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iPad 5 Rumors, Release Date

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Last month, Apple introduced us to two brand new iPhones.  The first was the iPhone 5s, the predecessor to the iPhone 5, and the second was the iPhone 5c, which is a more colorful iPhone with similar specs to the iPhone 5.  The iPhone 5S also came with some cool new features, such as Touch ID, 64-bit chip, two processors and an improved camera.

Apple is expected to release two new iPads this month: the iPad 5 and the iPad mini 2.  Rumor has it that the iPad 5 will be smaller, lighter, more efficient on battery power and may also have some cool new features, such as Touch ID and an improved camera.  The picture below and a bunch more pictures of the iPad 5 come from Sonny Dickson.


Tech Specs

  • processor: A7 or A7X processor (the A7 is current the power behind the iPhone 5S)
  • redesigned form factor: 15% thinner and 25% lighter, thickness of 7.2 to 8.0mm, thinner side bezels, chamfered edges and curves, 9.7″ screen (no change here)
  • sound: dual speakers with dual volume buttons (as compared to the current volume rocker on the iPads)
  • camera: improved 8MP camera with similar features found in the iPhone 5s
  • colors: Space Gray/Black, Silver/White
  • prices and storage: $499 (16GB, WiFi only), $629 (16GB, Cellular), $599 (32GB, WiFi only), $729 (32GB, Cellular), $699 (64GB, WiFi only), $829 (64GB, Cellular), $799 (128GB WiFi only), $929, (128GB, Cellular).

Release Date

Last year, Apple held their iPad event on October 23.  If Apple’s history tells us anything about their future (which it usually does), this year’s event will be sometime between mid October to early November.  I am betting on something closer to October 15.


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