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iPhone 7 to have 3D Touch Home Button, Not Physical Button

iPhone 6 Touch ID, credit: Cult of Mac
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The iPhone 7 is expected to have another new component in addition to the headphone jack that will further distinguish it from the iPhone 6s. According to a report by Japanese site Wei Feng, the new phone will not have a physical home button. It will, instead, have a touchpad that simulates the feeling of a physical button.

3D Touch Home Button

A concept that shows what the iPhone 7 home button may look like, credit: Martin Hajek

Citing supply chains and a report on Macotakara, the site claims the home button will be a new 3D Touch-compatible pad that will provide tactile feedback to simulate a physical button. This design will eliminate the gap that the current home button causes when pressed.  This gap currently allows water to seep in which can cause damage to internal components. The waterproofness of the phone should increase with the new button. Plus the internal components behind the button will likely be slimmer since there will not be a physical button. The site says this might help Apple reduce the thickness of the phone too. The pad is expected to be still be located on the bottom bezel and have a ring around it that matches the color of the phone.

This is not the first time we have heard that Apple is changing the home button on the iPhone 7. The rumor has been circulating for a couple of months will no real hard evidence. Most of the leaked pictures for the new phone show the rear aluminum shell without the display attached. The headphone jack is part of the frame, which we can confirm is absent, but the home button is part of an assembled display. We have only seen one phone with the rear shell, front display, and touchpad home button. As we get closer to the launch of the iPhone, we should see more fully assembled displays that weigh into the argument around the new home button.

The iPhone 7 is expected to be announced at a special media event in early September alongside the Apple Watch 2 and potentially a new iPad mini. The phone will be powered by the A10 processor, have a starting storage capacity of 32GB, and have a slightly larger battery.

iPhone 7 battery will be larger with little impact on battery life

battery life
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Apple will do everything in their engineering power to keep the iPhone at a consistent battery life even with new technology that drains the battery. A new rumor comes out via Twitter that suggests the iPhone 7 will have a larger battery capacity, but this is likely meaningless with the updates that are expected on the new iPhone.

According to Steve Hemmerstoffer of Nowhereelse.fr (or @OnLeaks on Twitter), the iPhone 7 battery capacity will be 1960mAh. This is a 14.2% increase in battery capacity from the iPhone 6s (1715mAh) and a 8.3% increase from the iPhone 6 (1810mAh). Typically Apple will increase the capacity from generation-to-generation like they did with the iPhone 5s to the iPhone 6, but the iPhone 6 to iPhone 6s saw a decrease. Apple was still able to achieve the same battery life despite this with a more power efficient processor. The 3D Touch display and 4K video recording definitely draws more power but the processor could counteract it.

battery life

The iPhone 7 battery will be 14.2% larger than the iPhone 6s, image: iFixit

The next question is what impact will this increase in battery capacity have on the iPhone 7: likely no impact. The absence of the headphone will allow the battery to grow vertically which means a larger overall battery, but the absence of the headphone jack means the phone will rely on Bluetooth and Lightning for audio (plus there is a second speaker now). Bluetooth drains battery even if the iPhone does have the power-efficient Bluetooth 4.2. This is a small amount and likely not the issue, though.

The main power drainer will be the Lightning port used for headphones. Noise-cancelling headphones previously used their own battery pack for power but this is no longer needed if they rely on the iPhone’s battery. Their battery pack also made the headphones much thicker. When the headphones connect to the phone via the Lightning port, they can draw power from the phone and the battery pack can be removed. Apple does note that third-party accessory manufacturers are limited to how much power they can draw from the iPhone, but this likely only applies to the MFi-certified accessories.

The new A10 processor is rumored to be more power-efficient, which is expected of a tenth generation processor, but Apple has yet to release a phone that does not have a headphone jack to rely on for audio. The processor will hopefully decrease the power used from the new technology so Apple can achieve the same battery life on their new iPhone. They have had ten years to refine their craft and make the best processor, however, an iPhone without a headphone jack is brand new for them. They are limiting users by forcing them to rely on either wireless via Bluetooth or wired via the Lightning port for their primary source of audio. Regardless of what the technology will do though, Apple will miraculously achieve the same battery life on the iPhone 7. If this rumor is true, which @OnLeaks claims their source is reliable but not perfect, Apple has calculated that a 14% increase is all we need.

