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Cyber Week Deals

Cyber Week 2013 Walmart deals
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Black Friday was almost a week ago already and we are on our way to Christmas.  For the rest of the month, my blog posts will be about iDevice deals, potential rumors for next year’s iDevices, this year’s roundup and expectations for next year.  While we wait, let’s look back on the expectations I had for this year.  It is still cyber week, at least for a little while, so here are some great deals you can score on this week:


  • iPhone 5c: $45 (with free $75 Walmart gift card) until December 7th
  • iPhone 5s: $189 (with free $75 Walmart gift card) until December 7th

There are new deals every day of this week.  Click on each retailer below to be directed right to their deals page.

Cyber Monday Week:

Regular Deals:

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Map Out Your Black Friday

Black Friday
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Black Friday shopping has officially started, thanks to Kmart.  For all others, Black Friday shopping starts tonight at 6pm or 12am depending on local laws.  Below you will find store hours, the links to the store maps and the best deals at each store. For all store hours in your local area, check out the International Business Times and for every Apple deal on Black Friday, check out my Black Friday Survival Guide.

Black Friday Deals Update

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Why look online through Black Friday advertisements looking for Apple iDevice deals when I have already done that for you.  Come back here often to see the iDevice deals. (Updated 11/12 8pm)

The Future of the Retina Display

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Right now, Apple is on a roll recently Retinatizing everything.  By “Retinatizing,” I mean installing a Retina display into their devices and computers.  First we had the iPhone 4 that was Retinatized.  With a pixels per inch (ppi) of 326, the eye cannot distinguish between pixels with the phone at a normal distance away from the eye.  Of course all of the iPhones after that had Retina displays: iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.  Then Apple put a beautiful Retina display into the new iPad (or iPad 3rd generation) with a ppi of 264.  Which actually doubled the amount of pixels that were in the iPad 2.  The iPod touch was also given an amazing Retina display and last year, Apple released Retina Macbook Pros, both the 13 inch model and the 15 inch model.  These Macbooks are selling very well because their screens look magnificent.  So what’s Apple going to Retinatize next?

Call me crazy, but within the next couple of product generations, I believe the iPad mini, iPod nano, Macbook air (supposedly this one will happen this year) and the iMac will all feature Retina displays.  The iPad mini will get a Retina display this year, 95% positive.  It has been rumored since the first generation came out and now it needs one.  The iPod nano might become Retinatized.  It may seem far fetched, but the iPod nano exterior and interior components can only change so much, eventually the screen will have to become more advanced.  The Macbooks air are rumored to come with Retina screens later this year, which seems quite realistic.  After all of the portable Macbooks become Retinatized, the iMac will have to be next.  I also think the iMac will eventually get a touchscreen, but that’s another blog post for another day.  When the iWatch gets released, it probably won’t have a Retina screen, but within a few generations, it probably will have a Retina display.  The iTV probably won’t start off with a Retina display either, but it will have one eventually.  Apple, within a few generations, will Retinatize all of their devices.  But, once everything has a Retina display, then nothing will be Retinatized, right?  It’s like the idea that if everyone had super powers, then no one will (from The Incredibles.)


So, my crazy theory continues.  Apple will also update their Retina to a Retina Plus or Retina HD and their products will one by one feature this amazingly beautiful display of 2x or 4x the amount of pixels they have now.  Other companies are releasing phones with 300-400+ppi and Apple will need to compete.  So they will come out with an Ultra-Retina display.  However you want to call it, it is going to be like nothing you have ever seen before.  These screens will feel like real life almost, you wouldn’t be able to distinguish the pixels with your naked eye ever.


So to recap: Apple is going to Retinatize all of their products within a few generations and then we will see a new Retina display (my codename: Retina 2, Retina HD, Retina Plus or Ultra-Retina) that has 2x to 4x as many pixels as the current Retina display offers.

Apple's Unpredictablity

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Apple Inc. has always been unpredictable when Steve Jobs was in control of the company. Back in 2007, we thought Apple Inc. was just a computer company, that had expanded to MP3 players in the early 21st century. They release an iPhone and completely redefined the cell phone and smartphone. 3 years later, they went further to increase their product line to include a tablet and redefined that category as well. They wanted to prove that they were unpredictable with innovation (iPhone, iPad, etc.) Apple has strayed away from being unpredictable with innovation to becoming unpredictable with their products.

