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iPad Pro 2 Allegedly Shown Off in New Photos

iPad Pro 2
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After being announced nearly a year ago, the 12.9″ iPad Pro is expected to be updated with the second generation in the fall. There have been little to no rumors for the new tablet, but AppleInsider anonymously received a set of pictures that claim to show the next generation iPad Pro.

iPad Pro 2

Two alleged photos for the next-generation iPad Pro, credit: AppleInsider

The pictures allegedly show the About section of the Settings app on both the white and black versions of the iPad Pro 2. The pictures do not reveal the design, but the model number, storage capacity, and operating system are shown. The model number is MH1C2CD/F which is not assigned to any current or previous iPad models. Its layout has the same style as other iPad generations with the right amount of letters, numbers, and symbols.

The storage capacity, though, raises a red flag that may disprove the authenticity of these pictures. It claims that the capacity is around 12GB, which is the amount of storage available after the operating system. This makes sense for a 16GB device, but the current iPad Pro starts at 32GB. An iPad with 32GB and only 12GB of available storage would mean that 20GB that is used for software. This is quite high even for prototype device.

The iPad is also running iOS 10 with a build number that corresponds to the developer’s second beta version. This beta was released in early July and has since been replaced by two beta versions.

It is difficult to confirm the legitimacy of these pictures with only the Settings app shown. However, the model number and software version are accurate with current Apple devices.

Apple is expected to release a second generation iPad Pro, likely called the “iPad Pro 2,” with the A10X processor and better specifications. It will hopefully adopt the True Tone Display and other features of the 9.7″ iPad Pro.