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Cyber Week Deals

Cyber Week 2013 Walmart deals
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Black Friday was almost a week ago already and we are on our way to Christmas.  For the rest of the month, my blog posts will be about iDevice deals, potential rumors for next year’s iDevices, this year’s roundup and expectations for next year.  While we wait, let’s look back on the expectations I had for this year.  It is still cyber week, at least for a little while, so here are some great deals you can score on this week:


  • iPhone 5c: $45 (with free $75 Walmart gift card) until December 7th
  • iPhone 5s: $189 (with free $75 Walmart gift card) until December 7th

There are new deals every day of this week.  Click on each retailer below to be directed right to their deals page.

Cyber Monday Week:

Regular Deals:

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Black Friday Deals Update

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Why look online through Black Friday advertisements looking for Apple iDevice deals when I have already done that for you.  Come back here often to see the iDevice deals. (Updated 11/12 8pm)

iPad Air

iPad Air
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The iPad Air (the fifth generation iPad) was announced at Apple’s October 22 Event.  In addition to a brand new design for the full-sized iPad (mostly taken from the iPad mini), Apple updated its internal components.  This iPad will be available for purchase starting November 1.  Here’s a breakdown of the new iPad Air with features, tech specs and what’s included along with rumors for future iPads.

iPad Air weighing in at only 1 pound

iPad Air weighing in at only 1 pound


October 22 Event Invitation Released

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Yesterday afternoon, Apple finally released their event invitation for the iPad-focused event on October 22.  We expect Apple will announce the slightly thicker Retina iPad mini (second generation), the slimmer iPad mini-shaped iPad 5 (fifth generation full-size iPad), the release date of OSX Mavericks and the Mac Pro.

October 22 Event


Invitation Clues:

“We still have a lot to cover”

  • “We still” –> Apple isn’t finished yet announcing products, the iPad mini 2 and iPad 5 are expected to be announced around this time and Apple is secretly confirming that “yes, we know and yes are going to be talking about iPads.”  Also, “still” refers to them updating their products, not necessarily announcing new ones.
  • “a lot” –> 2 new iPads do not qualify as “a lot”.  Apple is expected to announce the iPads in addition to the release date for OSX Mavericks and the Mac Pro.  Does 4 new products count as “a lot” to you?
  • “cover” –> very interesting choice of word, could it refer to the new color choice for the iPads (Space Grey, White and Gold) or maybe a new Smart Cover because their iPad 5 is changing form or something.
  • The colors of invitation and transparencies are interesting, I don’t think it has a direct referral to the iPads.  The leaves could represent Autumn, since the event is in Autumn and the colorful transparent leaves could relate to iOS 7.
  • Here’s a crazy theory: I mentioned on Facebook that 71% of users have upgraded to iOS 7 within a month.  What if the leaves represent people who have upgraded.  The non transparent leaves represent people who have not upgraded (they are in the minority towards the top of the invitation) and the transparent leaves are users who have upgraded (the majority towards the bottom of the invitation).  Or the leaves are covering one another, directly relating the the “We still have a lot to cover”.
  • We will know within a few days.


ipad5_store3-640x480 (1)


iPad 5 Tech Specs:

  • Touch ID
  • 7.2mm thin due to thinner display
  • iPad mini-like design, narrower bezels
  • storage: 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB
  • camera: 8MP rear facing, 1.2MP front facing
  • colors: Space Grey, White, Gold
  • same prices as previous generations


iPad mini 2 Tech Specs:

  • Touch ID
  • Retina display with 324ppi (2048×1536 resolution)
  • same form as previous generation, maybe slightly thicker to incorporate Retina display (like the iPad 2 vs. iPad 3)
  • A6X processor (same as iPad 4)
  • storage: 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, potentiall 128GB
  • camera: 8MP rear facing, 1.2MP front facing
  • colors: Space Grey, White, Gold
  • same prices as before



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The EverDock: Updated

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The EverDock, found on Kickstarter has seen amazing success in their goal to reach $50,000.  The project went live on September 17th, 2013 with the plan to reach their goal amount by October 17th.  I believe they reached their goal in a little over 24 hours.  This project is currently at $319,025 with 3,377 backers and 9 days left.  Their first pledge was $39 for the EverDock in natural aluminum color (silver) with a silicone protector, a micro-USB cable and 2 cable adapters.  This pledge sold out first.  The next pledge is starts at $49 and continues up to $299.  As will all Kickstart projects, if you pledge money, it doesn’t mean you are getting the product.  It is all determined whether the project gets all the funding it needs.  But, as I said above, EverDock has all their funding and you will be getting one if you pledge.  If you missed out on the $39 one, I was lucky enough to pledge and I will be giving mine away to anyone who tweets or shares this post (more details in bold at the bottom).



