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Stock apps cannot be deleted, only hidden from Home screen

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Unfortunately one of the most requested features that seemed to be too good to be true, was. The developer’s website for iOS 10 claimed that stock apps could be removed from the phone. This seemed to mean that we could finally delete those apps that Apple forces us to have on our devices. This led many to think about the future of Apple and hope that the apps could perhaps be updated independently on major software updates and that other third-party apps could become default. I foresaw Google Maps replacing Apple Maps, but unfortunately not everything is what it appears to be.

Stock Apps

The keywords are “remove from Home screen.” It says nothing about deleting apps, via The Verge

In a recent interview with John Gruber on ‘The Talk Show,’ Apple executives Phil Schiller and Craig Federighi went into more details about deleting stock apps. First, the deleted apps are not actually removed from your device. When you delete Maps, for example, you are removing it from your Home screen and erasing the user data. If you click on a link with an address, the phone will prompt you to install Maps again. Either you install Maps or you cancel the request. You cannot default third-party apps. Also, this means that since they are not truly deleted from your device, they cannot be updated independently. We will still see major update generations for changes with stock apps.

When you re-install the deleted app, you are not actually reinstalling it. You are allowing the app to be on your Home screen again. You will likely have to go through the normal setup with the app like enabling location settings and notifications, if needed.

The interview is not available to listen just yet, but it will be available onĀ Daring Fireball when it is.

via 9to5Mac