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Here’s all the details for the iOS 8.4 update coming today at 11am EST

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At 8am PST (or 11am for those of us on the Eastern side of the United States), Apple will release its iOS 8.4 update for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This last major update to iOS 8 brings a completely revamped Music app with Apple Music, some design tweaks, bug fixes and a new Audiobooks player in iBooks.


The all-new Music app will be home to both Apple Music and music purchased from the iTunes Store. Apple Music is made up of three basic components. The first, which is the on-demand music service, allows paid subscribers to access the entire iTunes Store library of over 30 million songs for unlimited streaming. Apple gives new users a 3-month free trial with the service and then it will be $9.99/month for individuals or $14.99/month for families once the trial ends. The second component is the radio which is made up of Beats 1, the new global 24/7 radio hosted in three cities with several guest stars, and playlists listed by genre created by humans (not computer algorithms). Beats 1 starts its first broadcast an hour after iOS 8.4 launches. Finally, there’s a section called Connect that will let users follow their favorite artists and view sound clips, photos, videos and more shared by them. This section won’t be just limited to the major artists, unsigned artists can connect with their fans on here too.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 8.47.24 AM

The Music app also received a complete redesign with many new features and a fresh icon. It is organized into five tabs: ‘For You’, ‘New’, ‘Radio’, ‘Connect’ and ‘My Music.’ The ‘For You’ tab recommends playlists, albums and music based on your likes and the ‘New’ tab shows new music that’s also based on your likes. The ‘Radio’ and ‘Connect’ tabs, as we mentioned above, are part of Apple Music. Finally, the ‘My Music’ tab is all the music that you own, including those stored on your device and in the cloud.  For new features, there’s a MiniPlayer that subtly opens up when music is played, playlists can be personalized with pictures, descriptions and names, Up Next functionality to chose which songs play next and improved Now Playing to focus on artwork of albums and the music you’re listening to.

The iOS 8.4 update can be downloaded over-the-air with the Settings app (go to: General –> Software Update –> Download & Install) or with iTunes (plug in your device and click Check for Update).

Sources: 9to5Mac, AppAdvice

Apple releases the first beta of iOS 8.4 to developers with redesigned Music app

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On Monday, Apple seeded the first beta of iOS 8.4 to developers. This update, which is the fourth major update to iOS 8, comes with a completely redesigned Music app, some new features to the iBooks app and it created a dedicated app in CarPlay for audiobooks.

The all-new Music app now has three tabs on the bottom: My Music, Playlists and Radio.

The all-new Music app now has three tabs on the bottom: My Music, Playlists and Radio.

The new Music app has a more simplified design, many new features and further integrates iTunes Radio with purchased music. Here are the release notes that came with the update:

  • All-New Design. Music app has a beautiful new design that makes exploring your music collection easier and more fun. Personalize playlists by adding your own image and description. Enjoy stunning pictures of your favorite artists in the Artists view. Start playing an album right from the album list. The music you love is never more than a tap away.
  • Recently Added. Albums and playlists you’ve recently added are now at the top of your library, making it effortless to find something new to play. Simply tap play on the artwork to listen.
  • Streamlined iTunes Radio. Discovering music with iTunes Radio is easier than ever. You can now quickly return to your favorite stations in Recently Played. Choose from a selection of hand-curated stations in Featured Stations, or start a new one from your favorite artist or song.
  • New MiniPlayer. With the new MiniPlayer, you can see what’s playing and control playback while browsing your music collection. To open Now Playing, just tap on the MiniPlayer.
  • Improved Now Playing. Now Playing has a stunning new design that showcases your album artwork the way it was meant to be. In addition, you can begin wirelessly streaming your music using AirPlay without leaving Now Playing.
  • Up Next. It’s now simple to find out which songs from your library will play next — just tap the Up Next icon in Now Playing. You can even reorder, add, or skip songs whenever you like.
  • Global Search. You can now search from anywhere in the Music app — just tap the magnifying glass. Search results are conveniently organized to help you quickly find that perfect song. You can even start an iTunes Radio station right from Search.
The new music player.

The new music player.

In addition, the iBooks application received some updates in the form of audiobooks. This feature, which was originally found in the Music app, has been moved to its new home in the iBooks app. For reading audiobooks, a new player opens that closely resembles the new Music app’s player. It has some different features, like Sleep Timer and Speed. It also supports gesture control in addition to the use of the buttons. There’s a dedication section in Collections like Books and PDFs already have. The CarPlay operating system also has a dedicated iBooks app called “Audiobooks” which has the same features as the player.


Credit: 9to5Mac

The new update is only available for developers and can be downloaded from the developer’s portal. When a couple of betas come out for iOS 8.4, the AppleSeed program users should have access to this first beta.

Public beta testing programs coming for iOS 8.3 and iOS 9

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According to a new report by Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac, Apple is planning on opening up the beta version of iOS 8.3 and iOS 9 to the public in the coming months.  The company has been under fire recently for releasing software to the public with numerous glitches and problems in it.  iOS 8, for example, was released in September after three months of testing by developers and it still had multiple problems. There have been several smaller updates, like iOS 8.1 and iOS 8.1.1, that have come up to fix some of these.  Apple is hoping that by allowing more people to downloaded beta software, these bugs could be fixed by the time the public launch date.


In the Fall, Apple created a program called AppleSeed that allowed a certain number of people to download the unreleased OS X Yosemite update for the Macs. This program let Apple fix a number of bugs before the software was officially released. They are rumored to be adopting this program for iOS users. Gurman reports that iOS 8.3 will be available for this program starting in mid-March and iOS 9 in June.

The report also talks about what we should expect for the upcoming operating system updates. iOS 8.3, which is currently in its first beta among developers, brings support for Wireless CarPlay, updated Emoji keyboard layout, higher-quality and more humanlike voice for Siri, new password settings for downloading free content and other minor enhancements. The second beta is expected next week for developers while the public release will be sometime in April.  After this update releases to the public, iOS 8.4 will be coming out. This is rumored to bring a new music streaming service that is similar to Spotify. The next major release for iPhone, called iOS 9, will be announced at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference in June. It will include numerous bug fixes and enhancements.

iOS 8.4 is in development, expected out in April

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The fourth major update to iOS 8, which is codenamed “Copper” after the popular ski resort in Colorado, is currently in development and is expected out after the Apple Watch is released in April.  According to a report on 9to5Mac, Apple is considering using this update to bring a new music streaming service.

credit: iMore

credit: iMore

In iOS 7, Apple brought a new type of music streaming called iTunes Radio, which directly competes with Pandora and offers pre-selected songs on shuffle mode, and now they are working on a new music streaming service that will compete with Rdio and Spotify. It will be available with a paid subscription and offer mostly cloud streaming.  Apple is planning on designing their own service and incorporating technologies from Beats Music after purchasing them in 2014.  This service will either be a standalone app or it may integrated into the Music app.

Apple recently seeded the first beta of iOS 8.3 to developers. We expect iOS 8.2 to come out to the public shortly, iOS 8.3 around the time the Apple Watch comes out and iOS 8.4 immediately afterwards.