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Apple’s $29 iPhone Screen Repair Deal Doesn’t Matter Too Much for Repair Shops

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Last month Apple announced the iPhone 7 and changes to their AppleCare+ program. Now the iPhone 5 and later, if covered under AppleCare+, are only $29 for a screen repair. This is much lower than any third-party repair shop can offer since new displays are expensive and can cost as much as $500. It appears that Apple is attempting to do away with third-party repair shops. This, however, does not affect the industry as much as it seems. Third-party repair shops will continue to exist as long as the iPhone is repairable.

Third-party repair shops exist all over the world in places where there are Apple Stores and where there are not. They are, simply put, are any repair shop that is not authorized by Apple to do repairs on their devices. The parts they use (more…)