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4.7" iPhone 6 Front Panel Leaked

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Earlier on Monday, Sonny Dickson sent 9to5Mac several high-quality images showing the front panel for the 4.7″ iPhone 6 compared to the front panel for the iPhone 5s.  The panels show both the black and white colors expected for the next-generation iPhone and a few rumored features.

The iPhone 5s front panel is to the left and the iPhone 6 is to the right.

The iPhone 5s front panel is to the left and the iPhone 6 is to the right.


Case Mold for iPhone 6 Leaked

Potential mold for iPhone 6
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A Japanese case maker’s blog recently uploaded the image below, saying that it is the case mold for the iPhone 6.  There is no way to say whether it is really a mold for cases or not, but it does give us perspective on what the next generation iPhone will look like (and it fits in with the rumors).  The display is larger compared to the iPhone 5s, the bezels are thinner and should still be comfortable enough to hold in one hand.  The iPhone 6 is rumored to have a higher resolution display, a much faster A8 processor, an 8MP camera and a thickness of .22 inches.

Potential mold for iPhone 6

Front of case mold for iPhone 6, credit: Bling My Thing

Backside of case mold for iPhone 6

Back of case mold for iPhone 6, credit: Bling My Thing

iPhone 6 Rumors

This design is beautiful and I think the iPhone 6 will look just like this.
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Every year Apple announces a new iPhone, whether it be an upgraded model (#S) or a re-designed model (#), and this year is a re-designed iPhone year.  The iPhone 6 is not only wanted, but it is expected.  There are many rumors about it, ranging from realistic (larger display) to unrealistic (curved glass).  This guide will give you the most up-to-date information about the iPhone 6, updated 02/12/2014.

The iPhone 6




Two models will be available: 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch.

Tech Specs


Here are some recently leaked images of the proposed iPhone 6:

iPhone 6 - LEAK

Credit: MacRumors

This image shows a probable prototype for the iPhone 6. The back of the device (top) has an Apple logo, FCC information, cut out for dual-LED flash (found on iPhone 5s) and camera. The front shows a larger display (around 5.25 inches diagonally), Touch ID on the Home button and thin bezels.

Credit: MacRumors

Here’s another close up of the iPhone 6. This device prominently shows Touch ID on the Home button, the lightning port, the cut outs for the speakers, microphone and headphone jack.  Also, the design is very similar to the iPad air and iPad mini.

iOS 8

  • health and fitness tracking integration
  • Healthbook (new app made by Apple)
  • integration with iWatch
Credit: MacRumors

Credit: MacRumors

Release Date


Credit: MacRumors

Other Rumors

For the latest iPhone 6 rumors, check out our iPhone 6 Rumors page and see Rumors for everything else.