Being unpredictable with innovation is one thing. It gives you the competitive advantage, it gets consumers really interested in your products and shows that you are the better choice among your competitors. The iPhone was the only phone like it when it came out in 2007. There was smartphones, sure like a RIM Blackberry, and flip phones; but there was nothing like the iPhone. Not many bar shaped phones that only used 4 buttons and a switch to control the phone. It was an entire screen that responded to touch, something that would be crazy to think of at the start of the century. The iPad changed things again; it was like a giant iPhone, but it was a tablet. Steve Jobs proudly walked out on stage to announce it and showed everyone that we all needed this product in our lives. He motivated us to go buy one because it was a necessity. The iPad mini came out recently in October and its the closest thing Apple has come to being unpredictable with innovation since the iPad. One could argue that the iPad mini is just a smaller iPad so it doesn’t really count as an innovation. Apple needs to innovate again, create something before everyone else does. iWatch or an iCar, but a full blown Apple TV is not really innovation, because it has already been done. Samsung, RIM, Nokia and other similar companies haven’t created a SmartWatch and it would be perfect for Apple to create it. There would be a big press event, Tim Cook would proudly walk on stage and announce this innovation that was unheard of and create the need for one. He would need to motivate us, almost like Steve Jobs did that we need this product in our lives. They need to show their unpredictability with innovation and creation again.

They tried in 2012 to show their unpredictability with their products, but it didn’t remind us how they are innovative. Starting in the first quarter of 2012, they released the 3rd generation, not called the iPad 3 (as most of us expected), but called the “new iPad”. No one really predicted that Apple would not attach a number to the product to identify the advancement and next generation of the product. A few months later, the iPhone 5 was released with a screen size that was nothing like the past generations of iPhones. They have all had the same screen size, until the iPhone 5. Rumors were spread that the 6th generation iPhone would have a larger screen, but many people dismissed this idea because the iPhone wouldn’t change that much. Then, the iPad with Retina came out this past Autumn. Apple tried to show us that they are not predictable, releasing two iPads in one year?? WHATTTT??? Not calling it the iPad 4 or new new iPad??? All they did was change a few small things of the “new iPad”, slapped a new name on it and angered hundreds of loyal customers that had just purchased the “new iPad”. Apple is stuck in rut of showing that they are unpredictable with products, not with innovation.

2013 needs to be the year that they release a new innovative product that changes the way we currently think about a technology. Whether it be a watch or a car or a television (although the latter has already been done and redone), it needs to be something or else Apple is going to continue downhill and be wiped out within a decade. Apple needs to get back to what it does best. Yes, be unpredictable with products. Release two iPhones this year, release two iPads and give us some new MacBooks, but give us another product to be excited about. Give us an innovation that would blow Apple out of this rut and back on top where it belongs. Give us something we need, something unheard of. If the market doesn’t exist for the product, Apple will make it exist. Apple is very powerful and can convince everyone that this product is a necessity in our lives. Apple Inc. is no longer Steve Jobs, but it is Tim Cook. It is under a new leader and new management and needs to show us that it has new ideas. It has new innovations and it is unpredictable because it thinks different.


iOS 6.1

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Hi all, iOS 6.1 has been released today.  Be sure to update your iDevices.  Here’s a quick step by step guide to update:

Settings –> General –> Software Update –> Download and Install

If you don’t see an update appear or if it does not say “iOS 6.1” check to see which software you have.  Settings –> General –> About –> and check what Version it says.  If you have version 5 (or a lower version number), then you will have to update to iOS 6 (for qualifying devices).


iOS 6.1 contains bug fixes and improvements, as well as:

  • LTE support for more carriers
  • Purchase movie tickets through Fandango with Siri (U.S. only)
  • iTunes Match subscribers can now download individual songs from iCloud
  • There’s a new button to reset Advertising Identifier


Make you sure you check out my Rumors section for information about the next iOS update (iOS 7).

New iPhone Concept

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Apple is a really great innovative company that is now becoming (unfortunately) predictable in the sense that we know what products they will release this year and what they will roughly look like. Not only we know, but so do Apple’s competitors. Samsung, Google, etc. can expect a new iPhone this year with the same design. So if Apple keeps this up: a new redesign every 2 years and a upgrade to the internal components every other year, then there won’t be much to look forward to. Apple needs to blow our minds again and create a product so different than anything they have ever made. They need to recreate the iPhone again.

The iPhone has had roughly the same design since it was launched in 2007. For starters, it had a rounded back for the first 3 generations then changed to a flat box like back for next 3 generations. Applications have always remained squares with rounded edges, there’s a limit to either 20 or 16 spots on the first page (depending on the iPhone you have) and you can’t customize the apps at all by not putting them in the strict grid that Apple has set on each screen (without jail breaking). It seems like the iPhone doesn’t share much design qualities as other Apple products.

