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Analyst Sums Up Every Detail of iPhone 7 in New Report

iPhone 7 Release Date
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every detail

Dummy units for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, credit:

A few days before the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus announcement date, a new report surfaces by KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi-Kuo that details everything about the iPhone 7. The processor, RAM, and storage sizes will all be upgraded, the camera, the design will be improved and there will be five colors available.

For the internal performance of the iPhone 7, Kuo suggests an upgraded A10 processor, increased RAM, and new storage tiers. The A10 processor will be a SoC (system-on-a-chip) like the Apple Watch. It will drastically increase the speed and performance of the phone. The iPhone 7 is expected to retain 2GB of RAM like the iPhone 6s, but the iPhone 7 Plus will have 3GB of RAM. Additionally, Apple is dropping the 16GB (finally!) and 64GB storage tiers. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will come in 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB.

every detail

Leaked SIM card tray for iPhone 7 show piano black, silver, dark black, rose gold, and gold colors.

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will be available in five colors, but there will not a blue version this year. Apple is keeping the gold, rose gold, and silver colors for their lineup. The space gray will be replaced by two colors: a darker space gray that may be called ‘dark black’ and a glossy black called ‘piano black.’ SIM card trays for the new colors were leaked this past week. The glossy black one reminds me of the iPhone 3G. Perhaps Apple is preparing us for the tenth anniversary of iPhone next year by going back to one of the first iPhone colors.

There will also be upgrades in the display for the new iPhones and their sensors. While the screen sizes and resolutions will remain the same, the displays will render wide-color imagery like the iPad Pro 9.7″. The proximity sensor, which causes the screen to go black and the touchscreen to shut off when on a phone call, will switch to a laser. This will allow the sensor to be more accurate and faster with longer recognition distances. It will also support hand-waving gestures.

As rumored, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have rear camera upgrades. Both camera sensors will still be 12MP, but the aperture and lens size will increase. The iPhone 7 Plus will also have a second camera that will increase the image quality. One of the cameras will be a wide-angle camera while the other will be a telephoto camera and they will both use optical zoom. Also, the new phones will have optical image stabilization, which was previously only available on the Plus series. There is a new flash near the camera that will house four LED lights (two cool and two warm) for a better True Tone flash.

The report continues with Apple’s plans for removing the headphone jack. This will create extra space in the phone which Apple plans to fill with a better Force Touch recognition system and an amplifier. The phone will appear to have a dual speaker system with two sets of speaker grills, but there will only be one speaker. The amplifier will carry music from the main speaker out both grills.

Apple will include new Lightning-powered EarPods in every box along with a Lightning to Headphone Jack adapter. This will allow those with normal headphones to connect them to the new iPhone 7.

Finally, Kuo concludes with the long-rumored waterproof capabilities of the iPhone. The iPhone 7 will be waterproof with an IPX7 rating, which means the phone can be submerged in up to one meter of water for thirty minutes. This is same rating the Apple Watch has.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be announced on Wednesday at a confirmed special event. Pre-orders for the phones is expected to start on Friday, September 9th and then they will be released on either Friday, September 16th or September 23rd.

via 9to5Mac

Report Confirms iPhone 7 Rumors: Touch Home Button, Space Black, and More

iPhone 7 base model
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In about a month Apple will host a special media event where they are expected to announce their next-generation iPhone, likely called the “iPhone 7,” and other new products. In the next thirty days, we will see rumors get confirmed by insiders and major news media groups. We have new details of the iPhone from the user Apple Worldwide Meeting on the Chinese microblogging site Weibo. As the source of their information, they cite someone from inside of Apple’s main manufacturer, Foxconn.

touch home button

The new black alongside the rose gold and gold colors for the iPhone 7, credit: Apple Worldwide Meeting

In the short Weibo post, the Apple Worldwide Meeting confirms many of the rumors we have heard for the new iPhone 7 including its color options, the rumored disappearance of the headphone jack, and the Home button. The iPhone 7 will be available in the same colors as the iPhone 6s plus a new pure black. This will be a much darker version of space gray that should remind us of the black iPhone 4.  There will reportedly not be a blue model this year. As rumored, both the 3.5mm headphone jack and physical home button will be removed. The post does not specify what will be in place of the headphone jack, but the home button will be touch-only. It will likely be a touchpad that is incorporated into the display.

Additionally, the lack of the headphone jack and home button will cause the phone to be more water resistant. The phone will not be waterproof up to IP68, but it should be better at preventing damage from water.

touch home button

The alleged silent/mute switch for the new black iPhone 7, credit: Apple Worldwide Meeting

Apple Worldwide Meeting also leaked the silent/mute switch for the new black version of the iPhone 7. It is much darker in color than the iPhone 6s’ space gray mute switch. This could be more evidence that a new color is coming for the iPhone 7.

