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Apple refreshes iPod lineup with new colors and several internal updates for iPod touch

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After three long years, the iPod lineup has finally seen an update. The iPod nano, iPod shuffle and iPod touch have new consistent colors and the touch received updated internal specifications.

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 11.07.20 AM

The iPod nano and iPod shuffle have the same specifications down the millimeter from the previous generation, but they have new colors. The pale pink, blue, yellow, green and purple colors have been retired in favor of a darker blue and pink and new gold. The silver and space gray colors are the same. Now every iPod model is available in the same colors.

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 11.06.23 AM

The iPod touch comes with a better camera, much faster processor and a new Apple exclusive storage option. The iSight camera on the rear of the iPod appears to be similar to the iPhone 5c camera with an 8MP sensor while the FaceTime HD front camera appears to be the same one found on the iPhone 6 with a 1.2MP sensor. The rear camera can also record in slow motion up to 120fps and has cinematic video stabilization. In addition, the iPod is powered by the 64-bit A8 processor with M8 co-processor and has Bluetooth 4.1 technology, which is a step above the Bluetooth 4.0 technology in the iPhone 6. The iPod now has four storage options: 16GB for $199, 32GB for $249, 64GB for $299 and the Apple exclusive 128GB for $399. The design of the iPod only received a minor update with iPod touch loop button disappeared.

The new iPods are available to purchase on Apple.com with shipping in one business day.

New iPod lineup actually coming today (July 15th)

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We expected Apple to update the iPod lineup yesterday with new colors and new specs for the iPod touch, but unfortunately we were incorrect. A report from iGen.fr and the Home screen of the iPod pointed to Tuesday, July 14th, but a new rumor from 9to5Mac says the new iPods are actually coming today. Perhaps Apple delayed it by a day to mess with us…


Citing insider sources, 9to5Mac claims that entire iPod lineup will see new colors while only the iPod touch will receive internal updates. The iPod shuffle and iPod nano will be available in a new gold color in addition to darker pink and blue colors. The iPod touch, along with the new colors, will have an 8MP camera sensor, 64-bit processor with M-coprocessor for tracking movement and storage options to match the iPhone 6. The 16GB iPod touch will be $199, the 64GB will be $299 and the 128GB will be $399. Finally, the iPod touch will be preloaded with iOS 8.4 and Apple Music.

Apple first leaked the new iPod colors in early July following the release of iTunes 12.2. With the update and a restore of an iPod, you could see pink, blue and gold colors that we haven’t seen yet for each of the iPod models. This ignited the discussion about new iPods and after three years, they will finally be updated.

Apple accidentally leaks July 14th as new iPod lineup release date

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With the release of iTunes 12.2 earlier this month, Apple accidentally leaked new colors for the iPod lineup and potentially even revealed the release date. A new report on French blog iGen.fr agrees with this release date and gives us more information about the updated iPods, citing sources with knowledge of the matter.

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 6.00.33 AM

Typically when Apple launches a new product, they put the release date on all their marketing materials as the calendar date on the Home screen. If we look at the iPhone 6, for example, the date is Tuesday the ninth which points to Tuesday, September 9th (the day of the announcement). The leaked images of the new colors for the iPod touch show a calendar date of Tuesday the fourteenth. The only Tuesday the fourteenth coming up would be next Tuesday, July 14th. The French blog reports that this is the release date as well.


Their report shares more information about what to expect with the new iPod lineup. In addition to the new gold, electric blue and fuchsia colors for the iPod lineup, there will be specs upgrades for the iPod touch. The iPod touch, which is codenamed “n102,” will see a slightly new design with the iPod touch loop removed, an upgrade to a 64-bit processor, potentially a higher megapixel camera and more. The iPod nano and iPod shuffle are only expected to see the color refresh and hopefully, at least the nano, will use Apple Music.

Longer shipping times, especially for products that has been around for three years, indicates that something is about to change. The iPod lineup are seeing shipping times from one business day to up to ten business days. How convenient that the new iPods will be here in three business days…


Apple accidentally leaks new colorful iPod lineup with updated design

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In the latest version of iTunes, Apple accidentally posted new colors for the iPod lineup when a current iPod is restored. First reported by belgium iphone, the iPod touch, shuffle and nano will come in a more vivid blue and pink and brand new gold color. The iPods also reveal key details about a few design changes and potentially even their release date.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 12.04.58 PM

The iPod lineup already comes in several colors like space gray, light gray, yellow, pink, blue and Product (RED) for the iPod touch. The iPod nano and iPod shuffle have the same colors with the addition of green and purple. The new pink and blue colors will likely replace the old pink and blue and the gold color will be an additional color option.

If these are the next-generation iPods, there won’t be many external design changes besides new color options and the lack of the iPod touch loop. When we comparing the previous “Welcome to Your New iPod” screen to the current one, the iPod touch no longer has the metal circle on the bottom left for the iPod touch loop. This could signify changes in the internal design in addition to a few other things.

Old "Welcome to Your New iPod" screen versus the new "Welcome to Your New iPod" screen

Old “Welcome to Your New iPod” screen versus the new “Welcome to Your New iPod” screen. The iPod touch is missing the iPod touch loop button.

We also don’t see Touch ID (although the iPod touch has the Passbook app), larger display, new design, etc. In addition, the iPod touch is running iOS 8.4 since it has the colorful Music app icon, but none of the new iOS 9 apps. This could mean that the iPod touch will be released sometime before iOS 9 comes out in September. If the iPods were coming out in October, Apple would probably show the most recent operating system on the iPods. Also, the lack of major updates could point towards a minor refresh instead of a major product announcement. All of this evidence points to a release date for the new iPods before the end of the summer.

In terms of internal updates, we could speculate that the iPod touch processor will be upgrade to the A6 chip from the iPhone 5/5c or the A7 64-bit chip from the iPhone 5s, the storage capabilities could see an increase like that of the iPhone 6 with a 128GB option and hopefully the camera sensor will be updated to 8MP.

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