The iPhone 7 will be announced in September alongside the iPhone 7 Plus and perhaps the iPhone 7 Pro. It will have the same overall design as the iPhone 6s with less antenna lines, a still-protruding rear camera, and a minimum 32GB storage capacity.

iPhone 7 CAD renderings reveal new details about phone’s design

iPhone 7 CAD
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On Wednesday, several CAD renderings were posted online by Nowhereelse.fr that show the rear case for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Instead of our normal “this is what we are looking at,” we wanted to analyze the rear shell for further insight about what to expect with the new phone. We are uniquely in the iPhone repair and Apple news/rumors blogging business so we have a deeper understanding of the ins and outs of the iPhone.

iPhone 7 CAD

The iPhone 7 is leaked in a new CAD drawing, via Nowhereelse.fr

Initially we see what all the other rumors have been saying. The antenna bands are limited to the top and bottom edge, the rear protruding camera has a ring built into the case instead of it being a separate component, it is also closer to the left edge and much larger, the headphone jack is replaced with another speaker grill, and the larger 5.5″ iPhone 7 has a dual rear camera.

iPhone 7 CAD

iPhone 7 top of rear case

When we look at the rear shell, we notice several design changes on the inside that gives us some ideas about what the iPhone will look like. Pictured above is the top of the rear case for the iPhone 7. The camera hole is much larger and closer to the edge, as we have already mentioned, but Apple has also removed a larger chunk of metal on the corner to allow this to happen as compared to the iPhone 6/6s. Our concern is for the lack of reinforcement now in the corners. With the camera being so close to the edge, will this cause it to absorb more of the impact when the iPhone is dropped? The camera hole is also lower than it was previously. There is an extra hole at the top of the case which is not there on the iPhone 6s. This could potentially be the location of one of the two rumored new sensors, or just another screw hole. Additionally, there are grooves in the top for the display to slide in like we see on the iPhone 6s. This allows the phone to open like the glass display is on a hinge.

iPhone 7 CAD

iPhone 7 bottom of the rear case

The bottom of the rear case shows a similar design to the iPhone 6s with less metal and more speaker holes. Like the top of the case, there is less metal in the corners. There are also a lot less screw holes, which could signify larger components are covering the old screw locations like a larger battery, or Apple is investing into using more adhesive. Let us hope it is not the latter. On both sides of the Lightning hole there are six speaker holes. The phone was previously rumored to have monaural speaker system meaning two speakers putting out the same sound, but it is hard to imagine with the renderings we are looking at. There is a screw hole in the middle of the speaker holes on the left side. This screw is mostly likely to hold the plastic component that pushes the lower microphone against the frame. Unless Apple is redesigning the speakers, the current speaker would not fit in this small space and still have access to all the holes.


Everything else looks fairly similar. The iPhone 7 will look like the iPhone 6s with upgraded internal components, a slight change in the rear case, and a updated display with a touchpad Home button. The iPhone 7 is expected to be announced at a special media event in mid-September alongside the Apple Watch 2.

Another design change on iPhone 7: no physical Home button

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While the exterior of the iPhone 7 is rumored to be similar to the iPhone 6s, the Home button may be getting a complete redesign. According to a few sources, the button will be less a button and more of a touchpad. Apple is rumored to use their Force Touch technology to simulate a physical click.

iPhone 7: no physical home button

This previously leaked picture shows the iPhone 7 with a flat Home button, via mobipicker.com

According to Cowen and Company (an analyst company) and 9to5Mac, Apple will be removing the physical mechanism of the Home button and replacing the entire system with a touchpad. To simulate the sensation of the button being pressed, the iPhone will use haptic feedback from Apple’s Force Touch technology. This new button will take out the moving parts of the previous Home buttons, which can break, and it will increase the waterproofness of the phone. When the Home button is currently pressed, a gap is created between the glass and the button as it separates from the display. With the new Home button, there will be no gap created.

An issue that may come up with the new button, as 9to5Mac points out, is that the button can fail since it is not a physical button. Functions like resetting the phone rely on two physical buttons. If the Home button is replaced with a touchpad, Apple will need to use two other buttons to reset the phone.

This rumor matches up with a previously leaked photo (above) that showed the iPhone 7 with a flat touchpad Home button. It also matches up with iOS 10’s mechanism for unlocking the iPhone. The iPhone is now unlocked by “pressing” on the Home button instead of swiping to unlock.

The iPhone 7 is expected to be announced at a special media event in September. It will come in three models (iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 7 Pro), with less antenna bands on the rear shell, a larger front and rear camera, and no headphone jack.

