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iOS 8 Beta 5 Released with Subtle Changes

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As predicted in July, the fifth beta for iOS 8 has been released on Monday.  As Apple nears the rumored iPhone 6 and iOS 8 launch date, the betas will provide more bug fixes and subtle changes.  There may be only one beta left before the final version comes out.  The fifth beta is available for download over-the-air on registered iOS developer’s devices, on the developer portal and here if you aren’t a developer. Here’s a list of the changes:

  • new icons for iCloud Drive, iCloud Backup, iCloud Family Sharing and Keychain
  • new options for storing photos on your device (full resolution or device optimized)
  • Spotlight Search is now quicker
  • Predictive text toggle
  • your other devices will prompt you to allow them to receive SMS messages
  • Health app gained some new icons
  • new Health section in Privacy settings
  • new WiFi calling indicator on T-Mobile iPhones

BGR expects the next beta to be released on August 15th.  This should be the last beta for this operating system until the final grand master version comes out in September.

iOS 8 Beta 3 Comes Out

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iOS 8 Beta 3 Released

iOS 8 Beta 3 Released

The next beta version for iOS 8 is now available for developers on the developer portal and over-the-air.  This update will fix many bugs that were discovered in the last two betas, but it also might add some more problems.  As with every new beta, Apple adds some new features, like iCloud Drive and new wallpapers (both added in beta 3).  Here is a list, via Apple and 9to5Mac, that lists all the new updates:

  • Toggle new Handoff feature on/off
  • iCloud Drive settings and feature added
  • New gray, white and black wallpapers added
  • User interface tweaks in Weather
  • “Share Albums” is the new name for shared Photo Streams
  • Toggle new QuickType feature in Settings
  • Predictive text bar displays “Swipe down to close” when first opened
  • Automatically keep photos and videos with option in Messages app
  • User interface tweaks for Clear button in Notification Center
  • Battery usage percentage by app only shows since last full charge (instead of 7 days or 24 hours)

If you are using one of the beta versions of iOS 8 and you would like to downgrade to iOS 7, follow this guide.  You will need to restore your iPhone and probably set up as a new phone, so back up your iPhone first.

Leaked Picture of iOS 8 on iPhone 5s

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iOS 8 is expected to be announced and released to developers in June at WWDC 2014.  This operating system will bring a fitness and health focus to the iPhone and add integration with the iWatch.  As we get closer to the conference, more pictures of the operating system on various devices will be leaked online.  This week, we have screenshots of iOS 8 on an 4″ display, an iPad and running on a physical iPhone 5s.

iOS 8 running on an iPhone 5s?

iOS 8 running on an iPhone 5s?

iPhoneArena has obtained these images last week and claims they are of iOS 8.  The picture displays the regular apps in addition to some new apps: Healthbook, Watch Utility, Tips, TextEdit, Preview and iTunes Radio.

Yeah it looks genuine, but where is FaceTime, Stocks, Voice Memo, Newsstand and Calculator?

Yeah it looks genuine, but where is FaceTime, Stocks, Voice Memo, Newsstand, Compass, Game Center and Calculator (All apps Apple puts on their default Home screens)

BGR reported these screenshots late last week and noted that Mark Gurman from 9to5Mac has a strong record of reporting legitimate iOS pictures and believes that these pictures are fake. It’s also strange how the screenshots from earlier this month are very different than the one above.  At least this one has a wallpaper that doesn’t already represent iOS 7.

iOS 7 on an iPhone 5s, credit: Apple.com

iOS 7 on an iPhone 5s, credit: Apple.com


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Rumor/News Round-up for the Week: iPad Pro, iOS 8, iPhone 5c

Leaked photos of iOS 8 Home Screen
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Here is your guide to the news and rumors that came out this past week:

iPad Pro Put on Hold

A report from DigiTimes suggests that the larger iPad, code-named ‘iPad Pro‘, will be on hold for now because of the lack of support from developers and ecosystems.  The iPad Pro was rumored to be released later this year, but if we see it, it will likely be in 2015.

One of the iPad pro concepts sitting next to a MacBook Air, credit: MacRumors.

One of the iPad pro concepts sitting next to a MacBook Air, credit: MacRumors.

iOS 8 to Fix Apps and Add HealthBook

9to5Mac reported that Apple may be working on fixing their stock apps in addition to making iOS 8 fitness-focused.

