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iOS 10 How-to: Send iMessages with Bubble and Screen Effects

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Apple introduced several new features to iOS 10 in the Messages app to create a more social and creative experience. Users communicating over iMessage can now send each other screen effects, bubble effects, hidden pictures, stickers, handwritten messages, and drawings. In this post, I will show you how to use bubble and screen effects for better text messaging experience.

Just a couple of notes before getting started. These effects only work between Apple devices and requires iOS 10 for mobile devices and macOS Sierra for computers. All other devices, including Android, will not experience the effect or they will simply read “(Sent with [effect name]). If the chat bubbles are blue then you are messaging something with another Apple device. Also, if Reduce Motion is enabled in the Settings app for devices running iOS 10.0.2, iMessage effects are automatically turned off. The next update, iOS 10.1, allows Reduce Motion to be turned on and iMessage effects will not be affected. (more…)