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Buzzfeed reports iPhone 6s and Apple TV event to be held on Sept. 9th

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In a new report by Buzzfeed News, the next major Apple event is supposedly planned for the week of September 7th with Wednesday being the date of the event. Citing sources familiar with Apple’s plans, Apple will be showing off the new iPhone 6s, Apple TV and iPad lineup.

The invitation for the iPhone 6 event last year

The invitation for the iPhone 6 event last year

Buzzfeed News reports that Apple is currently aiming for September 9th as their next major announcement date. Typically Apple holds iPhone events following the end of the Back to School sale, but this year the iPad and iPhone do not qualify as part of the discount instead only certain Macs do. We calculated that Apple, based on previous years, would be holding the event on Tuesday, September 8th, which is the same Tuesday as last year minus a day. Buzzfeed says that will be pushing the announcement date to a Wednesday instead.

At the event, the iPhone 6s, 4th generation Apple TV and next-generations iPads will be announced. The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, which will have the same design as their predecessors, will have a 12MP rear camera, pressure-sensitive Force Touch display and be powered by the A9 processor in addition to other internal updates. The 4th generation Apple TV will feature a complete redesign in terms of hardware and software with a slimmer box, a touchpad remote and support for Siri and an App Store.


Leaked iPhone 6s rear shell, credit: 9to5Mac

Buzzfeed also says that Apple is currently planning on announcing the new iPads at the traditionally iPhone-only event. For the iPad mini 4, we expect it to mirror the iPad Air 2 with the A8 processor, thinner body and 8MP rear camera. This may also be the last generation of iPad mini before Apple discontinues it. Little is known about the iPad Air 3, but we figure Apple will retain the same design and update internal specifications. Sources tell Buzzfeed that the iPad Pro is a “wildcard” meaning it may or may not be announced at the event in September. It’s a new product for Apple since it will be the first tablet with a 12.9″ display, four stereo speakers and even—gasp—a stylus. It will also have a USB port in addition to its Lightning port.

If Apple is indeed planning to announce the iPad lineup in September, instead of their usual date of October, this event may be the last one of the year. We have already seen the Apple Watch, new Macs, new iPods and in September we will see the iPhones, iPads and Apple TV. What else is there?

Report claims iPad mini 4 coming in early 2015 and will replace two generations

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In October, Apple refreshed their iPad lineup with the introduction of iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3.  The Air gained many improvements, like a thinner body, Touch ID, more efficient A8X processor and higher storage capacity, while the mini only received a couple updates.  We concluded that either Apple was discontinuing the iPad mini or they wanted to differentiate the two products since they are practically the same tablet with two sizes of displays.  Mac Fan is posting some details for the iPad Air Plus in their magazine for January and also claiming the iPad mini 4 will be coming out in the Spring, supporting our theory that Apple wants to differentiate the mini.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 6.22.54 PM

The iPad mini 4 will be receiving the updates it should have received in October.  The processor powering the tablet will be upgraded to the A8X processor, like the iPad Air 2 and unlike the iPad mini 3.  It will also receive the same design that the Air 2 has and the tablet will replace the iPad mini 1st generation and iPad mini 3rd generation.  The iPad mini 4 will come out alongside the iPad Air Plus in the Spring.

It appears that instead of discontinuing the iPad mini, Apple is looking to change the release date so it will be viewed differently than the iPad Air.  Since they are virtually the same tablet with different screen sizes, Apple did not update the iPad mini in October so the Air looks like the superior product. It has the better processor and camera, faster Wi-Fi connection and more features.  When the mini is updated in the Spring, it will look like a better product, but in reality, it will be the same as the iPad Air. Perhaps with six months between the two tablets, they will appear different. Personally, I have the iPad 3 and iPad mini 2, but I prefer my mini.  My full-sized iPad doesn’t have much of a need since my Mac does the same things and it’s a lot more powerful.  My iPhone still has a small screen (iPhone 5) so that’s where my mini comes in.