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How to Update to iOS 9.1

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The ninth-generation operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch came out in September 2015. In October, we see the first major update to the operating system.  Before you upgrade, I highly recommend that you back up your device in iTunes or in iCloud just in case if something were to go wrong. There are two ways to update your device: iTunes or over-the-air.

Update to iOS 9.1 with iTunes

1. Plug your device into your Mac or PC

2. Open iTunes

3. Click on your device

4a. iTunes prompts you to Download & Install iOS 9.1

OR 4b. Open Summary Tab, click Check for Update

Then you will download iOS 9.1 and update your iPhone.

Update to iOS 9.1 Over-the-Air

1. Open Settings app

2. Tap General

3. Tap Software Update

4. Tap Download & Install

You must be connected to a wireless network and have a battery power of at least 50% in order to update your phone.

The update should take anywhere from 5 minutes to 40 minutes to install, depending on your wireless speed.

Apple Announces iPhone 6, Apple Watch and More at Today's Event

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Apple’s special media event just finished and they introduced a ton of new products. We expected the iPhone 6, smart watch and new mobile payment plan, but we got so more much. Apple introduced us to the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Pay and Apple Watch in addition to giving away U2’s new album for free to every iTunes user.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

The iPhone 6 is the eight-generation smartphone and is the successor to the iPhone 5s.  This new phone has a plethora of new features, a brand new design and comes in a 4.7″ display size (iPhone 6) and 5.5″ display size (iPhone 6 Plus).  For internal tech specs, it has the A8 processor (second-generation 64-bit architecture) with the M8 co-processor, NFC, advanced LTE and Wireless connectivity, a new Retina HD display and rear 8MP iSight camera.

Introducing the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Introducing the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will be available for preorder on September 12th and released on September 19th.  The iPhone 6 starts at $199 for 16GB, $299 for 64GB and $399 for 128GB.  The iPhone 6 Plus is $299 for 16GB, $399 for 64GB and $499 for 128GB.


Apple Watch

Although we were pretty sure Apple would call its smart watch, the “iWatch”, they decided on a different name.  The smart watch si simply called “Apple Watch.”  The watch face comes in two sizes: 38mm (1.5″) and 42mm (1.65″) and three different materials: stainless steel, aluminum and 18-Karat gold.  In addition, there are six different bands: leather loop, classic buckle, modern buckle, link bracelet, sport band and Milanese loop.  To go even further, Apple designed three different collections to please everyone.  The regular Apple Watch is be the traditional smart watch.  The fitness-oriented Apple Watch Sport is designed for the active and people who like to move.  Finally, the elegantly-designed Apple Watch Edition is the higher-end smart watch that comes in a gold case.

The new smart watch comes in three new collections: Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition.

The new smart watch comes in three new collections: Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition.

The iPhone works in conjunction with the Apple Watch so you can easily read notifications, send messages, call friends and use Digital Touch.  Digital Touch is a new feature that allows two people with watches to connect by using drawings, taps, their heartbeat and voice versus regular text messaging.  Other apps are designed to work on the watch too: Maps, Passbook, Music, Apple TV and iTunes remote, Weather, Siri and more.  In addition, third-party developers can create their own apps for the smart watch.


Apple Pay

The iPhone 6 and Apple Watch both come with the NFC chip so you can now use them to pay for purchases at brick-and-mortar stores. Instead of pulling out a credit card for your purchase, just hold the iPhone near the terminal with your finger on Touch ID.  The phone will wirelessly transmit a one-time use code and your unique Device Account Number that will process your payment.

Apple Pay works with the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch.

Apple Pay works with iPhone 6 and Apple Watch.

The new Apple Pay system will work with major credit card companies, like MasterCard and VISA, large banks, like Capital One and Chase, and is accepted in stores, like McDonald’s and Walgreens. The system works from the Passbook app.

Apple Pay also works in apps so you can purchase goods without entering in your billing address, contact information and credit card number.  When you are ready to make a purchase, select “Apple Pay” and press your finger on Touch ID.  The app knows to charge the card and send your purchase to the information on file.


Other Announcements

In addition to the amazing products that Apple announced above, the new album by U2 will be available for free to all iTunes users. The album, which is title “Songs of Innocence”, is free to download.  Click on this link on your iPhone, iPad or iPod to get the album.

The newest operating system, iOS 8, for iPhone, iPad and iPod will be available for download on September 17th.

Finally, 9to5Mac has noticed that Apple has removed the iPod Classic from its store. Apple has also redesigned their website to be iOS 7-like.

How to Watch Today's Apple iPhone 6/iWatch Event

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Today’s special media event will start at 10am PDT at the Flint Center for Performing Arts in Cupertino, California.  If you are not one of the lucky people who will be in attendance at the event, there are many other places you can watch it live.

Apple will be live streaming the event on their website.  If you have an iPod, iPad or iPhone, you can access the live stream via iTunes or by going on the Apple website.  You can also watch the event on your computer. Safari is the other web browser that will be allowed to watch the event.  If you are trying to use Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer; those will not work.  The event will also be available on the Apple TV (second- and third-generation only).

As usual, the company has been highly secretive about what they plan to show at their event.  The only words on the invitation say “we wish we could say more.” Rumors highly suggest that Apple will announce a completely redesigned iPhone with two larger-sized displays, their first wearable product (likely called the “iWatch”), a new mobile payment system and according to a popular analyst, the iPad Air 2 as well. We will also find out the release date for iOS 8.

We will not be in attendance at this event, but shortly afterwards, we will post a full recap of it.

