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New iPad Air 2 ad: "Make a film with iPad"

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During the Oscars on Sunday night, Apple aired a new commercial for the iPad Air 2 called “Make a film with iPad.”  They filmed (on an iPad Air 2) students at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts using their iPads to create, write, shoot, edit and score films. The narrator is Martin Scorsese.


Apple has a dedicated section on the App Store that shows off some great apps that can be used to create brilliant films.  There are apps for writing the script, filming, recording sound and creating a special look.

On a side note, if I wanted to film myself painting, I would make sure I had a case on my iPad so it wouldn’t get covered in paint :).

Let's hope it is washable paint.

I hope it is washable paint.

New iPad Air 2 ad: "Make Music"

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Apple has come out with a second commercial that is solely dedicated to the iPad Air 2. This one, which definitely varies from “Change”, features recording artist Elliphant writing, producing and performing the remix for ‘All or Nothing.’  The footage was recorded with the iPad Air 2.


In the video above, the following apps are shown off:

New iPad Air 2 ad: "Change"

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Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 7.11.33 PM

Apple is starting a new advertisement campaign for the iPad Air 2, which shows many people using their tablets in unique ways.  Unlike their previous “Your Verse” campaign, they show a lot of people and apps being used.  “Your Verse” followed one person’s story, like how the Yaoband from China use their iPad to capture, record and perform their songs.  The “Change” campaign is going in a new direction with interesting special effects.

Apple split the following video into two 30-second commercials that were first aired on December 7th, 2014.  In addition to showing us applications, they play with the thinness of the tablet and go in a new direction in terms of ads.  The video gets thinner as white bars fill the top and bottom.  At around 45 seconds, the video turns into the size of the tablet and it is switched and moved around.


It’s a very interesting commercial and it gets difficult to see the apps featured towards the end, but it definitely gets Apple’s point across. The iPad Air 2 has changed and their new advertisements have changed.  I’m thinking that there’s a lot more change coming too.