WSJ: iPhone 7 will be iPhone 6s without headphone jack

iPhone 7 Release Date
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The Wall Street Journal has inside access with all things Apple and they just released a report about the upcoming iPhone 7. The phone, according to their sources, will be similar to the iPhone 6s, but it will have the controversial change in design that has been rumored for months.

iPhone 7 will be iPhone 6s

iPhone 7 design concept without headphone jack, via Forbes

Citing people familiar with Apple’s plans, the iPhone 7 will closely resemble the iPhone 6s minus the headphone jack. It will have a thinner design (up to 1mm thinner) with more water resistance. The Lightning port will have two responsibilities: charging the phone and connecting to headphones. The report did not mention details about the rumored wireless charging feature, but we hope Apple will add it so their customers will not have to choose between playing music or charging their phone.

The report also shares information about why Apple is not refreshing their iPhone this year like they have done for major number generations in previous years. China-based engineers questioned this at a recent sales meeting and one of the sources told the WSJ that Apple said they were working on new technology that needed time to develop. They were likely referring to the rumored major reset on the iPhone that is coming out next year.

Next-year’s iPhone is currently in the design stage so these details may change, but Apple is currently leaning towards a cleaner form. The 2017 iPhone will have an OLED display like the Apple Watch with an embedded Touch ID sensor. The bezels will also decrease in size and potentially be nonexistent.

iPhone 7 will be iPhone 6s

Apple won’t be changing the EarPods this year despite the iPhone change, via iTechdeals

In addition to the WSJ report, Macotakara shared details about how this change will affect the in-box EarPods and the speaker system on the phone. The EarPods will be the same as previous generations and still released with the 3.5mm connector. There are no wireless or Lightning EarPods coming in the box this year. Apple will include a 3.5-to-Lightning adapter though. Also, there will be another speaker grill located where the headphone jack was. It will, unfortunately, not be part of a stereo speaker system, but instead a “monaural system.” There will be two places to hear the same speaker.

The iPhone 7 is expected to be announced in September alongside the Apple Watch 2. The phone will have a storage capacity up to 256GB, the A10 processor, and up to 3GB of RAM. Check out everything we know about the iPhone 7.

via The Wall Street Journal and Macotakara

iPhone 7 display design: larger camera, dual proximity sensor

iPhone 7 display
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The iPhone 7 is expected to have a similar design to the iPhone 6s with its rear shell, but a new report claims the front display will help to distinguish the iPhone 7 from the iPhone 6s. Apparently, the proximity sensor, ear speaker, and front camera will all be updated; enough that an iPhone 6s screen protector will not work on the new phone.

iPhone 7 display

The screen protector design for the iPhone 6/6s needs to be updated for the new iPhone 7 display, via Orzly

The report, which was posted on Macotakara, cites accessory suppliers and manufacturers on Alibaba. They claim that the front display for the iPhone 7 will be changed enough that the current screen protectors for the iPhone 6s will not fit. The manufacturers will need to go back to the drawing board. The ear speaker receiver grill and the front camera hole will be slightly larger and the proximity sensor will move from the left of the ear speaker to the right. Additionally, the proximity sensor will be split into two components.

With the current iPhone, the ear speaker receiver grill is actually home to more than just the ear speaker. The speaker takes up about the half the space while the front microphone takes up the other half. By increasing the receiver grill size, Apple may increase the size of the ear speaker, front microphone, or both.

The iPhone 7 is also rumored to have a touch-sensitive surface that will replace the physical Home button. The button will no longer click, which would help the phone be waterproof, but instead be tapped. Users can tap to return to the Home screen, tap and hold for Siri, and double tap for multitasking, for example.

Both of these rumors contradict an earlier report that suggested the iPhone 7 will have the same front display as the iPhone 6s. This report came out when Apple was likely still in the prototype phase for the iPhone 7. Now the iPhone is three months away, Apple is likely ready to start mass production. Check out our expectations roundup for the iPhone 7.

via Macotakara

Pricing leaked for iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and new iPhone 7 Pro

iPhone 7 base model
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While it is expected for Apple to release two versions of their iPhone 7, details about the lineup’s pricing was leaked and revealed there will actually be three models. The 4.7″ iPhone 7 and 5.5″ iPhone 7 Plus are expected, but Apple is also planning to release a 5.5″ iPhone 7 Pro as well.

