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New Leaks Confirm Name and Release Date for ‘iPhone 7’

new leaks confirm
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With Apple’s rumored special event fast approaching, the name of the next-generation iPhone and the release date is in question. There have been reports suggesting the name and release date, but they have not been confident in their findings. Two reliable leaks have come forward with details about the iPhone with more details that may be trustworthy.

new leaks confirm

iPhone 7 mockup in rumored “space black”, credit: @The_Malignant

Citing “reliable sources,” Japanese blog Macotakara claims the new iPhone will be called ‘iPhone 7’ and ‘iPhone 7 Plus.’ This squashes the rumor that Apple would be retaining the ‘6’ in the name for ‘iPhone 6SE‘ because of its similar design. It also discards the rumor of Apple adding ‘Pro’ to the iPhone name. Additionally, the report confirms that the iPhone 7 will have the A10 processor, a tactile Home button, and come in five colors. Macotakara previously suggested a “space black” and a deep blue color, which could two of the five colors.

new leaks confirm

AT&T leak reveals September 9th and 23rd as potential dates for iPhone 7, credit: 9to5Mac

The second leak comes in the form of a retail schedule from AT&T that details the days for resetting merchandise. It claims that both September 9th and 23rd will be reset days, which is the season of the iPhone release. This suggests the 9th as the iPhone 7 pre-order date (rumored), and the 23rd as the release date (one week later than rumored.) 9to5Mac also reports that store managers were informed that a major phone would be released to carriers on September 23rd. The next-generation iPhone is usually released on a Friday so a release date of either Historically Apple has released a new iPhone on a Friday so either the phone is coming out on the 16th or the 23rd.

The iPhone 7 is expected to look very similar to the iPhone 6/6s series with an aluminum rear shell, antenna lines on the back, and a rear protruding camera. The phone will likely be announced alongside the Apple Watch 2 at the rumored event on September 7th.

iPhone 7 Release Date Expectations: Sept. 16, Pre-orders to Start Sept. 9

iPhone 7 Release Date
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Earlier this week it was reported that the next-generation iPhone will be released to retail shops during the week on September 12th and then released for the public on September 16th. Based on what I have seen from Apple over the last four years of iPhone releases, I wanted to share my thoughts. There are four events that need to take place in September before the end of the month and the days they occur on are quite consistent from year-to-year. The Back-to-School promotion always ends before the iPhone is released, the special media event for the announcement of the new iPhone occurs on a Tuesday or Wednesday, the next-generation iOS is released on the following Wednesday, and the iPhone comes out either the same week or the week after on a Friday. The dates of these events are key for us to predict when we will be able to start buying the iPhone 7.

Back to School Event

iPhone 7 Release Date

Buy an iPhone, iPad, or Mac and get a free pair of Beats wireless headphones this year, credit: Apple.

Every summer Apple hosts their Back-to-School promotion which is a method they use to clear out stock of the old iPhone. Originally this sales event was limited to the Mac, but recently the company began to give free accessories or gifts cards with the purchase of an iPhone or iPad too. This year, customers can purchase an iPhone, iPad, or Mac and get a free pair of wireless Beats headphones. By offering a free gift with the purchase, Apple hopes to clear out the stock of the iPhone 6s ahead of the iPhone 7 announcement. The event ends on Monday, September 5th which happens to also be Labor Day.

Looking back at their previous promotions, the Back-to-School event always ends before the final release date of the new iPhone. There appears to be no correlation to other events in September, just that it ends before the new iPhone comes out.

Expected Special Media Event Date

iPhone 7 Release Date

The special media event invitation for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus announcement, credit: Apple

The next major event of September is the special media announcement for the latest iPhones and software for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Apple will announce these products and then release them in the days/weeks following the event. This event, at least for the last four years, was held either on Tuesday or Wednesday and always the week before the newest software was released. With the exception of the iPhone 6s, it was also about a week and a half before the release of the new iPhone. Apple added an extra week between their announcement and the iPhone 6s launch.

Based on Apple’s history, the special media event will likely be held on Tuesday, September 6th or Wednesday, September 7th.

Expected iOS 10 Release Date

iPhone 7 release date

iOS 10 is coming this fall, specifically on September 14th , credit: Apple

Ever since Apple held their iPhone event in September, the newest software was always released before the iPhone came out so the new phones would ship with the latest software. It has always come out a week after the event and on the first Wednesday. We expect this year to be no different.

Taking into account the previous years’ of iOS updates, I expect iOS 10 will be released on Wednesday, September 14th.

