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The Top Features of iOS 10 I am most excited for

Top Features iOS 10
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It appears that Apple has finally listened to us for better features in iOS 10. Many of the features they announced at the keynote Monday have been requested for years. They also have brought many features that we have never even dream about. With all this in mind, I have created my list of the top features of iOS 10 that I am most excited to use.

Clear All Notifications

Top Features of iOS 10

Simply clear all notifications with 3D Touch, via Apple

The ability to clear notifications has to be one of the most requested features. Apple first teased us by adding this feature to the Apple Watch last year, but now the new operating system update for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch will have an easy way to clear all notifications in the Notification Center. You can simply deep press the (x) in Notification Center to clear all notifications.


Control Center Refreshed

Top Features of iOS 10

The finally redesigned Control Center has been divided into two centers: one for quick actions and one for music, via Apple

The very cluttered Control Center will be a lot more organized in iOS 10. Instead of a mixture of quick action apps, like Calculator, with quick settings, like Night Shift, being on the same line, they are now separated. To create space within the center, Apple removed Music. They designed a new Music-only Control Center which has more details and shares album artwork. The bottom row of the regular Control Center is now all quick action apps, Night Shift is on its own line, and it appears to be more user friendly.


More 3D Touch Functions

Top Features of iOS 10

3D Touch Weather to see the current conditions and shortcuts, via Apple

Initially the 3D Touch functions of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus were limited to quick viewing content like emails or conversations and accessing shortcuts on the Home screen or in other apps. Apple has expanded the capability to be in more apps and brought in Glances from the Apple Watch to the Home screen of the iPhone. When an app is deep pressed, it will display the regular shortcuts but now there is additional information. With Weather, the current conditions are displayed, and with Stocks, we will likely see current prices for our favorite stocks.


Health Updated with Videos

Top Features of iOS 10

Health now shows short videos explaining each of the metrics, via 9to5Mac

Health is updated with a more colorful and user friendly interface with videos that explain each metric. Currently the videos are inactive in the developer’s beta of iOS 10, but I figure they will give details about the metric, how to measure it, and why it matters to keep track of it. The app has also been updated with new metrics, like Mindfulness.


Flashlight Intensities

Top Features of iOS 10

There are three new brightness settings for Flashlight, via 9to5Mac

The Flashlight switch in Control Center now has three different intensities which can be activated with 3D Touch. When the switch is deep pressed, a menu with low intensity, medium intensity, and high intensity opens. This will allow changes to the rear flash brightness setting for different environments.


Lock Screen Phone Calls

Top Features of iOS 10

VoIP calls now appear on Lock screen like regular phone calls, via Apple

Apps that support VoIP will no longer have small notifications on the Lock screen that appear when someone is calling. Instead, it will transform the entire Lock screen to the incoming phone call just like Phone does. It will also show details from the contact, like their picture, name, and where they are calling you from.


Unlimited Tabs in Safari

Top Features of iOS 10

Now you can have unlimited tabs open in Safari, via iPhonehacks

Safari is currently limited to a certain number of tabs, which I always seem to reach on a weekly basis. In the iOS 10 software update, Safari can have as little as one tab open or as many as five million. The number of tabs is only limited by your creativity.


Quick Unsubscribe in Mail

Top Features of iOS 10

Quick unsubscribe from unwanted emails, via 9to5Mac

When you receive an email from a random mailing list that you are sure you did not sign up for, it can be very annoying. When this happens to me, I usually just delete the email and pretend I never saw it until the next month when it happens again. Unsubscribing is unfortunately not very easy to do since many companies make the font tiny at the bottom of the email and mix up the wording so you hopefully give up. Apple has taken notice and added a new button to the top of the email that says “Unsubscribe.” In a few clicks, you can easily get your email off of that mailing list and you can move on with your life.


This sums up the my top features of iOS 10. The software update will be released in the fall alongside the iPhone 7, which is expected to look very similar to the iPhone 6s, and Apple Watch 2.

Apple announces iOS 10 with updates to Messages, Control Center, Lock Screen

Apple announces iOS 10
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On Monday, Apple kicked off their Worldwide Developer’s Conference with a keynote that detailed the latest in software updates for their four platforms (iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS.) The next-generation software update for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is called iOS 10 and it comes with several new features.


Apple announces iOS 10

The all-new Message app with richer links, emojifying text, and quick send for camera and photos, via Apple.

The star of the iOS 10 announcement was the Messages and the major of its updates are all about the user experience. The layout of conversation is redesigned with pictures of the person you’re talking to on top, more options for connection rather than just a text message, and integration with Digital Touch inspired by the Apple Watch. Messages can be sent with bubble effects which changes how your bubble messages appear, invisible ink will hide message text and photos until your friend swipes to reveal them, Tapback allows a thumbs up, heart, and four other options to attach to a previously received message, and stickers can be attach to any message or sent independently. Like the Facebook Messenger app, developers can design sticker packs or create specific iMessage apps.

