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New Upgrade Event Rumored for May 8

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If you have the iPhone 4S or earlier, but you aren’t interested in purchasing the 4.7″ iPhone 6, then Apple’s rumored upgrade event is for you.  The iPhone 5s and 5c are both excellent phones and the iPhone 5s even tied the Samsung Galaxy S5 in a recent showdown (don’t forget, the iPhone is 8 months old).  New York Times also called the iPhone 5s the better smartphone when compared to the Galaxy S5.  Starting May 8, any iPhone upgrade eligible customers can go to the Apple Retail Store and upgrade their device to either the iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c and get a discount when they exchange in their current iPhone.



Faulty iPhone 5 Sleep/Wake Button?

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Does your iPhone 5 suffer from a faulty sleep/wake button? Apple has noticed this trend is affecting a small number of users so they initiated a new program that will fix your iPhone’s button mechanism for free.

iPhone 5 Sleep/Wake Button

iPhone 5 Sleep/Wake Button

If you have noticed the button intermittently stops working or has stopped working altogether, enter your phone’s serial number on this page to determine if you are eligible for the program.  This program is currently only available in the United States and Canada, but Apple is working to bring it to other countries starting May 2.

You have two options for repair: bring in to an Apple Retail Store or ship it to Apple.  The first option requires you to be without your iPhone for 4-6 business days, but Apple will provide you with a 16GB loaner iPhone 5.  The second option will take longer because it requires you send your iPhone to Apple, they determine if your phone is eligible, they repair it and then ship it back to you.

iPhone 6 Concept Based on Leaked Pictures

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MacFan, a Japanese magazine, posted the sketches below of the iPhone 6.  These pictures show two different-sized smartphones, which aligns with the rumor that Apple is working on releasing two models.  The first one is expected to have a 4.7-inch display and the second one, a 5.5-inch display.  According to the images, the devices will be slimmer, flat and bezel-free with a single LED flash and protruding camera (like found on the iPod touch).



iPhone 6 Sketches

iPhone 6 Sketches


These pictures inspired Nowhereelse.fr, a French Apple blog, and Martin Hajek, a graphic designer, to work together and design a very realistic concept for the iPhone 6.  If the leaked image above is actually for the iPhone 6, the concept below is likely to be what the iPhone 6 will look like.  These designs show an iPhone with rounded corners, a sapphire glass back and a rocker-style volume button.

iPhone 6 concept, credit: Nowhereelse.fr

iPhone 6 concept, credit: Nowhereelse.fr


To stay up to date with the latest iPhone 6 rumors, check out the iPhone 6 page and follow us on Twitter. The iPhone is expected to be announced in September alongside iOS 8.

Case Mold for iPhone 6 Leaked

Potential mold for iPhone 6
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A Japanese case maker’s blog recently uploaded the image below, saying that it is the case mold for the iPhone 6.  There is no way to say whether it is really a mold for cases or not, but it does give us perspective on what the next generation iPhone will look like (and it fits in with the rumors).  The display is larger compared to the iPhone 5s, the bezels are thinner and should still be comfortable enough to hold in one hand.  The iPhone 6 is rumored to have a higher resolution display, a much faster A8 processor, an 8MP camera and a thickness of .22 inches.

Potential mold for iPhone 6

Front of case mold for iPhone 6, credit: Bling My Thing

Backside of case mold for iPhone 6

Back of case mold for iPhone 6, credit: Bling My Thing

iPad: Latest Rumors

Credit: iMore
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This past couple of weeks I have written posts about the iPhone 6 and iOS 8, but now it is time for the iPad.  Some rumors came up this week about the 12.9″ iPad (code named iPad pro) and third generation iPad mini won’t be launching until 2015 and the iPad air will have some iPhone 5s improvements.  At this point in time, there are not many rumors for the next generation iPads because they usually don’t launch until October.  With that said, here’s a quick guide to what we know so far about the iPad air, iPad mini and iPad pro.

iPad air 2

The iPad air, credits: Macgasm

The iPad air, credit: Macgasm

This iPad, for those of you who are keeping track, is the iPad 6 (or the sixth generation iPad.)  The redesign of the iPad 5 came with the new name “air” which relates to the lightness and thinness of it.  There’s a lack of rumors for the new iPads, so many of the points will be educated guesses based on Apple’s history.

  • A8 Processor, which is the same processor that will be found in the iPhone 6 (KGI Securities)
  • Touch ID, found on the iPhone 5s (KGI Securities)
  • Similar design
  • Improved internal components
  • Better camera (higher than 5MP)
  • Release date: October 2014, some rumors suggest April or June at WWDC

iPad mini 3

iPad mini with Retina display

iPad mini with Retina display

This will be the third generation iPad mini, but the second one to feature a Retina display.

