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More alleged cases for iPad Pro leak online

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Earlier today, Sonny Dickson got his hands on a few alleged cases for Apple’s latest rumored tablet, the iPad Pro. The pictures show a design similar to that of the iPad Air 2. The rumored iPad Pro is expected to have a display size measuring between 12.2″ and 12.9″, which is substantially larger than the other iPads available.


These alleged cases for the iPad Pro show us that the tablet will look like the iPad Air 2 (thin casing with thin bezels) with a few extra features due to the larger size. Like the iPad Air 2, the camera will be on the back left of the tablet, the headphone jack on the top right and a microphone in the place of the ring/silent switch.  The iPad Pro is rumored to come with four speakers, which each pictured case has a space for (two on top and two on bottom) and dual charge ports (one on the bottom and one on the side) for either Lightning or USB-C. The tablet is also rumored to be powered by the triple-core A8X processor, which is found in the iPad Air 2, and measure about 7mm thin.


It is unclear if these cases were created because of the latest rumors (and leaked blueprints) for the iPad Pro or if the case manufacturers were given exact specifications by Apple. Chinese case manufacturers have created cases before ahead of product launches and sometimes they are on par, like with the iPhone 6, and sometimes they are way off, like with the teardrop-shaped iPhone 5.

The iPad Pro is expected to launch in the fall alongside the fourth generation iPad mini and third generation iPad Air.

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Source: Sonnydickson.com

Another case for the iPad Pro is leaked

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Over the weekend, the French blog Nowhereelse.fr posted a few pictures of another alleged case for the iPad Pro and some new details about the tablet. We have yet to see any hard evidence, like leaked internal components or dummy units, but Nowhereelse.fr seems to keep getting their hands on iPad Pro cases.

The alleged case for the iPad Pro

The alleged case for the iPad Pro, credit: Nowhereelse.fr

This cases comes to the French blog from a Chinese catalog that sells other cases for Apple devices. In the picture, they compare a case for the iPad Air 2 inside and next to the case for the iPad Pro. The larger tablet is rumored to have four speakers (two on top and two on bottom), a 12.2-inch display and a similar design to the iPad Air. The case in the picture has an exposed top and bottom so it’s hard to tell if there are four speakers or the case is just designed to be open. On the left side, there are cutouts for the volume controls and mute switch and the one on the back is for the camera.

The iPad Air case vs. the iPad Pro case

The iPad Air case vs. the iPad Pro case

The French blog goes on to say that the latest news reveals the iPad Pro will be coming out in late March/early April.  Recent rumors have also suggested that Apple is also planning a special media event around this time to announce the release date for the Apple Watch. It is very possible that Apple may be holding an event in late March for the Apple Watch launch and to announce the new iPad Pro together.  Other rumors have suggested a new 12-inch MacBook Air may come out soon so this might be mentioned at the event too.

A concept by Martin Hajek for the iPad Pro vs the iPad Air

A concept by Martin Hajek for the iPad Pro vs. the iPad Air vs. iPad mini

The iPad Pro is expected to come with a triple-core A9 processor, 2GB of RAM, Touch ID, an optional stylus and be aimed at enterprise and education markets.

New report's pictures of iPad Pro prototype reveal actual design

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A promising article on a Dutch Apple blog was posted Sunday that claimed to have pictures of a prototype for the iPad Pro. The source of these pictures was an “anonymous source with connections at Apple.”  After viewing the post, 9to5Mac and even the own author concluded that the pictures were not real. They don’t exactly match up to the previously leaked images that we have seen: alleged rendering taken from inside Foxconn and leaked schematics. They do, however, match up to something else.


Left side of the fake iPad Pro prototype

Even though two blogs have confirmed that these images do not show a real iPad Pro, let’s theorize for a second on the design. The top image shows an iPad with elongated volume controls, a microphone next to the camera and the Lock button on top. The image below shows the iPad with a Lightning charge port on the right side (or the left if you are holding the tablet with screen facing you).

Here we have the right side of the fake iPad Pro prototype

Right side of the fake iPad Pro prototype

This design looks awfully similar to another leaked image that we saw recently. The image below, which shows an alleged iPad Pro case, has a hole on the left side too. This could lead us to theorize that the hole in the case is for the Lightning charge port.

Credit: Nowhereelse.fr

Credit: Nowhereelse.fr

Based on what we have seen so far, I conclude that the fake iPad Pro prototype was likely the basis for the design of the above case. So if the prototype isn’t real, we can say that the above case isn’t real also. The case and prototype contradict leaked schematics we saw in late November that show the “2015 iPad” without a second Lightning charge port. These schematics correlate with a rendering we have also seen (see both below). They share a few similarities: recessed volume controls, nine speaker holes and a microphone above the volume controls.  The fake iPad Pro prototype shows only five speaker holes and no microphone above the volume controls. We can further theorize that the rendering and leaked schematics show the same tablet, likely the real design for the iPad Pro, while the case and prototype show a different tablet with a design Apple chose not to pursue.

