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Apple Announces iPhone 7: Stereo Speakers, Touch Home Sensor, More

Apple announces iPhone 7
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On Wednesday, Apple held a special media event in San Fransisco, California to announce the new lineup of iPhone, Apple Watch, and the major software updates. The next-generation iPhone, called the ‘iPhone 7’ and ‘iPhone 7 Plus,’ feature a similar design to their predecessors with a complete refresh in internals.


Blue iPhone 7 Plus Mockup Shown in New Video on YouTube

Blue iPhone 7 Plus Mockup
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In early September, Apple is expected to announce their next-generation iPhones, likely called “iPhone 7” and “iPhone 7 Plus.” The screen sizes will be the same as the iPhone 6s/6s Plus with 4.7″ on the iPhone 7 and 5.5″ on the iPhone 7 Plus. Unlike last year’s phones, though, there will be much more than screen size to differentiate the two phones. A new video was posted by Unbox Therapy on YouTube that claims to show a mockup of the new phone and shares details about what exactly will be different.

Unbox Therapy, the group known for unboxing videos and leaking unreleased Apple products, released a video of an “accurate” iPhone 7 Plus mockup. They obtained it from a Chinese headphone manufacturer. The mockup is blue, which is one of the new colors rumored for the iPhone 7. It also has the dual rear camera, Smart Connector, less visible antenna lines, and no headphone jack. The dual rear camera will allow the phone to simultaneously take two videos at the same time and capture a better picture. The Smart Connector will work with third-party accessories requiring power instead of utilizing the Lightning port which is needed for playing audio. Finally, the headphone jack has been replaced by a second speaker. As pointed out in the video, the phone is not thinner than the iPhone 6s Plus. Rumors suggested Apple removed the headphone jack to make the phone thinner, but this doesn’t seem to be correct. The mockup appears to be about the same thickness as the iPhone 6s Plus.

Check out the full video below.

Unlike the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, the new iPhones will have a few features that differentiate the models. The iPhone 7 will have a single rear camera and no Smart Connector. This iPhone 7 Plus will have a dual camera setup and the Smart Connector for working with third-party accessories. Apple may further differentiate them with internal specifications, like allowing only the larger iPhone to have 256GB of storage.

The iPhone 7 are expected to be announced in early September alongside a new thinner Apple Watch 2 and an updated iPad mini.

iPhone 7 CAD renderings reveal new details about phone’s design

iPhone 7 CAD
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On Wednesday, several CAD renderings were posted online by Nowhereelse.fr that show the rear case for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Instead of our normal “this is what we are looking at,” we wanted to analyze the rear shell for further insight about what to expect with the new phone. We are uniquely in the iPhone repair and Apple news/rumors blogging business so we have a deeper understanding of the ins and outs of the iPhone.

iPhone 7 CAD

The iPhone 7 is leaked in a new CAD drawing, via Nowhereelse.fr

Initially we see what all the other rumors have been saying. The antenna bands are limited to the top and bottom edge, the rear protruding camera has a ring built into the case instead of it being a separate component, it is also closer to the left edge and much larger, the headphone jack is replaced with another speaker grill, and the larger 5.5″ iPhone 7 has a dual rear camera.

iPhone 7 CAD

iPhone 7 top of rear case

When we look at the rear shell, we notice several design changes on the inside that gives us some ideas about what the iPhone will look like. Pictured above is the top of the rear case for the iPhone 7. The camera hole is much larger and closer to the edge, as we have already mentioned, but Apple has also removed a larger chunk of metal on the corner to allow this to happen as compared to the iPhone 6/6s. Our concern is for the lack of reinforcement now in the corners. With the camera being so close to the edge, will this cause it to absorb more of the impact when the iPhone is dropped? The camera hole is also lower than it was previously. There is an extra hole at the top of the case which is not there on the iPhone 6s. This could potentially be the location of one of the two rumored new sensors, or just another screw hole. Additionally, there are grooves in the top for the display to slide in like we see on the iPhone 6s. This allows the phone to open like the glass display is on a hinge.

iPhone 7 CAD

iPhone 7 bottom of the rear case

The bottom of the rear case shows a similar design to the iPhone 6s with less metal and more speaker holes. Like the top of the case, there is less metal in the corners. There are also a lot less screw holes, which could signify larger components are covering the old screw locations like a larger battery, or Apple is investing into using more adhesive. Let us hope it is not the latter. On both sides of the Lightning hole there are six speaker holes. The phone was previously rumored to have monaural speaker system meaning two speakers putting out the same sound, but it is hard to imagine with the renderings we are looking at. There is a screw hole in the middle of the speaker holes on the left side. This screw is mostly likely to hold the plastic component that pushes the lower microphone against the frame. Unless Apple is redesigning the speakers, the current speaker would not fit in this small space and still have access to all the holes.


