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Apple launches new Lightning dock for iPhone, iPod touch

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On Tuesday, Apple launched the first Lightning connector dock that is compatible for several generations of iPhone and iPod touch. The iOS device sits upright in the dock as it charges or syncs to your computer. Devices that have an Apple-approved case on them will still be able to dock. The dock is available to ship in one to three business days and it’s on sale for $39.

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The new dock is quite interesting since it works for current and previous generations of iPhone (5, 5c, 5s, 6 and 6 Plus) and iPod touch (5th generation 16GB and 32GB/64GB), but it wasn’t launched when any of these devices were announced. The dock waited several months after the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus until it was made available. The next-generation iPhones (iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus) are expected to be announced in four months so this delayed launching of the dock tells us that the new iPhones will be able to work with the dock. Apple wouldn’t announce an accessory that works with several devices and then four months later take it away since it doesn’t work with the new devices. This shows that the new iPhones will also have the Lightning connector and not USB-C for their charge ports (like the new MacBook).

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In addition, the dock has a Lightning connector on the top (where the iPhone plugs in to), but two ports of the backside (headphones jack and Lightning connector). Apple is using the Lighting connector on the dock for charging, syncing and transferring audio to the headphone jack. This could potential hint that Apple is starting to look at designing headphones that plug into the Lightning port instead of the traditional headphone jack. Last year, it was reported that Apple was working on a version of its headphones with a Lightning connector. These new headphones may see the light of the day at Apple’s announcement in September. Since Apple is also usually first to make significant changes to their products, like removing the disc drive from the MacBook lineup, we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple took away the headphone jack from their iPhones too in the near future.

We imagined removing the headphone jack and make the bottom symmetrical.

Earlier this year, we designed a concept for the iPhone 6s without the 3.5mm headphone jack. This allowed the bottom of the phone to be more symmetrical with stereo speakers. We hope Apple will design a new phone similar to the one we created.

Source: AppAdvice

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Check out the World's Only Wireless Charging Levitating Dock for iPhone

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When you are choosing a dock for your new smartphone, there are a lot of options available. You could go with the classic aluminum, like an EverDock, or perhaps something that has speakers, like an iHome, but I’m sure you’ve never even considered a levitating dock.  A new project on Indiegogo is aiming to give you this third option by providing you with the world’s only floating dock that wirelessly charges your smartphone.


The Levidock is not your ordinary smartphone dock; it uses a patent-pending magnetic technology that levitates the battery disk above the base.  The magnets in the disk and base allow you to use the smartphone while it’s in the dock. The disk will auto-adjust when you’re finished back to its original starting point. To indicate that the disk is centered again, four LED lights will come on.  Whether you have an iPhone 6 or a Galaxy S5, the dock will fit virtually any smartphone in any direction.  The maximum weight is 14 ounces and many smartphones are under this limit.

The Levidock's base is a perfect square.

The Levidock’s base is a perfect square.

The Levidock is the only dock I have seen that will float your smartphone and wirelessly charge it at the same time. I’m not sure if the reason is because floating docks are too difficult to make large scale or if the HOW Levitate team has invented a completely new dock design.  There are many docks that provide wireless charging, but this is the first to allow a space between the phone and the base.  My biggest concern is accidentally hitting the phone too hard and having it fall off the magnet in the base.  Other then this, it seems to be a very creative design.

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 7.42.14 PMThe team at HOW Levitate Industries is looking to raise $1,000 with its Indiegogo campaign by November 2nd, 2014.  To get your hands on your own Levidock, you can reserve one for $99 now and then pay an additional $151 when it ships to you in early 2015.  The second option would be paying $250 for your Levidock in chrome and also receiving a limited edition t-shirt.  This option is one flat charge so there’s no additional payment required when it ships out.  If you are interested in getting a Levidock for free, share the Indiegogo campaign page on your social networks.  For more details about the contest and the project, check out their Indiegogo site.