Expected iPhone 7 Release Date

iPhone 7 Release Date

The leaked frame that is expected for the iPhone 7, credit: nowhereelse.fr

Apple will be releasing their next-generation iPhone in September and this is the last major event for iPhone that will occur. The phone should come out in three styles: iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 7 Pro. The last of which is still in question, but the rumors support three version of the tenth generation iPhone. Additionally, the phone will look quite similar to the iPhone 6s with less antenna lines, a larger camera sensor, a headphone jack-less body, and a touchpad Home button. Taking in consideration previous iPhone launches in September, it is always released on a Friday and either occurs the same week as the newest iOS launch or the following week.

Based on our calculations, the iPhone 7 should come out either Friday, September 16th. Apple will take pre-orders for the iPhone starting Friday, September 9th.


Apple will host four major events in September like they do every year for updates in the software and hardware of the iPhone. They may also release another iPad, the second-generation Apple Watch, new Macs, and potentially another Apple TV. All have been rumored, we just have to wait to find out the truth on September 6th…


Also for further evidence; here is what the very reliable iPhone leaker @evleaks says about the iPhone 7:



Report: iPhone 7 to have similar design as iPhone 6s

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 11.28.51 AM
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As we get closer to the rumored announcement for the iPhone SE, the rumors for the upcoming iPhone 7, which is expected to be released in the fall, are gaining speed. Macokatara, a Japanese blog, agrees with a recent report by KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi-Kuo about specifications for the new iPhone.

While the report doesn’t cite a specific source for its information, the blog has been a source in the past for other upcoming Apple device rumors. The post says that the rear shell of the iPhone 7 will be made of the same material as the iPhone 6s, which is 7000 series aluminum, and have a flush rear camera. The iPhone 7 Plus may have a dual-lens system, but the report says the iPhone 7 will not. The phone will also, unfortunately, not be waterproof. It will probably have the same water-resistance of the iP

iPhone 7 design

We imagined a flush rear camera on our iPhone 6s concept last spring, but now it appears that Apple is finally doing it.

The lack of headphone jack and flush rear camera will bring the thinness of the phone down by 1mm, matching the iPod touch’s 6.1mm. Apple is also designing a thinner Lightning port for the phone, which doesn’t mean they are working on a new connector, just a smaller opening which will mainly only affect case makers. The report says that in place of the headphone jack, there will be a second speaker which will increase the sound quality of the phone.

The iPhone 7 is expected to be announced in September 2016.

Sketchy rumor claims iPhone 6s coming in Spring 2015, iPhone 7 in Fall

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Apple is expected to release the iPhone 6s in September of next year and the iPhone 7 in the following year (2016).  This assumption comes from Apple’s iPhone schedule; however, a source from within the supply chain claims that Apple is considering changing things up a bit next year.  The source says the iPhone 6s will come out in Spring of 2015 alongside the Apple Watch and the iPhone 7 will be here in September 2015.

The website that the inside source reports to, Stabley Timessays the reason Apple is considering this switch up is because of the Apple Watch.  Since the watch is advertised as a companion to the iPhone and it will not work without it, Apple is cautious to release it by itself.  If they were to release a phone with the watch, they will be able to remind customers that it is an accessory to the iPhone and not a standalone product.  Apple announced it at the iPhone event in September so it only makes sense for them to release it alongside of an iPhone.

iPhone 6s concept with thinner bezels, by Martin Hajek.

iPhone 6s concept with thinner bezels, by Martin Hajek.

This reasoning seems sound to me, but I doubt Apple come out with two iPhones in one year (iPhone 6s and iPhone 7).  Sony tried to release two flagship phones within 12 months, the Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z3, and they are now reconsidering this move.  Also customers who upgraded to the iPhone 6 will likely not replace their phone after six months since they are under contract and many wouldn’t be able to get the iPhone 7 only a year after their upgrade. When Apple released the iPad 4 only six months after the iPad 3, it was because customers were not locked into a contract and could easily sell their tablet to get the newest one. Apple would not be able to do this to their smartphone customers.

The source stresses that a final decision has not been made, but this is one of the ideas they are looking into.  As for the believing if the source is accurate or not, that’s a different story.  While we are questioning this, we should also question to site that reported it.  Stabley Times refers to the Apple Watch as the “Apple iWatch” so either they are bitter about Apple’s name for the smart watch or they don’t really know what they are talking about. Take this rumor with a grain of salt and unless we hear anything solid supporting this, don’t expect the iPhone 6s until September.