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9.7″ iPad Pro to have 12MP camera, shoot 4K video

iPad Pro camera, credit: Apple
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At the rumored special media event on March 21st, Apple is planning to release another 9.7″ iPad but it won’t be the iPad Air 3. Apparently this iPad name is retiring and they are going with “Pro” from now on. The 9.7″ iPad Pro will have the same specs as the current iPad Pro, minus the difference in display size, and have an upgraded camera system.

iPad Pro camera, credit: Apple

iPad Pro camera, credit: Apple

According to Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac, there are prototypes circulating around Apple of the smaller iPad Pro with a higher megapixel rear camera. The current 12.9″ iPad Pro has an 8MP rear camera and the prototypes for the 9.7″ iPad Pro have a 12MP rear camera and the ability to shoot 4K video like the iPhone 6s. The front camera will also be HD, but the post doesn’t specify which quality of HD (720p or 1080p).

The smaller iPad Pro (we are calling it the iPad Pro mini) will also have the A9X processor, quad speakers, Smart Connector and support for the Apple Pencil. The company is working on a smaller version of the Smart Keyboard which is expected to be announced with the iPad on March 21st.

via 9to5Mac

9.7″ iPad Pro coming in Spring, not ‘iPad Air 3’

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The iPad Air 3, which was what we expected Apple to call the next-generation 9.7″ tablet, is no longer going to be an “Air” but a “Pro.” A report on 9to5Mac suggests that Apple will be dropping the “Air” name from their iPad lineup and instead offering the tablet as a smaller version of the iPad Pro.


Citing sources familiar with the matter, the next-generation 9.7″ iPad will be part of the iPad Pro lineup. Rumors still point to specs matching that of the iPad Pro: A9X processor, dual-speaker system and support for Apple’s smart accessories. The iPad Pro will work with the pressure-sensitive Apple Pencil and have a Smart Connector for a smaller version of Apple’s Smart Keyboard. Their new keyboard will be announced at the event alongside the tablet.

The iPad Pro (mini??) will have the same color options, same storage sizes and same cellular models as the current iPad Pro, but it will be priced more closely to the iPad Air 2. Apple has also been winding down production for the iPad mini 2 and iPad Air (1st gen.) so these will probably be discontinued soon. In addition, the iPad Air 2 will probably see a drop in price and be discontinued in the fall.

The new 9.7″ iPad Pro will be announced alongside the rumored iPhone SE and new Apple Watch bands at a special media event on March 15th with the release date for all new products planned for March 18th.

iPad Pro: 12.9″ display, 64GB min. storage, price near $1K

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At Apple’s special media event tomorrow, the long-rumored iPad Pro will finally be announced. This tablet, which is significantly larger than the iPad Air 2, will be a hybrid device between the iPad and Mac. The internal specifications and software will be similar to the iPad, but there will be exclusive features, pricing and accessory hardware that makes it comparable to the Mac.

Dimensions for iPad Pro

Dimensions for iPad Pro

Apple’s new iPad, which will reportedly be called the “iPad Pro,” will have a much larger display with an all-new design and faster internal components. The iPad’s display, which is 12.9 inches, fits perfectly between the new 12-inch MacBook and 13-inch MacBook Pro display. The tablet will be 7.2mm thick with four stereo speakers and a single Lightning port. Apple added support to the tablet for a pressure-sensitive stylus and keyboard attachment which will either be available as a case or as a separate unit (similar to Apple’s current wireless keyboard.) Contrary to what some rumors have said, these accessories are optional and will not be included with the iPad. For internal components, the tablet is powered by the A9X processor with a Bluetooth and NFC chip on the inside. There will also be both Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi + Cellular models available with the normal iPad colors: space gray, gold and silver. Finally, the iPad storage capacity will start at 64GB instead of the normal 16GB.

The iPad Pro will have significant advantages over the current iPad lineup due to its display size. It is reported that iPad will have support for multitasking with two full-sized portrait apps running side-by-side in addition to some other features. The iPad will also be released running iOS 9.1, which is expected to come out in October.

The announcement date for the iPad Pro is currently tomorrow, September 9th, while the pre-order date won’t be until October and the release date in late November. Pricing will obviously be higher than the iPad Air lineup with some cellular models going for more than $1,000.

Two reports claim iPad Pro coming in October alongside iPad mini 4

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This past week, two new reports came out about the iPad lineup with details for the release date of each model. The iPad Pro, which has been rumored for years, will finally be announced alongside the iPad mini 4 in October. The iPad Air 3 will apparently be put off until 2016. The first report comes to us from Economic Daily News and cites their source as an analyst so it’s based on someone’s thoughts versus someone actually working within the company. The second one, which is from DigiTimes, cites inside sources so it’s more likely to be correct.

