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iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Tech Specs

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UPDATE: 3:00pm, September 10: The tech specs below have been updated to the beautiful new iPhones that Apple has announced at their event earlier today.  This post will be moved relatively soon to a new page featuring iPhone and iPad comparisons.  Until then, see the specs below. Also, if you tweet or share this post, it will still count as 2x the number of entries. 

It is less than 24 hours until Tim Cook comes on stage at Town Hall at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California to talk about what Apple has done this past year; iOS 7 and of course, two new iPhones.  Apple is expected to announce a release date for iOS 7 (probably September 18th if history tells us anything about past Apple’s iOS releases), the iPhone 5S (the successor to the iPhone 5), the iPhone 5C (a new inexpensive iPhone unlike anything we are used to) and potentially a software update to the Apple TV.  Recently, a rumor came out saying that the new iPad 5 and iPad mini could be announced too, but it is highly unlikely Apple will announce four major products on the same day.

The tech specs of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are shown below in the style Apple lists tech specs based completely on rumors.  We won’t know for sure about any of the specs until Apple officially announces them tomorrow.  To compare, the iPhone 5 tech specs are also listed.  This blog post should be updated again tomorrow or Wednesday with the legit specs that Apple gives us.

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Find the full specs breakdown by clicking below!


iPhone 5S Home Button and Packaging Pictures

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Apple’s iPhone-focused media event is only a few short days away! And now is the time that more people come out to confirm the rumors, pictures of the new iDevices are plastered all over the web, and people start waiting in line at the Apple Store.  Pictures of the Home button internals have been released in addition to the packaging for the iPhone.  Click below to see more!


Upgrade to iPhone 5S

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The iPhone 5S is set to be announced, according to almost every rumor, on September 10.  Within a week or two after, the iPhone should be released as well.  Now is the time that Apple consumers shouldstart cleaning their iPhones and preparing them to be sold so they can upgrade to the best iPhone ever.  This is a quick guide for anyone interested in buying the iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C by trading in their current iPhone/smartphone.  For the readers that are trading in their Droid smartphones for the new iPhone, you are making the best decision of your life and welcome to innovation.

For starters, you will want to prepare your current smartphone to be sold.  First clean it completely and take note of any scuff marks or scratches on it.  If the screen is cracked or the sound doesn’t work, take note of this.  After you sell it, don’t forget to reset the iPhone completely (so the new owner can’t use your information) and transfer AppleCare to the new owner (yes this is possible.)

Places to sell:

Craigslist: this site is good if you want to buy the new one with other money and sell the iPhone whenever you want.  Many people post on here and usually overvalue their iDevices.  In my opinion, $350 for an iPhone 4 8GB (which is three years old) is too much.  Either ship it or meet the person in a public place to avoid getting screwed over or killed.

eBayThis site is great for selling an iPhone at a high price before you purchase the new iPhone.  Although when the new iPhone does come out, many people might be less interested in your phone.

AmazonAmazon offers Amazon gift certificates in exchange for your iPhone but will give you less if your phone is not in mint condition

Apple: They currently have a Recycle program you can use to resell your device in exchange for an Apple store gift card.

Gazelle.com, uSell.com, Buy My Tronics, NextWorth, Glyde: sites like these (where you sell to a company) will give you a lot less then you will get anywhere else, but Gazelle does allow you to lock in a price until October 15.  Prices do fluctuate often and they may drop as the new iPhone gets released


For example, I have an iPhone 5 32GB White on Verizon in brand new condition.  If I removed all content and included all original chargers and adapters, I would get the following prices:

  • Craigslist: $500-$600
  • eBay: $450-$550
  • Amazon: $397
  • Apple: $326
  • Gazelle: $325
  • uSell: $325
  • Buy My Tronics: $341
  • NextWorth: $315
  • Glyde: $393-$435

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Apple's Unpredictablity

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Apple Inc. has always been unpredictable when Steve Jobs was in control of the company. Back in 2007, we thought Apple Inc. was just a computer company, that had expanded to MP3 players in the early 21st century. They release an iPhone and completely redefined the cell phone and smartphone. 3 years later, they went further to increase their product line to include a tablet and redefined that category as well. They wanted to prove that they were unpredictable with innovation (iPhone, iPad, etc.) Apple has strayed away from being unpredictable with innovation to becoming unpredictable with their products.

Being unpredictable with innovation is one thing. It gives you the competitive advantage, it gets consumers really interested in your products and shows that you are the better choice among your competitors. The iPhone was the only phone like it when it came out in 2007. There was smartphones, sure like a RIM Blackberry, and flip phones; but there was nothing like the iPhone. Not many bar shaped phones that only used 4 buttons and a switch to control the phone. It was an entire screen that responded to touch, something that would be crazy to think of at the start of the century. The iPad changed things again; it was like a giant iPhone, but it was a tablet. Steve Jobs proudly walked out on stage to announce it and showed everyone that we all needed this product in our lives. He motivated us to go buy one because it was a necessity. The iPad mini came out recently in October and its the closest thing Apple has come to being unpredictable with innovation since the iPad. One could argue that the iPad mini is just a smaller iPad so it doesn’t really count as an innovation. Apple needs to innovate again, create something before everyone else does. iWatch or an iCar, but a full blown Apple TV is not really innovation, because it has already been done. Samsung, RIM, Nokia and other similar companies haven’t created a SmartWatch and it would be perfect for Apple to create it. There would be a big press event, Tim Cook would proudly walk on stage and announce this innovation that was unheard of and create the need for one. He would need to motivate us, almost like Steve Jobs did that we need this product in our lives. They need to show their unpredictability with innovation and creation again.

They tried in 2012 to show their unpredictability with their products, but it didn’t remind us how they are innovative. Starting in the first quarter of 2012, they released the 3rd generation, not called the iPad 3 (as most of us expected), but called the “new iPad”. No one really predicted that Apple would not attach a number to the product to identify the advancement and next generation of the product. A few months later, the iPhone 5 was released with a screen size that was nothing like the past generations of iPhones. They have all had the same screen size, until the iPhone 5. Rumors were spread that the 6th generation iPhone would have a larger screen, but many people dismissed this idea because the iPhone wouldn’t change that much. Then, the iPad with Retina came out this past Autumn. Apple tried to show us that they are not predictable, releasing two iPads in one year?? WHATTTT??? Not calling it the iPad 4 or new new iPad??? All they did was change a few small things of the “new iPad”, slapped a new name on it and angered hundreds of loyal customers that had just purchased the “new iPad”. Apple is stuck in rut of showing that they are unpredictable with products, not with innovation.

2013 needs to be the year that they release a new innovative product that changes the way we currently think about a technology. Whether it be a watch or a car or a television (although the latter has already been done and redone), it needs to be something or else Apple is going to continue downhill and be wiped out within a decade. Apple needs to get back to what it does best. Yes, be unpredictable with products. Release two iPhones this year, release two iPads and give us some new MacBooks, but give us another product to be excited about. Give us an innovation that would blow Apple out of this rut and back on top where it belongs. Give us something we need, something unheard of. If the market doesn’t exist for the product, Apple will make it exist. Apple is very powerful and can convince everyone that this product is a necessity in our lives. Apple Inc. is no longer Steve Jobs, but it is Tim Cook. It is under a new leader and new management and needs to show us that it has new ideas. It has new innovations and it is unpredictable because it thinks different.