Rendering of the iPad Pro taken from inside of Foxconn

Rendering of the iPad Pro taken from inside of Foxconn

Schematics for the iPad Pro

Schematics for the iPad Pro

New render of rumored iPad Pro posted online

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The iPad Pro, which was also referred to as the iPad Air Plus, has a new leaked image that suggests Apple is planning on releasing the tablet this year and mass production will begin very soon. From inside Foxconn, one of the workers quickly snapped a picture of a render for the larger-screened iPad.

The iPad Pro picture comes to us from Nowhereelse.fr (English translation). According to them, the picture comes from the same source that showed off the correct iPhone 6 renders before it was released last year.  The site believes that with little doubt these renders show the actual iPad.ipadprosketch-800x385

The render shows a tablet with a similar design to the iPad Air 2. Although all we can see is a corner of the device, this does confirm a few details about its design. For starters, we see the recessed volume control on the right side with a microphone in place of the mute/ring switch (which is consistent with the design of the iPad Air 2), a camera with second microphone, the lock button and speaker grill of nine holes. On the iPad Air 2, there are two speaker grills at the bottom of the tablet with fourteen holes each.  The iPad Pro is rumored to have four speakers, with two on the top and two at the bottom. This image confirms at least one speaker and we know when there’s one, there’s a second one right next to it. The render shows curved edges, like the iPad Air 2. Finally, the source of image claims that the tablet will be between 6.9mm and 7.5mm.

There are no more details about the dimension of the tablet, but a blueprint in November revealed it would be 305.31mm by 220.8mm with a thickness of 7mm. This blueprint suggested it would have four speakers too.

The release date is currently unknown for the iPad Pro, but a KGI Securities analyst and the mentioned blueprint above suggest the second quarter of this year. So between April and June (right before WWDC 2015).

New report shows blueprint for iPad Air Plus and release date

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The 12.2″ iPad that Apple is rumored to be working on was thought to be named the “iPad Pro”, but according to a new report by Mac Fan, it will actually be called the “iPad Air Plus.”  In addition, they have leaked schematics and tech specs for the tablet with the first blueprint we have seen.


The iPad Air Plus will be powered by the new A9 Processor, which is a chip that we haven’t seen yet.  The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus come with the A8 processor and iPad Air 2 comes with the A8X processor. We anticipate the A9 processor will power the iPhone 6s, but Apple typically adds the chip to the iPhone before the iPad.  Since the iPad Air Plus will be marketed as a hybrid device between the Mac and iPad, it may need the more efficient and higher-powered processor. Although they probably won’t call it “A9” because this chip will also be in the new iPhone. If they want to advertise performance and compare it to a Mac, they may go with “A9X” or something similar. That way the processor is better then the iPhone 6s processor because it needs to be.

In addition, the schematics show us the dimensions of the iPad.  The thickness will be 7mm, which has already been rumored by a report on MacOtakara, and be 305.31mm by 220.8mm. This calculates out to 12.02 inches in height and 8.7 inches in width.  It will be about half a millimeter thinner than the iPhone 5/5s.  The tablet will also have four stereo speakers to provide great sound quality in every orientation (landscape or portrait).

The report concludes with the release date for the iPad Air Plus. It is expected to be announced in the second quarter of 2015, or some time between April and June.

Rumor Roundup: iPad Pro, New iOS 8 Feature, iPhone 6 Dimensions

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Here are the latest iOS rumors from this past week:

Dummy Model for iPad Pro Surfaces

In addition to two new larger iPhones, Apple is expected to update its iPad lineup with the iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3 and a new 12.9-inch iPad Pro.  This larger tablet has been rumored for a while and may have a release date in late 2014 or early 2015.  Nowhereelse.fr found pictures on Weibo, a Chinese micro-blogging site, that claim to be an aluminum dummy model of the iPad Pro.  There is no way to confirm if the picture is legitimate or the size of the model.  The rumored size is 12.9 inches, which is high above the 9.7″ iPad Air and a little below the 13″ MacBook Air.  The picture shows the Apple logo facing the correct direction for an iPad; on computers the apple’s leaf is facing on the longest side.  Also, there is an indentation for a camera on the top left and microphone on the top center.    The iPad Pro is rumored to feature the A8 Processor, an ultra-high definition Retina display and have the same design as the iPad Air.

iPad Pro mockup?

iPad Pro mockup?