Click here to watch the iPhone 6/iWatch event on Apple’s website.

The iPhone 6 Isn't Coming Out on September 12

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A new report came out Business Insider via BGR that attempts to explain why Apple should release the iPhone 6 on September 12th.  It lists evidence based on Apple’s history with the next-generation operating system launching 100 days after its announcement at WWDC and the next-generation iPhone launching 102 days after WWDC.  The report on BGR details why they will release the iPhone on September 12th, however, this post will tell you why that won’t happen.

All the countries that launched the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c on September 20, 2013.

All the countries that launched the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c on September 20, 2013.


iOS 8 May Have Less Features Than Expected

Allegedly a screenshot of iOS 8.
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A report by the reliable Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac was posted earlier about the future of iOS 8.  Recent rumors suggested iOS 8 would include new apps, like Healthbook, and new features, like Maps with public transit directions.  Gurman writes; however, that his inside sources say some of the new features will be pushed back until iOS 8.1.

iPhone 6 concept with iOS 8 concept.

iPhone 6 concept with iOS 8 concept.

Usually, WWDC is the place where Apple announces the next generation operating systems for mobile devices and the Mac, but this year’s keynote may be more Mac-focused.  According to Gurman’s inside sources, some of the planned iOS 8 features won’t be ready in time for the keynote and will be pushed back to iOS 8.1, which may be released in late 2014 or early 2015.


Leaked Picture of iOS 8 on iPhone 5s

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iOS 8 is expected to be announced and released to developers in June at WWDC 2014.  This operating system will bring a fitness and health focus to the iPhone and add integration with the iWatch.  As we get closer to the conference, more pictures of the operating system on various devices will be leaked online.  This week, we have screenshots of iOS 8 on an 4″ display, an iPad and running on a physical iPhone 5s.

iOS 8 running on an iPhone 5s?

iOS 8 running on an iPhone 5s?

iPhoneArena has obtained these images last week and claims they are of iOS 8.  The picture displays the regular apps in addition to some new apps: Healthbook, Watch Utility, Tips, TextEdit, Preview and iTunes Radio.

Yeah it looks genuine, but where is FaceTime, Stocks, Voice Memo, Newsstand and Calculator?

Yeah it looks genuine, but where is FaceTime, Stocks, Voice Memo, Newsstand, Compass, Game Center and Calculator (All apps Apple puts on their default Home screens)

BGR reported these screenshots late last week and noted that Mark Gurman from 9to5Mac has a strong record of reporting legitimate iOS pictures and believes that these pictures are fake. It’s also strange how the screenshots from earlier this month are very different than the one above.  At least this one has a wallpaper that doesn’t already represent iOS 7.

iOS 7 on an iPhone 5s, credit: Apple.com

iOS 7 on an iPhone 5s, credit: Apple.com


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Rumor/News Round-up for the Week: iPad Pro, iOS 8, iPhone 5c

Leaked photos of iOS 8 Home Screen
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Here is your guide to the news and rumors that came out this past week:

iPad Pro Put on Hold

A report from DigiTimes suggests that the larger iPad, code-named ‘iPad Pro‘, will be on hold for now because of the lack of support from developers and ecosystems.  The iPad Pro was rumored to be released later this year, but if we see it, it will likely be in 2015.

One of the iPad pro concepts sitting next to a MacBook Air, credit: MacRumors.

One of the iPad pro concepts sitting next to a MacBook Air, credit: MacRumors.

iOS 8 to Fix Apps and Add HealthBook

9to5Mac reported that Apple may be working on fixing their stock apps in addition to making iOS 8 fitness-focused.

  • Notification Center is said to be simplified with only two tabs: “Today” and “Notifications”
  • Better inter-app communication (upload a picture from Photos with the actual Facebook app)
  • Simpler Voice Memo application, less confusing and with better readability
  • Optional auto-deletion of old text messages and iMessages
  • Game Center deleted (although these leaked screenshots say otherwise)
  • CarPlay over WiFi
Leaked photos of iOS 8 Home Screen

Leaked photos of iOS 8 Home Screen

iPhone 5c Ads Spotted on Yahoo!, NYT.com, Rolling Stones

Tim Cook announced earlier this year that the response for the iPhone 5c was less than anticipated so these new advertisements seem like Apple is trying to promote their underwhelming phone. The ads online are interactive, which is something Apple has stayed away from in the past.

iPhone 5c advertisements, credit: AppleInsider

iPhone 5c advertisements, credit: AppleInsider

Check out the new Selfies Section in the App Store

Selfies have become very popular and Apple has started a new featured section called “Sharing Selfies” on the App Store.  Some of the apps include Snapchat, SnapDash and Close-up.

Share your selfies.

Share your selfies.

iOS 8: Latest Rumors

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Rumors for the next generation operating system has been increasingly recently.  Likely called iOS 8, based on Apple’s history, it will have a health and fitness focus.  Here is a quick sum up of the rumors (and expectations) of this OS.


photo credits: 9to5Mac

iOS 8

  • health and fitness tracking integration (9to5Mac)
  • “Healthbook” (a new app, like Passbook, from Apple that can monitor and store steps taken, calories burned, miles walked and other fitness statistics in addition to monitor a person’s blood-related data points like glucose levels and heart rate)
  • integration with iWatch
  • new features for Siri, including voices (Macworld UK)
  • no major interface or graphics changes (unlike iOS 7)
  • minor enhancements and bug fixes, like battery bugs
  • will be announced at WWDC in June and then in the Fall with the new iPhones
  • release date (ibtimes): September 17