Apple needs to create a new iPhone that has a brand new design (throw out the previous designs), start from scratch and really innovate something that will blow away the competition.

So my idea (we can call it iPhone) is just that. It’s by no means perfected, but it’s something to definitely look into.

Please note that everything that follows are not all completely my idea. I used their concepts as an inspiration for my idea. The iPhone design based on the iPod nano is a concept idea by Federico Ciccarese of ciccaresedesign and the multitasking concept is a real jailbreak by a forum member at The Verge

My iPhone:
The outside would be similar to that of the iPod nano. It would have a flat back and be very slim. The metal ring that has existed on the iPhone since it was created would be gone. The sides of the iPhone would be curved like the nano. I personally think we could do away with the home button, but for this one we can keep it at the bottom. It would come in multiple colors too, such as green, pink, blue, black, white, etc.

The camera would be at least 10MP if not more, 5 lens and all that existing camera stuff. The screen would be full on HD and it could be called Retina HD. It would be a higher pixels per inch number that way everything, no matter how far you are from the screen, it would look great.

The apps would no longer be squares with rounded edges. They wouldn’t need to have a strict shape (like on the Mac), the iTunes app could be circular and the mail app could be square-like. It would be very customizable and not have to align to the strict grid, either. Currently on the iPhone there is a Spotlight Search screen and then X number pages of apps to follow. My idea would add an additional page between the Search and the pages of apps. It would be called Dashboard (like the Mac) and it would allow the user to add widgets on to this page. There could be a widget for weather, music, google searching, etc.

Also the home screen and lock screen would adjust to landscape view (like the iPad). Current iPhone things like folders and multitasking would still be existent, but they would be recreated as well. Apple should look to the jailbreaking community to find ideas about how to do this. There’s a great multitasking jailbreak that would be amazing to actually see on the iPhone. Apple should definitely look into this.

Apple would need to make it easier to adjust Settings, like Wi-Fi, screen brightness and Bluetooth. At least give Siri permission to adjust these. She’s a big girl, she should be able to turn Wi-Fi on and off herself.

This iPhone would be a complete redesign for the next 3 generations. It would allow the user lots of customization, without needing to jailbreak. This would completely change the iPhone again (but in real terms).

Here are some pictures (I didn’t create them, though) of the potential new iPhone:



iPod Christmas Guide 2012

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So you may be interested in getting your friend, a relative or someone really close to you an iPod for Christmas and the biggest problem that you may face is not only what color to get, but what type of iPod. There’s the iPod shuffle, the nano, the touch and the classic (yes it still exists.) Sure you may know the difference on a basic level, the shuffle shuffles your music, the nano stores only a few songs, the touch is pretty much an iPhone without cellular and the classic is old and holds a lot of music. But this guide will help you decide which iPod is perfect for the right person.

Let’s start with the inexpensive:

iPod shuffle 2GB $49

(comes in blue, green, yellow, pink, purple, grey, black and product red)

The iPod Shuffle features a clickable control without a screen. It won’t show you your music, but it will tell you with the push of a button what song is playing (called VoiceOver). It also features a clip on it to attach to clothing and comes with the regular Apple Earphones.

The shuffle can survive being dropped, being submerged in water, thrown around and an entire marathon. Plus its only $49 so it’s not that expensive to replace. It only holds hundred of songs, so its best for someone with a small library or someone who knows which songs they want on their iPod. If they have 1200 songs and are indecisive like me, I’d try something with more room for music.

iPod nano 16GB $149

(comes in blue, green, yellow, pink, purple, grey, black and product red)

The nano features a multi-touch display, bluetooth (to connect to speakers, headphones, etc.), plays videos (such as movies and podcasts), stores photos and even plays the radio. It is thin and very lightweight and comes with the new Earpods.

The new nano is very small and is great for an indecisive person that has a couple of thousands of songs and doesn’t really want to pick and choose which songs to put on their iDevice. It is small enough to be carried in virtually any pocket and is a cheap addition to the iPhone. Since it has 16gb, it can hold almost as many songs as an iPhone and it devotes its space to only music, videos and photos. Whereas the iPhone has to split its memory among a few other areas. So in theory, the nano could be reserved for music and the iPhone for everything else.

iPod classic 160GB $249

(comes in black and white)

The classic has more gigabytes than any other iPod. It features a click wheel, a 2.5-inch diagonal screen and comes with regular Apple Earphones. This iPod can hold 40,000 songs.

