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Apple releases three new Apple Watch ads

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On Monday, Apple released three new Apple Watch commercials that showcase specific categories of apps: music, fitness and travel. These advertisements follow three others that Apple posted earlier this month for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The first commercial, which is called “Music”, shows off three music apps available on the Apple Watch. We briefly see Shazam, Pacemaker DJ and StubHub.


The second commercial is all about fitness apps available on Apple Watch. In the commercial, which is called “Fitness Apps,” we see several apps with Nike+, WaterMinder and MLB.com being showcased.


The final commercial is entitled “Travel Apps” and as you may have figured, this shows off three travel apps available. We briefly see Expedia, Uber and Yelp on the Apple Watch.


These new videos can also be seen on Apple’s YouTube channel.

Apple airs two new iPhone 6 ads: Gamers and Reservations

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A few days before the official start of the Christmas season, Apple posts two new iPhone 6 ads.  The narrators, like the other commercials we have seen for the iPhone 6, are late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon and singer Justin Timberlake.  They discuss a specific feature of the iPhone in a playful manner. The first one is about gaming and the second is about Continuity.

The first commercial, which is called “Gamers”, focuses on the power of the A8 chip and its gaming abilities.  The application featured is Vainglory.  This game is free on the App Store.


The second commercial, titled “Reservations”, shows off the really cool Continuity feature.  This allows incoming and outgoing phone calls on the iPhone to be answered or started on the iPad and Mac, as long as they are connected to the same iCloud account and running the latest operating systems.


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Check Out the New iPhone 6 Ads!

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The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were officially announced yesterday at Apple’s media event. At the event, they showed off two of their new advertisements for the phones. In case you missed it, due to problems with the live stream, or if you didn’t see the keynote; you can check them out below.


Do you recognize the voices? The first person “singing” is Jimmy Fallon and the second one is Justin Timberlake.  Perhaps the next ad will make it a little more clear:


The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will be available for preorder starting September 12th and then released on September 19th.