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iPhone 8 Rumors: All-Glass Design with Stainless Steel Frame

iPhone 8
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While many people who pre-ordered the iPhone 7 are still waiting for their phone to be shipped, the focus turns to next year’s iPhone. 2017 will be the tenth anniversary of iPhone and Apple is expected to do something big. According to KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi-Kuo, the new Phone will have a complete redesign and new name.

Citing supply chain sources, Kuo wrote a new note to investors about the 2017 iPhone and its redesign. The phone is likely to be called the ‘iPhone 8’ due to its new design that is unlike the previous iPhone 6 series. It will have an all-glass casing that is more durable and scratch resistant with high gloss. It will be similar to the jet black iPhone 7 except it will not be vulnerable to micro-scratches.


KGI: 2017 iPhone to be redesigned with glass front/back like iPhone 4

iPhone 7s (iPhone 4)
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The iPhone SE, which was released in March, is a complete copy of the iPhone 5s because it was a “beloved design.” Apple is apparently working on a new iPhone that will copy another previous generation’s design, but be more of an update than an identical copy. According to KGI Securities analyst, Ming Chi-Kuo, Apple is considering an all-glass design for next year’s iPhone.

iPhone 7s (iPhone 4)

The iPhone 4, photo: Macworld

The report says that aluminum is no longer viewed as fresh or modern since nearly every smartphone manufacturer is using it in their designs. Comparing the iPhone 6 to the Samsung Galaxy S6, we see that phones look very similar. Apple is working on a new design that will allow their phone to standout from the rest by introducing an updated design similar to the iPhone 4/4S. Next year’s iPhone, according to Kuo, will be switching from an all-aluminum enclosure to one primarily made of glass. The report does not mention how Apple plans to do this, but I foresee a hybrid design of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 4. Perhaps a curved glass display and rear shell that seamlessly transitions to an aluminum band along the outside.

To counteract the heavier weight of the glass, as compared to aluminum, Apple plans to use an AMOLED display. This is thinner, lighter, and allows for better colors as compared to the LCD’s currently used in the iPhone lineup. The Apple Watch uses an AMOLED display which has deeper blacks and richer colors.

iPhone 7s (iPhone 4)

The Apple Watch’s AMOLED display, photo: unwire

It is uncharacteristic for Apple to redesign their iPhone on a typical S-series year. Based on their history, we should see a redesigned iPhone 7 this year and an updated iPhone 7s next year with a few flagship features. Apparently this is being switched since the iPhone 7 will look nearly identical to the iPhone 6s with the exception of less antenna bands and a dual-camera design on the iPhone 7 Plus. The ‘iPhone 7s’, which may or may not be the name, will have a completely overhauled design.

via 9to5Mac

iPhone 8 concept? Too soon? Never.

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The iPhone 6 has been out for about two months and the next iPhone will likely be the iPhone 6s, but that didn’t stop Steel Drake from creating an iPhone 8 concept.  This phone, which won’t be released until 2018, has three other generations of iPhones before it.  He kept his design with the same form factor as the iPhone 6, but changed the external design.


Credit: Steel Drake via Behance

Steel Drake via Behance wraps the top and bottom of the iPhone will a glass display.  Since technology companies are starting to experiment with curved glass (see iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy Note Edge), glass that wraps around the device would be very possible in 2018.  The rear aluminum shell only extends to the sides of the phone.


The glass wraps around the top and bottom of the display and the microphone was moved to the left side of the 3.5mm headphone jack.


The camera is now flush against the back of the phone and the weird antenna lines are gone.


The phone keeps the same form as previous generation iPhones.

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