Pricing leaked

iPhone 7 price lineup, via Pocketnow

The lineup pricing, which was posted first by a Weibo user, claims that Apple will release the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 7 Pro. There will be three storage sizes, but what these exactly are was not mentioned. The report just said: base model, middle model, and top-end model. For the iPhone 6s, this means 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB. For the iPhone 7, rumors suggest this means 32GB, 64GB, and 256GB and for the iPhone 7 Pro, this likely means 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus pricing will be mostly similar as compared to the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will have the same price points as the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus for the lower two storage sizes and be a little more expensive for the top-end storage size. Apple has never released three iPhones with the same design before but the leaked picture shows us that we cannot assume the price difference between all three phones will still be $100. For the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the difference is $100. For the iPhone 7 Pro and the iPhone 7 Plus, the difference is $150.

If you covert the yuan to USD, the pricing will be slightly off because of exchange rates and the 20% premium that Apple charges for exporting to other countries. Taking this into account, the pricing is similar to the iPhone 6s lineup.

The iPhone 7 is expected to be similar to the iPhone 6s with the 7000 series aluminum rear shell, curved glass on the front, Touch ID Home button, and the 3D Touch display. For more on the iPhone 7, check out our expectations.

via Weibo and Pocketnow

Expectations for iPhone 7: wireless charging, no headphone jack, familiar design

new leaks confirm
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The next-generation iPhone was expected to be a major update until the rumors started flowing in saying otherwise. Apple is usually updates their phone design every other year, but next year is the tenth anniversary of iPhone. Instead of revamping the design this year and having a modest update on the anniversary, they have decided to flip it to make this year a modest update and next year a complete revamp. Based on what we have heard so far, here are our expectations for iPhone 7.

Expectations for iPhone 7

iPhone 7 concept by Martin Hajek

The Name

This year’s iPhone is expected to follow Apple’s tradition and have a single numbered name. In 2014 we saw the iPhone 6, last year was the iPhone 6s, so this year should be the iPhone 7. The display sizes that Apple introduced in 2014 will remain with the iPhone 7 having a 4.7″ display and the iPhone 7 Plus having a 5.5″ display. Rumors for an “iPhone Pro” this year will likely be held off until next year when Apple completely revamps their lineup. We also hope/expect Apple to drop the number from the name and just called next year’s iPhone the “iPhone.”


Expectations for iPhone 7

iPhone 7 leaked rear shell


The iPhone 7 will have the relatively same design as the iPhone 6s, but have a few changes. We expect to see the familiar curved glass display and a curved 7000 series aluminum rear shell with protruding camera. For the changes, the back case of the phone will have less visible antenna bands with only one on the top and one on the bottom. There will no longer be two additional bands going across the back. Also, the camera on the iPhone 7 will have a larger lens, be closer to the left edge, and have a slight bevelled appearance. The iPhone 7 will a single rear camera while the iPhone 7 Plus will have a dual rear camera. To make up for the single camera on the smaller iPhone, Apple will be changing the current image stabilizer of iPhone 6s to the optical stabilizer of the iPhone 6s Plus. This means that the iPhone 7 camera will keep the picture or video stabilized during shooting instead of after. The quality of the sensors are unknown at this point, but at least we will have a 12MP sensor with 4K video recording like on the iPhone 6s.

The most important (and perhaps controversial) change of the iPhone 7 will be the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack. The reasoning behind this move is because it will allow the phone to be up to 1mm thinner and Apple is moving forward with other technology. Like the floppy disc drive and the CD drive, old technology is removed in favor of newer ones. For the CD drive it was streaming music and now for the headphone jack it is wireless headphones. Apple is apparently designing wireless EarPods that will be included in the box with the new iPhone and they are planning to sell Lightning-powered headphones and a 3.5mm-to-Lightning adapter in their store. To solve the trade-off between listening to music with Lightning headphones to charging the device, Apple will add wireless charging to its lineup of phones that do not have a headphone jack.

The iPhone 7 Plus may also have a Smart Connector, but this rumor seems to go back and forth every week. If it does come with one, it may be used for smart accessories like battery cases, keyboards, and other accessories.


Expectations for iPhone 7

iPhone 7 concept by Martin Hajek

Internal Specs

For the internal specifications of the iPhone 7, we only know for sure that the phone will be powered by the A10 processor with M10 coprocessor. A post in September 2015 suggested that the processor would have six cores, but we have not heard any rumors about it since. The iPhone 7 is expected to have 2GB of RAM like its predecessor and the iPhone 7 Plus will have 3GB of RAM to account for the dual cameras. The phones will start will a minimum storage size of 32GB, and increase exponentially with a 128GB size and a 256GB size. The phones will also have a slightly larger battery capacity, but the same battery life is expected.