A concept by Martin Hajek for the iPad Pro vs the iPad Air

Economic Daily News reports that Apple will be launching the iPad Pro and iPad mini 4 in October, as anticipated, but will hold off on the iPad Air 3 to focus their efforts on the larger tablet. The iPad Air 3 will wait until 2016 to get updated. It also says the fourth generation of the iPad mini will be final generation as Apple plans to discontinue it in favor of other similar products, like the iPhone 6 Plus with 5.5″ display. Apple may be seeing cannibalization in sales with their iPhone lineup versus the iPad lineup. The iPad mini used to be thought of as a smaller iPad, but now it’s more of a larger iPhone 6 Plus. I have both the iPhone 6 Plus and the iPad mini 2, but I don’t use my tablet as much as I did when I had the 4″ iPhone 5. The 6 Plus could replace the iPad mini or the mini could be used in conjunction with a smaller iPhone. If Apple comes out with the rumored 4″ iPhone 6c then perhaps the iPad mini would continue to have a place. Currently, I highly doubt Apple will discontinuing any iPad model any time soon and I doubt they would skip updating the iPad Air.

For the second report, DigiTimes writes that the iPad Pro will be announced in October and then released in mid-November. Apple is apparently “cautious” about placing orders so they are waiting until September for suppliers to start producing parts. Current rumors suggest the iPad Pro will have a 12.9″ Force Touch display with A9 processor and 2GB of RAM. It is also rumored to come with Apple’s first stylus, a USB-C port and NFC connectivity.

iPad Pro Mockup: Martin Hajek

Sources: Economic Daily News and DigiTimes

iOS 9 code hints at larger iPad Pro with 12.93″ displays

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A Taiwanese iOS developer named Hiraku Wang discovered code inside iOS 9 that suggests the long-rumored iPad Pro will have a display of 2732×2048 pixels which is 264 pixels per inch (ppi). This pixel density matches perfectly to the iPad Air’s density of 264 ppi. The source of our information, which comes from MacRumors, suggests that a display with this amount of pixels would mean the device’s display would measure 12.93″ diagonally. The iPad Pro is rumored to have a 12.9″ display so this very well could be proof that the tablet does exist (and is coming).

iPad Pro concept, credit: Martin Hajek

iPad Pro concept, credit: Martin Hajek

This wasn’t the first time updated software has hinted towards future Apple technology. In June of 2014, following WWDC 2014 and the release of Xcode 6, developers discovered they could adjust the size of the iOS Simulator to displays larger than the 4″ iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. This was believed to hint towards larger iPhones and two months later, Apple announced the 4.7″ iPhone 6 and 5.5″ iPhone 6 Plus.

The rumored 12.9″ iPad Pro is expected to be powered by the A9 processor, have the Apple Watch’s Force Touch display and come with a pressure-sensitive Bluetooth stylus. We expect it to be announced in the fall.

Sources: MacRumors

Rumor Roundup: iPad Pro dimensions, redesigned Apple TV remote and iOS 9 details

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This past week, more rumors for 12.9″ iPad Pro, fourth-generation Apple TV and next-generation operating system, called iOS 9, came out. The operating system and Apple TV are expected to be announced at WWDC next month and the iPad will likely come out alongside the iPad Air 3 and iPad mini 4 in the fall.


A new picture of an iPad Pro rendering leaked the dimensions of the tablet in addition a report that gave us more details about the display and optional stylus. It will have a 12.9″ display and measure 12″ x 8.5″ x .28″ (or 7.2mm). The display is expected to have borrow the Apple Watch’s Force Touch technology, similar to what we expect on the iPhone 6s. AppleInsider, who spoke with someone familiar with Apple’s plans for this information, didn’t specify how it would work, but we anticipate the display to distinguish between a small part of the finger and the entire finger pad. This would work the same way the iPhone 6s Force Touch display is rumored to work, as compared to the Apple Watch which responds differently with a tap than with a deep press. In addition, the optional stylus will use Bluetooth to connect to the iPad and a pressure-sensitive tip. The source also said that the iPad will use the NFC radio so it would be able to accept Apple Pay if businesses use the tablet to replace their registers.


More details about the fourth-generation Apple TV‘s new box and more tactile remote came out in a report in The New York Times. The box is expected to be a lot slimmer and look less like a square hockey puck. The remote, however, is the interesting part since it has not changed its design since the first generation Apple TV, which was released in 2007. The remote control will be slightly thicker, but gain a touchpad and drop down to two physical buttons from three. The touchpad will be used for scrolling around and will likely replace the ring of directional buttons on the current Apple TV remote.


Finally, a little bit of information came out on 9to5Mac for the next-generation operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, code-named “Monarch”.  iOS 9 will be primarily focused on bug fixes, performance enhancements and security improvements so don’t expect too much in terms of new features. The report said that Siri will get a slight redesign to be more colorful like what we see on the Apple Watch and there were also be new wallpapers added with the default one made up of green and blue colors.

All of these rumors, in addition to any new ones we hear, are first updated on the Rumors page for each respective device. Please check out our other pages for the iPhone 6s, iPad mini 4 and iPhone 6c.

Sources: AppleInsider, The New York Times, 9to5Mac


New rumors suggest iPad Pro production pushed back to September

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Production for the long-rumored iPad Pro, or iPad Air Plus, has been pushed back yet again to September. We expected to see it at the Spring event next Monday, but according to Bloomberg and Digitimes, production will start around the time the next-generation iPhone comes out.

