Home button patent

After the September 10th event in the United States, Apple has planned a separate event in China on the 11th.  Apple is expected to reveal the same two iPhones in China, which is the first time they have held a separate event in another country!  Apple is said to have just made a deal with China’s largest carrier.  The iPhone in the picture below has CCC marks on the back, which are like our FCC mark in the United States.  The CCC and FCC marks are mandatory safety marks to show the device has undergone testing to make sure it is safe to use and that it will not interfere with government and emergency systems (iDownloadBlog).

iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S

CCC safety marks

CCC safety marks

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iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 Video

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A new video has come out recently comparing the shells of the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2.  The new iPad 5 will be almost as thin as the iPad mini, very much lighter than the iPad 4, and able to be held with one hand.  The tech specs, however, have not yet been released for the new iPad.  According to the video, the ambient light sensor has moved and the volume rocker has change to two separate buttons, likely made of metal.  Like last year, Apple is expected to have an iPad-focused media event in October where they will release the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2.  Although I would love a Retina display on the new mini, I think it will be held off for another generation.

Here is the video of the new iPads, which was posted by DetroitBorg (via 9to5mac).

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What to Expect This Week….

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The rumored date for the iPhone 5S/5C announcement is September 10. If the rumors are indeed true, Apple should be releasing invitations for the event over the next couple of days. And as the big day comes closer, more leaked photos of the new iDevice should make their way online. We may even get lucky again this year and catch an iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C at a local Cupertino bar (like the iPhone 4).

Every day or so a few more pictures of the rumored devices make their way on to the Internet. As the product comes together and more parties are informed about the device, pictures are taken and shared. The fact that this past weekend some more pictures of the iPhone 5C were leaked (shown below) showing the whole iPhone in packaging with instruction manuals, legal information and the SIM card ejector pretty much confirms that Apple will release an iPhone 5C. The only thing we need now is a media event hosted by Apple telling us about the exciting new products.

The first picture is of the new red or pink-looking iPhone 5C in the retail packaging. This picture was initially posted by iApps.im. The picture is consistent with the images that were released within the past few weeks depicting a colored iPhone. It’s also consistent with Apple retail packing (at least for the iPod touch), which displays the iDevice in a clear plastic shell with a sticker of what the screen would look like if the device were on and an opaque outer shell containing the important stuff (manual, EarPods, etc.).


The second and third pictures show the instruction manual for the iPhone 5C with iOS 7 on them. These pictures were found on a micro-blogging website called Weibo.



On a final note, the new iPhone 5C is rumored to come in multiple colors: green, blue, white, yellow and red. It will also have a 4-inch Retina display, lightning connector, 8MP back camera, 1.2MP front camera, A6 chip and a much lower price as compared to the iPhone 5.

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