  • Release date: 2015 (KGI Securities)
  • Touch ID
  • They predict the release date won’t be until 2015 because the iPad mini currently has updated internal components (A7 chip and Retina display) and can survive another year.
  • This reminds me of a rumor saying the iPad mini 2 (the current generation) wouldn’t come out until 2014…but the rumor wasn’t true since it came out in October.

iPad pro

One of the iPad pro concepts sitting next to a MacBook Air.

One of the iPad pro concepts sitting next to a 11″ MacBook Air.

This 12.9″ rumored iPad will be aimed at the education market, business market and at developers creating apps for the iPad.  The larger display will be a hybrid between the laptop and a tablet.  Here are some of the latest rumors:

  • Quad-core A8 Processor, available in 128GB size, arriving in Fall 2014 (Patrick Wang of Evercore Partners)
  • Arriving in 2015 because Apple is busy working on the iWatch (KGI Securities)
  • 64-bit computing with an UHD (ultra-high definition) display (Korea Times)
  • Touch ID, 64-bit A7 or A8 chip (TechRadar)
  • Arriving with late spring/winter or October 2014 release, 2 models (2K display launching in April 2014 and 4K display launching in October) (Pad News)

Other iPad Rumors

iPad 4 and iPad air side by side, credit: iMore

iPad air and iPad 4 side by side, credit: iMore

iPhone 6 Rumors

This design is beautiful and I think the iPhone 6 will look just like this.
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Every year Apple announces a new iPhone, whether it be an upgraded model (#S) or a re-designed model (#), and this year is a re-designed iPhone year.  The iPhone 6 is not only wanted, but it is expected.  There are many rumors about it, ranging from realistic (larger display) to unrealistic (curved glass).  This guide will give you the most up-to-date information about the iPhone 6, updated 02/12/2014.

The iPhone 6




Two models will be available: 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch.

Tech Specs


Here are some recently leaked images of the proposed iPhone 6:

iPhone 6 - LEAK

Credit: MacRumors

This image shows a probable prototype for the iPhone 6. The back of the device (top) has an Apple logo, FCC information, cut out for dual-LED flash (found on iPhone 5s) and camera. The front shows a larger display (around 5.25 inches diagonally), Touch ID on the Home button and thin bezels.

Credit: MacRumors

Here’s another close up of the iPhone 6. This device prominently shows Touch ID on the Home button, the lightning port, the cut outs for the speakers, microphone and headphone jack.  Also, the design is very similar to the iPad air and iPad mini.

iOS 8

  • health and fitness tracking integration
  • Healthbook (new app made by Apple)
  • integration with iWatch
Credit: MacRumors

Credit: MacRumors

Release Date


Credit: MacRumors

Other Rumors

For the latest iPhone 6 rumors, check out our iPhone 6 Rumors page and see Rumors for everything else.

iOS 8: Latest Rumors

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Rumors for the next generation operating system has been increasingly recently.  Likely called iOS 8, based on Apple’s history, it will have a health and fitness focus.  Here is a quick sum up of the rumors (and expectations) of this OS.


photo credits: 9to5Mac

iOS 8

  • health and fitness tracking integration (9to5Mac)
  • “Healthbook” (a new app, like Passbook, from Apple that can monitor and store steps taken, calories burned, miles walked and other fitness statistics in addition to monitor a person’s blood-related data points like glucose levels and heart rate)
  • integration with iWatch
  • new features for Siri, including voices (Macworld UK)
  • no major interface or graphics changes (unlike iOS 7)
  • minor enhancements and bug fixes, like battery bugs
  • will be announced at WWDC in June and then in the Fall with the new iPhones
  • release date (ibtimes): September 17


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I am very excited to say that the blog has now reached 2,000 views. The blog started in September of 2012 and it took a year to get the first thousand. The second thousand was accomplished in a little under 5 months. Thank you so much for reading my blog.

To celebrate this excellent accomplishment, here are the top 5 posts with their respective views.  If you have or haven’t seen these posts, check them out below.  They have been updated with better readability and with recent content.

1. iOS 7 Top Features and iOS 8 Wishlist: 553 views

2. New iPhone Dropped in Water: 92 views

3. EverDock: The Dock for Every Smartphone: 54 views

4. 5 Hidden iOS 7 Features: 53 views

5. iPhone 5C Pics and Specs: 42 views

There is not much in the news for Apple this month as we patiently await for more rumors of the iPhone 6 and iPad air 2. The iPad pro (or larger screen iPad) is expected to be announced at the annual iPad focused event in the Fall. This iPad will have a 12.9 inch display and A8 processor. It will primarily be aimed towards the education markets as a hybrid between the MacBook Air and iPad. IDownloadBlog believes that the display may be used for a Retina MacBook Air because there is no physical evidence for a larger iPad.

VARIUS DOCK: Kickstarter Project

The VARIUS DOCK on Kickstarter.
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There are many docks available on the market, but many are not universal and only work with either the iPhone/iPad or Android.  On Kickstarter, the VARIUS DOCK exists to solve this problem.

