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iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 Event Rumored for October 16th

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It’s roughly a year after the iPad Air and Retina iPad mini were revealed which means new iPads are coming.  According to a report by Re/Code, Apple is planning on holding an event on October 16th to announce the next-generation iPads.  We expect the second-generation iPad Air, third-generation Retina iPad mini, release date for OS X Yosemite and potentially Retina iMacs.

Dummy unit of iPad Air 2 from June 2014.

Dummy unit of iPad Air 2 from June 2014.

The new iPad Air and Retina iPad mini will feature a similar design as their predecessors, but they may be slightly slimmer and have other subtle changes.  In the late summer, we saw rear shells for the Air with a recessed volume controls and a relocated microphone hole.  It will be moving from the top center of the tablet to right next to the camera.  The bottom of the Air will have a new speaker grill with a single row of large holes instead of two rows of smaller holes.  Also, Apple Pay is rumored to work on the iPad so both models should be getting Touch ID.

It was rumored last month that the iPad Air will be the only tablet in attendance at the announcement, with the new Retina iPad mini waiting until next year to be announced. This rumor suggests that this event will reveal the iPad Air 2, OS X Yosemite release date and updated computers, while there will be an event early next year for the iPad Pro and Retina iPad mini.  Since they announced the miniature version of the iPad, both models have been announced together. It seems unlikely for them to split it up unless a larger iPad is in the works and they need a second product to announce at the event next year.  Although it would be weird having a 7.9″ iPad announced alongside a 12.9″ iPad, but that’s not the point.

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New iPads Begin Production with Anti-Reflective Coating

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Although we have been primarily focusing on the next-generation iPhone, Apple is expected to announce new iPads in October.  These updated tablets will likely feature the A8 processor, 8MP camera and improved internal components.  According to a new report by Bloomberg News, they are also about to enter mass production.

The second generation iPad Air (or sixth generation full-sized iPad) will retain the same design with some added features.

The second generation iPad Air (or sixth generation full-sized iPad) will retain the same design with some added features.

The source of this information, cited as people familiar with the matter, claim that the iPad Air 2 has begun mass production and the iPad mini 3 will be starting soon.  The tablets are expected to have a similar form factor with only subtle changes like recessed volume controls and Touch ID.  The report also says the iPads will be getting an anti-reflective coating so they will be easier to use outside.  The iPad in the past has been criticized by Amazon for it’s lack of usability on a sunny day when compared to the Kindle Fire.

The new coating may cause delays in production so the iPad Air 2 supply will likely be restricted during the first few months after its release.  The report says that full-sized iPad will be available by the end of this quarter or the next quarter.  The miniature-sized iPad, however, may not be available until the end of the year.

Rear Case for iPad Air 2 Leaked

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Although we have been primarily focusing on the iPhone 6, the next-generation iPad Air will be here in about two months.  We are not expecting any major design changes since the it had a makeover last year.  Mockups were seen in early July that show subtle changes in design and thanks to Nowhereelse.fr, we now have pictures of the actual rear casing.

The rear shell for the iPad Air 2 reveals only one change.

The rear shell for the iPad Air 2 reveals only a couple changes.


Leaked Pictures of iPad Air 2 Dummy Model

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The iPhone 6 has been in the spotlight for a good half of the year, so now we pretty much know what it will look like.  The next-generation iPads, though, have been quite silent until now.  Pictures of the second generation iPad Air (or sixth generation full-sized iPad) came out last week showing us what the front and back will look like.  On Monday of this past week, another picture appeared by Nowhereelse.fr that shows an iPhone 5s laying on an iPad Air with Touch ID and MacRumors posted a picture of the iPad mini 3.

The front of the iPad Air 2 shows a similar design to what Apple introduced us to last year.

The front of the iPad Air 2 shows a similar design to what Apple introduced us to last year.

We may be seeing an upgrade in the megapixels and specs of the front camera in addition to the new fingerprint sensor.  Apple typically doesn’t externally redesign their products every year so this flat and light design will likely be with us for a while.  Instead, they upgrade the internal components, like the camera and processor.  For the iPad Air 2, we can expect an 8MP rear camera and the A8 Processor.


iPad Air 2 Coming in October with Touch ID

iPads with Touch ID, credit: Cult of Mac
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The iPad Air 2 is not expected to be announced until October alongside the 3rd generation iPad mini.  Although we are still 6 months away, references to the iPad has been discovered in the latest Touch ID code for iOS 7.1 suggesting the new device will include Touch ID this year.  Before the event last October that revealed the iPad Air 2, it was rumored Apple would add Touch ID to their tablets.  Since Apple’s fingerprint sensor was brand new, it was unlikely they would put it on an iPhone and two tablets.