The classic would be great for someone who has thousands upon thousands of songs and wants a device to carry all of their songs. It is pretty much built for capacity. Since it can hold 40,000 songs, it would be perfect for someone that actually has that many songs.

iPod touch 32GB $299, 64GB $399

(comes in blue, yellow, pink, grey, black and product red)

The touch is now as tall as the iPhone 5 (20 apps on each screen), features a Retina display, has two cameras (a 5MP on the back and a 1.2MP on the front) and comes not only with the new Earpods, but an iPod touch loop. Oh and it has Siri.

Finally, the touch is a really great iPod. It is basically an iPhone without cellular capabilities. It can text message (called iMessage) anyone with an iPod touch, iPhone, iPad or Mountain Lion on their Mac. It can connect to WiFi to allow users to video chat, download music, play apps plus a million other things. The iPod touch is perfect for someone who doesn’t have an iPhone yet. The iPhone and iPod touch are too similar for me and I see it as redundant to have both. But if someone has an Samsung Galaxy S3, an iPod touch would be perfect for them. (What’s the worst that could happen? They fall in love with the iPod touch and ditch Samsung for an iPhone in the future.)

Pictures of these beautiful devices can be seen here.

iPad Mini Event

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Calmy waiting for Apple to start their event…10 more minutes. I got my iPad ready, Facebook ready, I’m on the Apple website to watch the live stream and my blog ready to add new information too with updates every few minutes 🙂

The live stream isn’t working on this computer, but I have it on my new iPad 😀

Updates with iPhone 5:

  • sold out the first weekend (5 million sold)
  • most iphones ever in opening weekend (or most phones)

Updates with iPods:

  • sales are fantastic
  • sold over 3 million iPods since new ones released

Updates with iOS 6

  • 200 million devices running ios 6
  • fastest upgrade rate of any software in history

Updates with Mountain Lion:

  • documents in the cloud: 125 million documents placed in cloud
  • iMessage: sent 300 billion messages sent, 28,000 per second sent
  • 160 million game players on game center
  • shared photo streams: 70 million photo shared

Update with App Store:

  • 275,000 iPad apps (not stretched out smart phone apps)
  • milestone: customers have downloaded 35 billion apps from the store
  • 6.5 billion dollars paid to developers


  • 1.5 million iBooks (downloaded 400 million of them since store opened)
  • iBooks 3.0 😀
  • a bunch of new features


  • number one selling mac: macbook pro 13″
  • so here’s the new product! new Macbook Pro 13″ (.75 inch thin, 3.5 lbs weight, retina display, 2560 x 1600 pixels, more pixels than any competition, dual microphones, stereo speakers, 7 hour battery life)


  • quad processors, WiFi, bluetooth 4.0, starts at $599


  • next generation iMac announced
  • omg its so thin (holy cow lol)
  • edge to edge glass
  • specs (5mm thin edge, friction stir welding, no optical drive, 27 or 21.5 inch screens, anti-reflective coating on display, plasma deposition process, individually calibrated, dual microphones, 720p HD camera, stereo speakers)
  • flash, hard drive or fusion drive avail (fusion drive: 128gb flash storage, 1TB or 3TB hard drive, fused into one volume, etc.)


  • 100 million ipad sold 2 weeks ago 🙂
  • 90% of web traffic of tablets
  • new version of iBooks Author (AVAILABLE TODAY)
  • iPad 3- top selling tablet in the world

iPad 4th generation announced 😀 (SEE IPAD MINI BELOW FOR AVAILABILITY)

  • A6X chip, 10 hour battery life, facetime HD with 720P, expanded LTE, 2x faster WiFi, lightning connector, black and white, starting at $499


  • 7.2mm thin, thin as a pencil, .68lbs (light as pad of paper), black and white (like iphone 5), screen size: 7.9″ screen, 1024 x 768 pixels (like iPad original)
  • FaceTime HD camera, A5 dual core chip, 5MP iSight Camera, 4G LTE, faster WiFi, lightning connector, smart covers are avail as well
  • 16gb starting at $329 with WiFi only

iPad mini starting at $329

iPad 2 starting at $399

iPad with Retina starting at $499


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Can I just say that the new iPod commercial called “Bounce” by Apple is just amazing?

It is definitely better than the Apple Genius commercials that aired during the Superbowl.  It is fun to watch the iPods bounce into other iPods and show off all of their colors.

Here’s a link if you have yet to see it: Bounce.

Although, the moral of the story is that iPods can bounce, if you drop an iPod touch, it will break into a few iPod nano’s and those will break into iPod shuffle’s if the nano is dropped. So I think I will buy an iPod touch, drop it and then sell a couple of the iPod nano’s that come from it lol.