The iPhone 7 is expected to be announced in early September with the release date rumored for Friday, September 16th. It will be feature a slightly larger battery, a thinner design, and look similar to the iPhone 6s.

WSJ: iPhone 7 will be iPhone 6s without headphone jack

iPhone 7 Release Date
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The Wall Street Journal has inside access with all things Apple and they just released a report about the upcoming iPhone 7. The phone, according to their sources, will be similar to the iPhone 6s, but it will have the controversial change in design that has been rumored for months.

iPhone 7 will be iPhone 6s

iPhone 7 design concept without headphone jack, via Forbes

Citing people familiar with Apple’s plans, the iPhone 7 will closely resemble the iPhone 6s minus the headphone jack. It will have a thinner design (up to 1mm thinner) with more water resistance. The Lightning port will have two responsibilities: charging the phone and connecting to headphones. The report did not mention details about the rumored wireless charging feature, but we hope Apple will add it so their customers will not have to choose between playing music or charging their phone.

The report also shares information about why Apple is not refreshing their iPhone this year like they have done for major number generations in previous years. China-based engineers questioned this at a recent sales meeting and one of the sources told the WSJ that Apple said they were working on new technology that needed time to develop. They were likely referring to the rumored major reset on the iPhone that is coming out next year.

Next-year’s iPhone is currently in the design stage so these details may change, but Apple is currently leaning towards a cleaner form. The 2017 iPhone will have an OLED display like the Apple Watch with an embedded Touch ID sensor. The bezels will also decrease in size and potentially be nonexistent.

iPhone 7 will be iPhone 6s

Apple won’t be changing the EarPods this year despite the iPhone change, via iTechdeals

In addition to the WSJ report, Macotakara shared details about how this change will affect the in-box EarPods and the speaker system on the phone. The EarPods will be the same as previous generations and still released with the 3.5mm connector. There are no wireless or Lightning EarPods coming in the box this year. Apple will include a 3.5-to-Lightning adapter though. Also, there will be another speaker grill located where the headphone jack was. It will, unfortunately, not be part of a stereo speaker system, but instead a “monaural system.” There will be two places to hear the same speaker.

The iPhone 7 is expected to be announced in September alongside the Apple Watch 2. The phone will have a storage capacity up to 256GB, the A10 processor, and up to 3GB of RAM. Check out everything we know about the iPhone 7.

via The Wall Street Journal and Macotakara

Two contradictory reports claim different designs for iPhone 7

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Two contradictory reports detailing the upcoming iPhone 7’s design came out over the weekend. The one report, which comes from KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi-Kuo, says the iPhone 7 will have no “attractive” updates while a report straight from a Chinese media outlet suggests the phone will have a new Home button, new color option, and be completely waterproof/dustproof as previously rumored.

iPhone 6 Touch ID, credit: Cult of Mac

iPhone 6 Touch ID, credit: Cult of Mac

Storm, the source of the Chinese media outlet information, reports that the iPhone 7’s design will be much more better than expected. Previous rumors indicated a design similar to the iPhone 6s, but their report says that the Home button will be embedded into the display which will cause the phone to be completely waterproof and dustproof. There will be no physical button; instead, Apple would use haptic feedback technology to simulate the feeling of an actual button. Without a button being there to click, there is no space for water or dust to seep in. This will increase the waterproof and dustproof capabilities of the phone.

In addition, there may be a darker space gray color coming the iPhone. The report says that there will be a regular black and a matte black. It would not be uncharacteristic of Apple to add a new color option since they have been adding new colors to the last few iPhone launches. The iPhone 5s introduced a new gold color and the iPhone 6s came in rose gold. On a side note, Apple is adding the gold and rose gold colors to all their products now. If they do have a darker black available for iPhone 7, you can bet we will see it on the iPad and MacBook soon too.

contradiction iPhone 7

iPhone 7 matte black skin wrap, credit: MacRumors forum

The report concludes with a few previously heard iPhone 7 rumors. The iPhone 7 will come in two display sizes, 4.7″ and 5.5″, with the larger potentially having a dual-camera design. The phone will be about 1mm thinner due to the absence of the headphone jack, thinner Lightning port, and new LCD display. It will also be powered by the A10 processor with upgraded internal components.

While this report does sound great, Storm‘s track record is no where near close to the KGI Securities analyst. Kuo accurately predicted the specifications for the iPhone 6s and iPad Pro in 2015 and honestly, I have never even heard of Storm. This report sounds great, but take it with a grain of salt until we hear other evidence saying otherwise.