Everything else looks fairly similar. The iPhone 7 will look like the iPhone 6s with upgraded internal components, a slight change in the rear case, and a updated display with a touchpad Home button. The iPhone 7 is expected to be announced at a special media event in mid-September alongside the Apple Watch 2.

iPhone 7 molds and schematics confirm other rumored designs

iPhone 7 molds
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The design for the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus seems to switch every day with new leaks suggesting that they show the true design. Fortunately, the reports have started agreeing with each other and we are seeing more legitimate leaks. Over the weekend, the Italian blog HDblog shares pictures it obtained from a Chinese forum that show the molds and schematics for the upcoming devices.

iPhone 7 molds

The iPhone 7 mold next to the iPhone 7 Plus mold, via HDBlog

The next-generation iPhone will be available in two versions with a 4.7″ display for the iPhone 7 and 5.5″ display for the iPhone 7 Plus. The iPhone 7 will have a single rear camera like the iPhone 6s with a slightly larger lens and the iPhone 7 Plus will have a dual rear camera. They will both retain the same microphone and LED flash placement and size as their predecessors. While there are no additional holes in the mold for the Smart Connector, the blog mentions that perhaps they may be applied at a later stage.

The molds pictured are used to produce the aluminum rear shells for the phone. They have all the holes required in the shell, like the camera hole, microphone, flash, and Apple logo. The schematics show the design of the molds including its dimensions in centimeters, but not the dimensions of the phone.

iPhone 7 molds

Schematics for the iPhone 7 Plus mold, via HDBlog

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are expected to be announced in September and have a relatively similar design as their predecessors despite this being a year of redesign. Historically, Apple refreshes their lineup every other year, but this year is a minor update and next year will be a refresh. Since it is the tenth anniversary of iPhone, they are changing the curved aluminum and glass design for an all-glass phone like the iPhone 4/4S.

New CAD drawings for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus confirm previous sketches

iPhone 7 CAD
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After we posted our thoughts on sketch for the iPhone 7, a full CAD drawing was released that shows the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus from all angles. It matches perfectly to the sketch we shared which leads us to believe that this is the final design for Apple’s next-generation iPhones.

The drawing, which was supposedly sourced from Apple’s casing subcontractor Catcher Technology, shows the design for the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. Starting with the iPhone 7, we see an absent headphone port with a single speaker on the bottom, a single protruding rear camera (with supposedly no metal ring), antenna bands only near the top and bottom edges, and a design very similar to the iPhone 6s. The rear camera is also much larger than the iPhone 6s’ rear camera and it is closer to the left edge. This drawing along with the one from yesterday confirms the dimensions, at least the height and width, will match the iPhone 6s.

In place of the headphone jack, Apple is apparently designing new EarPods that will connect to the iPhone through Bluetooth and the Lightning port.

iPhone 7 CAD

The iPhone 7 will have no headphone jack, a protruding rear camera, and a single speaker on the bottom, via OnLeaks

On the iPhone 7 Plus, we see similar features with no headphone jack, a single speaker on the bottom, and antenna bands only near the top and bottom edges. There is a dual rear camera that is protruding from the phone and three circles near the bottom that are for the Smart Connector.  According a separate report by the KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi-Kuo, the iPhone 7 Plus will be only phone in the September lineup to have the dual-camera module and the phone will have 3GB of RAM to meet their new technology. Kuo’s report agrees with these CAD drawings of the iPhone 7 Plus being the only phone with the special camera.

iPhone 7 CAD

The iPhone 7 Plus will also not have a headphone jack, but it will have a dual rear camera system and a higher amount of RAM, via OnLeaks

Phones that have a dual rear camera deliver better picture quality, especially when the cameras are zoomed in to a far away object. Like our eyes, they can see the same object from different perspectives. This is one way for Apple to increase the picture quality without increasing the camera sensor’s megapixels. The Smart Connector may also be an exclusive feature of the 7 Plus, which will likely be used for smart accessories and wireless charging.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are expected to be announced in September alongside the second-generation Apple Watch.