Apple also focused on enhancing the experience with adding emojis to messages. If you are like me, you likely forget to add an emoji since a) it is difficult and takes a while to find the right one and b) you simply do not think about it. In the iOS 10 Messages app, Apple lets you “emojify” text by automatically highlighting words that can be turned into emojis. They also are three times larger and Predictive Text will recommend them as you type.

Here are a few other updates to Messages:

  • Calendar events created from Messages now take more details from the conversation like location and topic (i.e. Breakfast at Tiffany’s Restaurant)
  • Handwrite messages that animate like ink on paper
  • View richer messages with photos, videos, and links expanded in your conversation
  • When sharing pictures, you will see what’s currently in the viewfinder of your camera and other photos



Apple announces iOS 10

All-new Music in iOS 10 showing off the Library, For You, Browse, and Radio tabs and the new Now Playing design, via Apple

Apple applied their focus of attention to detail to the Music app by redesigning it with simplicity in mind. As the rumors has previously suggested, there are more black and whites in the app and the only color comes from album artwork. The tabs along the bottom were also refreshed with new details. The “Library” tab replaces the “My Music” tab and is now located in the leftmost position. It shows playlists, songs, downloaded music, and lyrics. The “For You” tab is home to music chosen based on your interests, likes, and favorite music. It will recommend discovery music (songs picked just for you), with recently played, daily curated playlist, and the previous “Connect” tab is now located here. The “Browse” tab is new name for the “New” tab and it is general music for all. You will find hot albums, new music, curated playlists, top charts, and more. The “Radio” tab stays relatively the same with live radio from Beats 1, the schedule for upcoming shows, and genre-based stations.



Apple announces iOS 10

Photos, now with Memories, via Apple

The Photos app now uses advanced artificial intelligence for searching, group memories together, and facial recognition. The app supports Advanced Search which allows you to search by people or objects in your picture. With facial, object, and scene recognition, searching for pictures with “horses” will show every picture in Photos with a horse in it. Old memories are automatically grouped together by location, people involved, and time to show previous trips and arrange them by categories. If you took a trip to Las Vegas and have not gone through your pictures and videos yet, the Photos app will automatically do this for you based on the time and location of your visit. It will, then, automatically create a movie with your photos and videos to play similar to creating a Slideshow with the current Photos app.


Lock Screen and Widgets

Apple announces iOS 10

The finally redesigned Control Center has been divided into two centers: one for quick actions and one for music, via Apple

Apple also spent time redesigning the Lock screen, widgets, Notification Center, and Control Center. The iPhone’s Lock screen is automatically woken up when raising up the phone without pressing any buttons. The well-known “Slide to Unlock” feature to unlock the phone has been replaced with “Press Home to open.” Notifications on the Lock screen no longer dim the background, but instead are translucent bubbles and they are interactive with 3D Touch. The Camera app is activated by sliding left on the Lock screen and the Widgets view is activated by sliding right. Widgets have been moved from the Notification Center, which is now reserved only for notifications, and moved to the Lock Screen and Today view of the Home screen. Widgets are expanded to show more content, including video, and have a different layout. Notifications in Notification Center can be cleared with a new clear all function.

Additionally, Control Center has been updated (finally) with a better layout. Apple removed the music settings and moved all the functions up one level. Night Shift now has its own space. The music settings are still present in Control Center, but they have their own Control Center window which is activated by swiping across Control Center. Plus the music-only Control Center also display album artwork.


Other Updates

  • Maps: all-new design with search on the bottom (instead of the top); Proactive suggestions that suggest locations based on your history and calendar events; search along routes for gas stations, restaurants, and more; traffic displayed enroute; weather and temperature shown when driving
  • Home: this new app allows you to automate your home with HomeKit-supported accessories like shades, lights, thermostat, door locks, and more; set up scenes with your favorite preferences based on time of day
  • Keyboard: contextual predictions with Siri Intelligence that will suggest a phone number or email address when you are sharing contact details with a friend; multilingual typing
  • Phone: VoIP apps will automatically show on the Lock screen when receiving a phone call (like a regular phone call) and show in Recents and Favorites in Phone; voicemail transcript beta; third-party apps can suggest who is calling with incoming phone call
  • Health: updated user interface; videos are shown in metrics to explain what they do
  • App Store: Categories tab returned
  • Stock apps can now be deleted (time to get rid of those apps you never use)
  • Swift Playgrounds app allows iPad users to learn Swift code and it’s free to download


Release Date and Compatibility

Apple announces iOS 10

What Apple means to say is that it will be coming around the time of iPhone 7 announcement, via Apple

The software update is currently available for developers, it will be coming to public beta testers in July, and be released to the public in September. The following devices can upgrade:

  • iPhone 5/5c/5s
  • iPhone 6/6 Plus
  • iPhone 6s/6s Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPad mini 2/3/4
  • iPad 4, iPad Air/Air 2
  • iPad Pro (9.7″ and 12.9″)
  • iPod touch 6th generation


There are so many updates with iOS 10 that we could not limit it to one post. Check out The Top Features of iOS 10 and Smaller, Less Known, Features of iOS 10 (both of which are coming soon.)