Tweet or Share this post to be entered to with the EverDock.  When you tweet or share on Facebook, just hashtag idevicegeekblog (e.g. #idevicegeekblog) and you will be automatically entered to win the EverDock in silver.  The contest started October 1 and ends October 15, 11:59pm EST.  The contest is only open to USA residents and the EverDock will be shipped sometime between November and December.  For official rules, please visit here.

iPad 5 Rumors, Release Date

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Last month, Apple introduced us to two brand new iPhones.  The first was the iPhone 5s, the predecessor to the iPhone 5, and the second was the iPhone 5c, which is a more colorful iPhone with similar specs to the iPhone 5.  The iPhone 5S also came with some cool new features, such as Touch ID, 64-bit chip, two processors and an improved camera.

Apple is expected to release two new iPads this month: the iPad 5 and the iPad mini 2.  Rumor has it that the iPad 5 will be smaller, lighter, more efficient on battery power and may also have some cool new features, such as Touch ID and an improved camera.  The picture below and a bunch more pictures of the iPad 5 come from Sonny Dickson.


Tech Specs

  • processor: A7 or A7X processor (the A7 is current the power behind the iPhone 5S)
  • redesigned form factor: 15% thinner and 25% lighter, thickness of 7.2 to 8.0mm, thinner side bezels, chamfered edges and curves, 9.7″ screen (no change here)
  • sound: dual speakers with dual volume buttons (as compared to the current volume rocker on the iPads)
  • camera: improved 8MP camera with similar features found in the iPhone 5s
  • colors: Space Gray/Black, Silver/White
  • prices and storage: $499 (16GB, WiFi only), $629 (16GB, Cellular), $599 (32GB, WiFi only), $729 (32GB, Cellular), $699 (64GB, WiFi only), $829 (64GB, Cellular), $799 (128GB WiFi only), $929, (128GB, Cellular).

Release Date

Last year, Apple held their iPad event on October 23.  If Apple’s history tells us anything about their future (which it usually does), this year’s event will be sometime between mid October to early November.  I am betting on something closer to October 15.


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iPhone 5c Commercials

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Quick update on the contest: The end of September is coming up extremely fast.  If you are interested in entering the contest for this month, which includes a $20 iTunes gift card (or Google play gift card), a month subscription to Hulu plus, a universal armband and one more surprise, you have to hurry and enter.  Tweet or share this post and you will have 2x the number of entries in the contest.  If you tweet it, tag us @idevicegeekblog, and if you share on Facebook, hashtag us #idevicegeekblog.  On a final note, December’s contest has to be big (because its Christmas and Hanukkah time!) So put your input in the poll below to help me decide on a big prize!

iPhone 5c

The new iPhones have been out for nearly a week now.  The iPhone 5s comes with Touch ID (a fingerprint scanner), two processors (A7 and M7) and more.  The iPhone 5c comes out in multiple colors, as expected, with a cheaper price and internal components that are similar to the iPhone 5.  Apple has created three new commercials (below) showing the iPhone 5c, one features an extended cut of one of the commercials.  I added more videos that Apple has on their YouTube page showing the iPhone 5c.




Check out the other videos by clicking below!


iPhone 5S Home Button and Packaging Pictures

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Tweet or Share this post to enter in the September 2013 contest to win a $20 iTunes gift card or $20 Google play gift card, a universal armband, a month subscription to Hulu plus and one more surprise!  Tweet about it by tagging @idevicegeekblog or share on your social network and email me at idevicegeekblog@gmail.com with your name and link to where you shared it. Good luck!

Apple’s iPhone-focused media event is only a few short days away! And now is the time that more people come out to confirm the rumors, pictures of the new iDevices are plastered all over the web, and people start waiting in line at the Apple Store.  Pictures of the Home button internals have been released in addition to the packaging for the iPhone.  Click below to see more!


August Contest Updates

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Hey! The contest is still going on and I’ve realized that an iPhone 4/4S USB charger may be out of date. Many people have upgraded to the beautiful iPhone 5 or are going to update to the iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C and see no reason to get a new charger for their current phone. So starting today, and this includes anyone who previously tweeted to me, an additional optional prize will be added. The winner will choose between a colored iPhone 4/4S USB charger or a colored iPhone 5 USB charger and the colored USB car adapter.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Each month, the prizes will get better. Next month, the prize will be an Xtreme Reflective Armband for iPhone (any generation), almost any smartphone and MP3 players. Following this prize, there will be iTunes gift cards available in the coming months 🙂

So keep checking back at my blog (which is updated twice a week) and tweet about your favorite blog posts to be included in the contest.

Final note: a partially assembled iPhone 5C and iPad 5 were shown off on camera! Check it out 🙂

One last final note: If the iPhone 5C does come out and there are problems with it, I foresee it being called the iPhone 5 Cheap and it will be all over the news like the iPhone 4’s antenna problems were.