Inside source confirms no headphone jack, wireless charging on iPhone 7

iPhone 7 concept, credit:
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The upcoming iPhone 7 is on everyone’s radar during the new year especially since it’s been very active in the rumor mill. Several reports have come out within the past month detailing many features for the new phone. To continue with this momentum, Fast Company came out with a report that cites a source with knowledge of Apple’s plans and it confirms a few of the rumors we have heard and starts a few more.

The report, which goes confirms the waterproof design and removal of the headphone jack, goes into more details about how Apple will convince their users to change from the 3.5mm headphone. Apple is apparently designing an noise-canceling technology with help from a United Kingdom-based audio-tech company that will work in the software of the iPhone and hardware of headphones. This system will remove background noise in music playback and phone calls. It will only work with Lightning-connected headphones so the wireless EarPods will, unfortunately, not make use of this technology. Apple is designing Lightning headphones under the Beats brand that will work with the new software. Since headphones utilizing this technology will need to have a Lightning connector, they will need to be certified by Apple through the Made For iPhone program.

iPhone 7 concept, credit:

iPhone 7 concept, credit: GdgetCompare

The report also claims that there will be a 3.5mm-to-Lightning adapter included with every iPhone, but this seems unlikely. Even though 3.5mm is on virtually every smartphone, the 30-pin dock connector was used for several years before it was replaced by the Lightning dock connector on the iPhone 5. Apple created a 30-pin-to-Lighting adapter, but it was sold separately. This will likely be the case for their headphone jack adapter.

The report concludes with Apple finally bringing wireless charging to the iPhone. This makes perfect sense since the Lightning port will already be occupied by headphones if the user is listening to music. The Lightning port currently has one purpose: charging the iPhone, but if Apple takes away the headphone jack, it will also be responsible for transferring audio to headphones. If Apple doesn’t bring wireless charging to the iPhone, there would be a trade-off between listening to music or charging the device when the battery is low.

In addition to all these new rumors, the iPhone 7 is expected to have a updated design with a new compound material for the rear shell and not blatantly obvious antennas.

Report offers new insight to iPhone 7 design

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The next-generation iPhone, the iPhone 7, will undoubtedly have an all-new design. Since it’s a numbered generation (versus an S generation), it will see an update in its rear shell and front panel display. The design of the phone is up in air, but a new rumor provides some insight on what we will/will not see.


This iPhone 8 concept has a front and back panel made of glass (which is new material) and there’s no antenna lines. Hmm…

According to the Chinese-speaking Commercial Times, which cited a report from a research firm, the iPhone 7 will be made of a new compound material that will hide the antennas. Earlier reports coincide with the rumor of a new material for the rear case, but this is the first we have heard about non-visible antennas. Hopefully Apple has found a new material to use that would hide the antennas without compromising their functionality. Especially if you hold the phone different ways (#Antennagate anyone?).

The newspaper also said the phone would be waterproof, which lines up with every other report that has come out about the iPhone 7. The latest iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have increased water resistance due to added gaskets and silicone seals, which may be a hint that Apple is building up protection against water in its products. To make the iPhone waterproof, though, there would need to be more internal and external protection to stop water from seeping in around buttons, in the dock connector and the headphone jack.

The iPhone 7 is expected to be announced in September 2016 at a special media event.

iPhone 7 rumored to retain same display and battery capacity as iPhone 6s

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Apple’s next-generation smartphone, likely called the “iPhone 7“, is slightly less than a year away but currently has several rumors surrounding its design. Since it is a numbered generation, like iPhone 6 or iPhone 5, it will feature a redesign that is currently rumored to be made of a different material than aluminum and it will be waterproof and dustproof. Analyst Ming Chi-Kuo suggests that the display will be the same as the iPhone 6s display, with TFT-LCD display technology. Another rumor suggests Apple will be retaining the battery capacity as well on their new iPhone.


Based on the recent moves by Apple’s head supplier, Foxconn, Kuo believes that Apple will retain the TFT-LCD display technology for the new few years. While other popular Android smartphones and even the Apple Watch use AMOLED displays, Apple has been having success with their displays and don’t plan to change any time soon. Kuo goes on to say that this will still be the display technology in 2017 for the iPhone 7s and 2018 for the iPhone 8.

In addition to keeping the same display, recent rumors suggested Apple will keep the same battery capacity for the iPhone 7 as well. The same battery will allow Apple to spend time advancing other technologies in the phone and hopefully make the software more energy efficient. In the previous major software update, iOS 9, Apple promised up to three hours of extra battery life likely due in part to the Low Power Mode that significantly reduces the battery drain. Apple may focus on software advancements instead of hardware advancements in the next iPhone. Hopefully Apple will also fix the many bugs that plague iOS 9 as well.