iPads with Touch ID, credit: Cult of Mac

iPads with Touch ID, credit: Cult of Mac

This code was discovered French iOS developer @bp_unicorn and MacRumors.  They also point out that past iOS updates have also referenced Touch ID and the iPad.

iPad: Latest Rumors

Credit: iMore
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This past couple of weeks I have written posts about the iPhone 6 and iOS 8, but now it is time for the iPad.  Some rumors came up this week about the 12.9″ iPad (code named iPad pro) and third generation iPad mini won’t be launching until 2015 and the iPad air will have some iPhone 5s improvements.  At this point in time, there are not many rumors for the next generation iPads because they usually don’t launch until October.  With that said, here’s a quick guide to what we know so far about the iPad air, iPad mini and iPad pro.

iPad air 2

The iPad air, credits: Macgasm

The iPad air, credit: Macgasm

This iPad, for those of you who are keeping track, is the iPad 6 (or the sixth generation iPad.)  The redesign of the iPad 5 came with the new name “air” which relates to the lightness and thinness of it.  There’s a lack of rumors for the new iPads, so many of the points will be educated guesses based on Apple’s history.

  • A8 Processor, which is the same processor that will be found in the iPhone 6 (KGI Securities)
  • Touch ID, found on the iPhone 5s (KGI Securities)
  • Similar design
  • Improved internal components
  • Better camera (higher than 5MP)
  • Release date: October 2014, some rumors suggest April or June at WWDC

iPad mini 3

iPad mini with Retina display

iPad mini with Retina display

This will be the third generation iPad mini, but the second one to feature a Retina display.

  • Release date: 2015 (KGI Securities)
  • Touch ID
  • They predict the release date won’t be until 2015 because the iPad mini currently has updated internal components (A7 chip and Retina display) and can survive another year.
  • This reminds me of a rumor saying the iPad mini 2 (the current generation) wouldn’t come out until 2014…but the rumor wasn’t true since it came out in October.

iPad pro

One of the iPad pro concepts sitting next to a MacBook Air.

One of the iPad pro concepts sitting next to a 11″ MacBook Air.

This 12.9″ rumored iPad will be aimed at the education market, business market and at developers creating apps for the iPad.  The larger display will be a hybrid between the laptop and a tablet.  Here are some of the latest rumors:

  • Quad-core A8 Processor, available in 128GB size, arriving in Fall 2014 (Patrick Wang of Evercore Partners)
  • Arriving in 2015 because Apple is busy working on the iWatch (KGI Securities)
  • 64-bit computing with an UHD (ultra-high definition) display (Korea Times)
  • Touch ID, 64-bit A7 or A8 chip (TechRadar)
  • Arriving with late spring/winter or October 2014 release, 2 models (2K display launching in April 2014 and 4K display launching in October) (Pad News)

Other iPad Rumors

iPad 4 and iPad air side by side, credit: iMore

iPad air and iPad 4 side by side, credit: iMore

iPad 6, 12-inch MacBook and Lower Cost iMac Coming 2014

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Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, has said that 2014 will be a major product year for Apple. The mostly reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI securities has predicted that some of the new products Tim Cook is talking about include a higher resolution iPad 6, 12-inch Retina MacBook and a less expensive iMac. The iPad 6 will have a greater pixel density, up to 40% more pixels per inch (PPI). It will retain the same 9.7″ display we all know and love. Although rumors recently have pointed to a larger iPad display, a higher resolution model is more likely. In February of 2013, I posted about Apple likely creating a higher pixel density Retina display, code named “Retina HD”. The 12-inch MacBook would likely be released in Summer of 2014 with a Retina display and n brand new design. This MacBook is said to “redefine laptop computing” with its clamshell structure, Intel chip and potentially lower price. Finally, the lower cost iMac should help Apple compete with PC desktop computers and will be released during roughly the same time of the 12-inch MacBook.

This week we expect to see invitations for Apple’s rumored October 22 event where they will introduce a second generation iPad mini, iPad 5, OSX Mavericks and the Mac Pro they have been teasing movie-goers about for months. The iPad mini will have the same form factor, but have a Retina display. The iPad 5 will have a smaller form, like the iPad mini, and will be announced initially with the standard storage sizes along a 128GB model. Rumors have indicated we should see the new iPads in Space Grey, Gold and White. OSX Mavericks was announced at WWDC 2013 and should be out sometime before the end of Fall (December 21). The Mac Pro also will be out before the end of Fall, as said by Apple.

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