  • Notification Center is said to be simplified with only two tabs: “Today” and “Notifications”
  • Better inter-app communication (upload a picture from Photos with the actual Facebook app)
  • Simpler Voice Memo application, less confusing and with better readability
  • Optional auto-deletion of old text messages and iMessages
  • Game Center deleted (although these leaked screenshots say otherwise)
  • CarPlay over WiFi
Leaked photos of iOS 8 Home Screen

Leaked photos of iOS 8 Home Screen

iPhone 5c Ads Spotted on Yahoo!, NYT.com, Rolling Stones

Tim Cook announced earlier this year that the response for the iPhone 5c was less than anticipated so these new advertisements seem like Apple is trying to promote their underwhelming phone. The ads online are interactive, which is something Apple has stayed away from in the past.

iPhone 5c advertisements, credit: AppleInsider

iPhone 5c advertisements, credit: AppleInsider

Check out the new Selfies Section in the App Store

Selfies have become very popular and Apple has started a new featured section called “Sharing Selfies” on the App Store.  Some of the apps include Snapchat, SnapDash and Close-up.

Share your selfies.

Share your selfies.

iOS 7.1 Comes With Tons of New Features

credit: Apple Inc.
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iOS 7.1 was released on Monday, March 10 and is now available for downloading.  This will likely be the only major update to iOS 7 until iOS 8 is announced/released.  Here is your quick guide to downloading and what new features are available.

To Download:

On iDevice: Settings app –> General –> Software Update –> Install & Download
In iTunes: Connect device –> Check for Update –> Install & Download


New Features:

Settings app:

It is even easier to set a passcode and update your wallpaper with iOS 7.1.

It is even easier to set a passcode and update your wallpaper with iOS 7.1.

  • Passcode has its own menu under Sounds
  • In Cellular Data, you can now see how much data uninstalled apps are using
  • More information is found under Do Not Disturb
  • Accessibility gives you new options: Button Shapes, under Increase Contrast (Reduce Transparency, Darken Colors and Reduce White Point), Hearing Aids, changed settings in Switch Control
  • Wallpapers & Brightness is now directly under General, you can choose a new wallpaper easier and it also gives you the capability of turning off Perspective Zoom (tap on the Wallpaper preview)
  • In Safari settings, choose to either open new links in the background or on a new page and what you see on your Favorites bar.

General Tweaks:


The keyboard has better readability and the Shift key is a lot clearer.

  • Faster animations: opening folders, going back to the Home screen, etc.
  • More defined Caps Lock, Shift key and Backspace, darker keys
  • CarPlay is now available for select 2014 cars (enabled in iOS 7.1)
  • Touch ID is improved
  • Home screen crash problem fixed
  • No longer allowed to nest folders inside other folders (bug fix)
  • Improved responsiveness and performance for iPhone 4 users

Other Apps:


The call button is now green and a lot simpler, add a new contact with the plus sign on the left and backspace on the right.

  • Calendar: new list view in day (next to magnifying glass), more detailed event list in month view (next to magnifying glass)
  • Calculator: swipe in any direction on the black number bar to delete the last input
  • Camera: auto flash displays a yellow square, easily enable HDR on iPhone 5s, minor updates
  • Phone: green call button and red end button, add new contact (+) on the left on numbers section, new user interface for incoming calls
  • Music: shared libraries available under More, easier readability when Shuffle and Repeat are turned on
  • Videos: shared libraries available under More
  • Weather: new Yahoo! logo
  • Siri: manually control Siri by pressing and holding the Home button until you finish speaking

Notification Center:


Come back later…you have no notifications.

  • Changed (x) buttons and (Clear), App labels above notifications,
  • When you have no Missed notifications, it displays “No Missed Notifications” instead of a blank screen; no All notifications, it displays “No Notifications”; no events, it displays “No Events”
  • Events tweaked to show calendar events for the day instead of next few hours
  • New Yahoo! logo for weather and stock information
  • Wording changed; for example for weather, instead of “the high today was 36°”, it says “the high today was forecast as 36°”


Some features may not be available in all countries.  To see what updates your country has, check out Apple’s Feature Availability list.