Rumored iOS 10 features: colorful notifications, pro editing in Photos, Siri SDK

iOS 10 Rumors: Music app
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The tenth generation operating system for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is now only six days away from being announced and we have more ideas about what Apple is planning to announce. Mark Gurman, formerly of 9to5Mac, was interviewed by The Jay & Farhad Show and detailed a few more changes about what we should see.

Rumored iOS 10 features

iOS 10, via iPhoneInformer.com

Gurman warns that these updates are not one hundred percent guaranteed, but are being talked about as potential changes. With that being said, here is what we may see with iOS 10:

  • System-wide changes: minor user interface updates with more color with notifications and app icons tweaked
  • Photos app: big enhancements with more pro editing options and the Markup from the Mail app
  • Music app: redesigned app with more black and white like Spotify, main color will be from the album artwork, user interface will be refreshed and easier to navigate, Connect, New, and For You tabs updated
    • Connect tab: will lose its place and significance
    • New tab: renamed to Browse and have a new menu
    • For You: design changes
  • Siri: Siri SDK coming to allow third-party apps to be used with Siri, ex: “Hey Siri, call me an Uber” or “Hey Siri, create a new playlist in Spotify”
  • Messages app: potentially send money to other people with Apple Pay via iMessage
  • Security: new encryption software, better security

During the interview, Gurman also covered details about what he is expecting for this year’s and next year’s iPhone. The 2016 iPhone, which is likely called “iPhone 7,” will be more of a modest update with less antenna lines and the headphone jack will be removed. He notes that the reasoning behind taking the headphone jack away is because Apple is now able to focus on enhancing the sound quality with the Lightning port and now there will only be one port to waterproof, instead of the previous two. Next year’s iPhone will be a complete redesign, almost like a “reset” button on the iPhone. There are talks that it will no longer have a bottom, top, or side bezel, the Touch ID fingerprint sensor will be in the display, and Apple is planning to make the screen size larger but the form factor smaller. Apple has several prototypes for the new phone with some using a screen size of six inches. In the future, Gurman predicts that there will be incremental updates for iPhone each year and no longer will there be a complete redesign every other year.

The tenth generation operating system is expected to be released in September alongside the iPhone 7 and the second generation Apple Watch.

via 9to5Mac

iOS 10 rumors: Music app to get major overhaul

iOS 10 Rumors: Music app
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The next major software update for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is expected to be announced in a little over a month at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) in California. This update, which is the tenth version of the software and likely called ‘iOS 10’, will hopefully be quite big and bring an overhaul of changes like iOS 7. Rumors for the update, however, have been quite absence and we are unsure of the details of the update. Bloomberg reported one of the first iOS 10 rumors saying that the Music app will be more “intuitive” and have a refreshed design. 9to5Mac took the report a step further to check in with their inside sources to see what exactly Apple has in store.

iOS 10 Rumors: Music app

Apple Music

According to multiple sources familiar with the new Music app, Apple is planning to update the app with a redesigned user interface, added features, and a reorganization of current features. First and foremost, they will make San Francisco the system-wide font throughout the Music app and all of their apps. They will change the colorful and translucent design to be more black and white with menu and tab titles being larger and bolder. Album artwork will be more prominent when listening to music, instead of how it currently only takes up half of the screen. In addition, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will make use of their 3D Touch displays with song previews and shortcuts for sharing content.

Apple is also updating a few of their tabs, with the ‘For You’ and ‘New’ tabs on the receiving end of the greatest reorganization. The ‘For You’ tab currently makes recommendations based on the music you listen to and like. It will continue to use the same algorithm for recommendations, but the layout will be simplified. The ‘New’ tab will be renamed to ‘Browse’ and should continue to show the same content. The ‘Connect’ and ‘Radio’ tab are not planned to see many updates.

In terms of new features, Apple is bringing support for lyrics integration. Song labels can automatically integrate lyrics into their songs, or users can manually do it with the Mac. Initially, only a few artists will support lyrics in their apps (like Taylor Swift and U2), but more artists will be coming soon.

The new Music app will be a part of iOS 10 with an expected announcement during the keynote at WWDC in June. Developers and public beta testers will have first access to the updated app over the summer and the public will get it in mid-September.

via 9to5Mac