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The EverDock: Updated

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The EverDock, found on Kickstarter has seen amazing success in their goal to reach $50,000.  The project went live on September 17th, 2013 with the plan to reach their goal amount by October 17th.  I believe they reached their goal in a little over 24 hours.  This project is currently at $319,025 with 3,377 backers and 9 days left.  Their first pledge was $39 for the EverDock in natural aluminum color (silver) with a silicone protector, a micro-USB cable and 2 cable adapters.  This pledge sold out first.  The next pledge is starts at $49 and continues up to $299.  As will all Kickstart projects, if you pledge money, it doesn’t mean you are getting the product.  It is all determined whether the project gets all the funding it needs.  But, as I said above, EverDock has all their funding and you will be getting one if you pledge.  If you missed out on the $39 one, I was lucky enough to pledge and I will be giving mine away to anyone who tweets or shares this post (more details in bold at the bottom).



Tweet or Share this post to be entered to with the EverDock.  When you tweet or share on Facebook, just hashtag idevicegeekblog (e.g. #idevicegeekblog) and you will be automatically entered to win the EverDock in silver.  The contest started October 1 and ends October 15, 11:59pm EST.  The contest is only open to USA residents and the EverDock will be shipped sometime between November and December.  For official rules, please visit here.

EverDock: The Dock For Every Smartphone

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Are you looking for a new dock for your smartphone? Well then look no further.  There is a beautiful smartphone/tablet dock from FUZ Designs.  This dock works with virtually all smartphones: iPhones, Galaxy S3/S4, iPads, HTC, Blackberry the possibilities are endless.  The dock was featured on Kickstarter and received over 100% of funds.  Look below to find where to purchase it.

The EverDock, photo credits: FUZ Designs

The EverDock, photo credits: FUZ Designs

The EverDock

The EverDock is an aluminum dock created to hold your smartphone/tablet and charge it at the same time.  It works with any smartphone/tablet that uses: lightning, micro-USB or 30-pin.  The dock comes with a customized micro-USB cable for Android and non-Apple devices.  The bottom of the dock features micro-suction (a cutting-edge technology) that will allow the dock to stick to any surface and for effortless two-finger removal of the smartphone.  There are no screws to unscrew or parts to unassemble.  Just attach your charger and plug in your phone.

The EverDock is available in four colors: silver, black, space gray and gold.

Where to Purchase

The EverDock received more than enough funding on KickStarter and became a physical product.  The single dock is $50, the double dock is $70 and the combo pack is $110.  To purchase, order on the FUZ Designs website.