[kickstarter url=http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/289346553/varius-dock-for-ipod-iphone-ipad-ipad-mini-and-and width=480]


The VARIUS DOCK is created and designed by Michael and Enblue Technology.  It is elegantly designed and works with all brands (Apple, Samsung, HTC, Kindle and more).  It works with lightning cables (iPhone 5/5s/5c), 30-pin (pre-iPhone 5) and micro-USB (android devices).  The first model, VARIUS DOCK SINGLE X1, is a dock for one.  It works for holding tablets, smartphones and phablets.  This model comes with a USB wall charger and tablet support inlay.  The second model, VARIUS DOCK DUAL X2, is the dock for two.  It comes with two slots for two different slots to charge and sync your devices at the same time.  Although they might not like it, you can charge an iPhone 5s in the front slot and a Samsung Galaxy S4 in the back slot.  This model comes with a USB cable, wall charge and tablet support inlay.

Colors Available

The available finishes on the VARIUS DOCK: gold, silver, white, black, walnut, oaktree and bamboo.

The available finishes on the VARIUS DOCK: gold, silver, white, black, walnut, oaktree and bamboo.

All models are compatible with iOS 7.  They are made out of either a single block of aircraft aluminum or the finest hardwood.  There are seven finishes available: black (aluminum), silver (aluminum), white (aluminum), walnut, oaktree, bamboo and of course, gold.  Each model comes with a wall charger made for Samsung and Apple.  The gold one is plated with real gold.

How to Pledge

The project is looking for $50,000 by Saturday, February 8 at 1am EST.  It currently has 21 backers with $2,235 pledged.  If the project gets the funding by the end date, the docks will be delivered by the end of April.  The minimum pledge is $1. The single pack, X1, (surface of your choice, except gold, adapters, cable and charger included) is $69.  The dual pack, X2, is $79.  If gold is the one you want, you can play $499 for the X1 and $549 for the X2.  You can pledge your amount here.

The VARIUS DOCK looks perfect next to the iMac like it was made by Apple.

The VARIUS DOCK looks perfect next to the iMac like it was made by Apple.

Thank you for reading my blog.  This year we expect an iPhone 6, iPad air 2 and the iWatch.  To stay up to date with the latest rumors, check out the rumor page.

Motivation to Exercise This Year

Credit: Examiner.com
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It has been a few days since the new year has started and many New Year’s resolutions that were made might seem to be nearly impossible.  The number one New Year’s resolution is to exercise because the holidays always take a toll on people’s bodies. With delicious treats like gingerbread and pumpkin pie, it is hard to say no to a second or third helping.  To keep you motivated in your New Year’s resolutions, there are some excellent apps on the App Store and Google Play (for our Android users).  My New Year’s resolution in 2013 was to exercise and I exercised the entire year.  To take it a step further this year, my resolution is to exercise at least twice a week and these are the apps that I will be using to help me accomplish this:

1. Lift – Daily Motivation by Lift Worldwide

20140104-125223.jpgThis app is excellent motivation for any goal.  Choose from hundreds of plans; including exercise, drink more water and spend less time on Facebook.  Once you decide on a plan, you’ll see you are not alone in your plan.  Many of them have thousands of participants that you can connect to.  Set a goal, like exercise, and make it your priority for 21 days (the time it takes the average person to make something into a habit) with this app.  Lift is free on the App Store and Google Play.



The POPSUGAR Active app is a great exercising app that makes any workout fun.  Discover new workouts (yoga, strength training, running, etc.), save workouts and create custom routines, download workouts for offline viewing, schedule workouts directly into your calendar and more.  The workouts either come with a video that makes you feel like you are part of the class or a step-by-step guide that moves at your own pace.  For exercising apps, this one covers a broad range of exercises. POPSUGAR Active is free on the App Store and Google Play.

3. Fooducate by Fooducate Ltd.


Fooducate has to be the best app on the App Store that tells you more information about the food you have in front of you.  It can be used to track your meals and exercise, personalize your weight loss goal and help you achieve it.  I rather use the app to find out how healthy my food is and what are some better alternatives.  Scan any product to reveal if any ingredients are genetically modified, if there is excessive sugar present, additives and preservatives, vitamins, good fats and more.  The app not only identifies the negative aspects of the food, but the positive aspects too.  The food is graded on a scale with “A” being the highest depending on nutrition and ingredients.  Fooducate is free on the App Store and Google Play.

For more great exercising apps, check out RunKeeper (App Store and Google Play), 7 Minutes by Lolo (App Store) and MyFitnessPal (App Store and Google Play).

Download these three apps and you will be on your way to a healthier 2014 full of exercising.  Many New Year’s resolutions don’t survive the first month, but it is time we change this.  Stick to your New Year’s resolutions so when Christmas comes around, you can indulge without having to worry about the effect on your body.   Good luck and enjoy your 2014.