A concept by Martin Hajek for the iPad Pro vs the iPad Air

A concept by Martin Hajek for the iPad Pro vs the iPad Air

These two reports say that production for the iPad Pro will start in third quarter of 2015. Bloomberg cites people with knowledge of the matter, while Digitimes cites panel supply chain sources. The reason for the delay this time is due to the supply of display panels. Digitimes says that Apple had decided to go with an Oxide LCD display with Sharp as the main supplier. This type of display allows for a higher resolution and quicker response time.

Both reports agree that the iPad Pro display size will be 12.9″ as compared to the 12.2″ that other reports have suggested.

Sales for iPad have declined for the past four quarters so CEO Tim Cook is hoping that a larger tablet will be able to reinvigorate the product line. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Apple is considering adding USB ports onto the iPad and allow input with a keyboard and mouse. This tablet would then be akin to the Microsoft Surface Pro.

The iPad Pro Rumors page has been updated with this information and we expect to see the iPad in Fall 2015.

Analyst predicts Apple will sell stylus with iPad Pro

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The long-rumored iPad Pro, which is said to finally be released this year, might come with a new accessory that Steve Jobs stood against for years.  According to a new report by KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will offer their own stylus as an optional accessory to work with the iPad due to its larger 12″ screen size of it. The stylus will likely be marketed mainly with the iPad Pro, but it will work on all of their touchscreen devices.

Apparently, iPad Pro users will want a stylus.

Apparently, iPad Pro users will want a stylus.

The report goes on to give a few technical specifications for the stylus. Kuo believes that it will charge with a Lightning cable since wireless charging would be too expensive, especially for the first generation.  Apple may seek to tweak the design and allow wireless charging on future generations. Kuo also believes that future generations will see a gyroscope accelerometer that would allow users to write on any surface or the air.

The iPad Pro and this newly rumored stylus will launch around the same time, likely in the second or third quarter of the year. We will probably see the Apple Watch in March and the iPad Pro sometime over the summer before Back-to-School season.

New report shows blueprint for iPad Air Plus and release date

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The 12.2″ iPad that Apple is rumored to be working on was thought to be named the “iPad Pro”, but according to a new report by Mac Fan, it will actually be called the “iPad Air Plus.”  In addition, they have leaked schematics and tech specs for the tablet with the first blueprint we have seen.


The iPad Air Plus will be powered by the new A9 Processor, which is a chip that we haven’t seen yet.  The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus come with the A8 processor and iPad Air 2 comes with the A8X processor. We anticipate the A9 processor will power the iPhone 6s, but Apple typically adds the chip to the iPhone before the iPad.  Since the iPad Air Plus will be marketed as a hybrid device between the Mac and iPad, it may need the more efficient and higher-powered processor. Although they probably won’t call it “A9” because this chip will also be in the new iPhone. If they want to advertise performance and compare it to a Mac, they may go with “A9X” or something similar. That way the processor is better then the iPhone 6s processor because it needs to be.

In addition, the schematics show us the dimensions of the iPad.  The thickness will be 7mm, which has already been rumored by a report on MacOtakara, and be 305.31mm by 220.8mm. This calculates out to 12.02 inches in height and 8.7 inches in width.  It will be about half a millimeter thinner than the iPhone 5/5s.  The tablet will also have four stereo speakers to provide great sound quality in every orientation (landscape or portrait).

The report concludes with the release date for the iPad Air Plus. It is expected to be announced in the second quarter of 2015, or some time between April and June.

New details reveal updated specs for iPad Pro

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The larger iPad, called the iPad Pro, was expected to be announced at Apple’s October 16th event but due to setbacks it won’t be announced until early 2015.  According to a new report by MacOtakara, the tablet will have a 12.2″ display, stereo speakers and be advertised in landscape instead of the traditional portrait view for the current iPad.

One of the iPad pro concepts sitting next to a MacBook Air, credit: MacRumors.

One of the iPad pro concepts sitting next to a MacBook Air, credit: MacRumors.

Many large publications have agreed the iPad Pro would have a 12.9″ display, but MacOtakara claims Apple has decided on something smaller. The iPad mini has a display size of 7.9″, the iPad Air of 9.7″, the MacBook Air of 11″ and MacBook Pro of 13″.  The iPad Pro is now rumored to have a 12.2″ display. This would put it between the smallest MacBook Air and smallest MacBook Pro.

The iPad Pro will also be adopting the stereo speakers from the iPad mini and have a thickness of 7mm.  This depth is slightly less then the iPhone 5s (7.6mm).

The current iPads are displayed in a portrait view (Home button on bottom, Sleep/Wake button on top, dock at bottom for apps, etc.), but the report says Apple will advertise the iPad Pro in landscape view.  Now the Home button will be on the side, the Sleep/Wake button on the reverse side and the dock of apps still at the bottom.  It would act more like a laptop, but still be a tablet (similar to the Microsoft Surface Pro lineup). The above picture showing a concept has the iPad Pro in landscape view.

The iPad Pro may be announced at an iPod/Apple Watch event in early 2015.