Release Date

The iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus are expected to be announced in September 2016 at a special media event. The event is normally held a week or two after the ending of Apple’s Back to School promotion which was just announced to end on September 5th. We will likely see an announcement date around mid-September and the phones will be released in late September.

Analyst predicts iPhone 7 to start at 32GB, 2GB of RAM

iPhone 7 base model
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Most of the rumors we have heard for the upcoming iPhone 7 are about the external design of the phone, but there have not been many rumors for the internal components. A new post by an IHS Technology analyst on a Chinese social media website reveals details about the storage capacities and RAM for the new iPhone. According to the post, the iPhone will no longer have a base model of 16GB, but instead it will be 32GB, and it will have 2GB of RAM.

iPhone 7 base model

iPhone 7 concept, credit: Handy Abovergleich

The upgrade in the base model storage is long overdue because the phone cannot support the new technology while retaining a hard drive with next to nothing for storage. Once you add the software, the 16GB phone is left with 12GB or even 11GB of useable storage. The iPhone 6s can take 4K videos which take up a significant amount of storage as compared to a regular HD video. It has left users with these small storage devices searching the Internet to see if its possible to upgrade their storage. (Note: it is possible, but difficult and costly since the company is based in China.)

The post does not mention the other storage sizes for the upcoming iPhone 7, but we predict that phone will be available in 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB storage sizes. Our reasoning is based on the latest 9.7″ iPad Pro’s storage. This iPad, which came out in March 2016, proves that 32GB is possible for a base model storage and that 256GB is possible for maximum storage. With this in mind, we figure the iPhone 7 will be available in the same storage as the iPad Pro.


The iPhone 7 is expected to look very similar to the iPhone 6s down to the same curved aluminum shell and curved glass on the display. The only differences will likely be the camera placement on the phone, less antenna lines, and the lack of a headphone jack. The iPhone 7 is rumored to have a larger camera that is closer to the left edge and the iPhone 7 Plus will have a dual camera design. Both models will still have antenna lines, like the iPhone 6s, but they will only be on the top and the bottom of the phone instead of going across the back. Finally, the headphone jack will be removed in favor of Lightning-powered and wireless headphones.

The iPhone 7 is expected to be announced at a special media event in early September along with the second-generation Apple Watch.

Note: this contradicts an earlier report with leaked components about the iPhone 7 storage starting at 16GB.

via 9to5Mac

Leaked iPhone 7 rear shell confirms protruding camera, iPhone 6s design

Expectations for iPhone 7
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Earlier today we posted pictures of molds for the upcoming iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus that show the phone will have a similar design to its predecessor, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Another component was leaked over the weekend that claims to show an actual rear shell for the new iPhone and the display’s flex cable.

leaked iPhone 7 rear shell

An alleged iPhone 7 rear shell, via Weibo

These pictures, which were first uploaded on Weibo, claim to show an actual rear shell for the iPhone 7 along with the LCD flex cable. Starting with the rear shell, it looks very familiar with a few changes. The antenna lines are nearly identical to the iPhone 6s except they are only on the top and the bottom instead of also going across the back. They appear to curve as they go from the side of the device to the top/bottom of it. Previous designs showed a tapered antenna design.

The rear camera seems to have the most changes with a much different looking design and new placement. The camera will unfortunately not be flat and still protrude from the device. It appears to be bevelled and be located closer to the left edge. The camera hole is also larger while the microphone hole is smaller. The LED flash hole looks to be about the same size. Hopefully this larger camera hole means the camera will be receiving a few updates with a better sensor.

leaked iPhone 7 rear shell

An alleged LCD cable for the iPhone 7, via Weibo

The LCD flex cable, which is black and not attached to the display like it normally is, shows the Apple logo. This is typical of components made by Apple; the logo is used to identify Apple manufactured parts from third-party parts. The flex cable has a design like the iPhone 6s with the rectangular box on the back side.

The Weibo user who uploaded these pictures previously (and accurately) showed us the iPhone 6 design before it was released. The rear shell pictured for the iPhone 7 matches up well to previous rumors and leaked schematics so this is likely the current phone’s design. 

via 9to5Mac