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New video shows how iPhone 6s Plus holds up against #Bendgate

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Today the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus were released. Last year, several video showed how bendable the iPhone 6 Plus was due to its incredibly thin design. These next-generation models are made of Apple’s custom 7000 series aluminum (same material as the Apple Watch Sport), are 0.2mm thicker and have extra protection around the volume controls. All of these should hopefully prevent #Bendgate from reoccurring. A new video posted by FoneFox tests the bendability of the iPhone 6s Plus.

Here’s how iPhone 6s Plus handles bendgate brutality

Similarly to last year’s videos for the iPhone 6 Plus, the new iPhone 6s Plus is put through bend tests to determine its durability and to see if Apple has finally fixed the bending problem. The first test shows the phone being bent by pushing in the center and pulling out the sides of the phone. Unlike the 6 Plus, however, the phone only bends slightly and bounces back into place once the test is complete. The second test finally damaged the phone when two people came together to bend it, but this won’t happen in real life circumstances.  Under normal usage, the iPhone 6s Plus will not bend so it’s safe to say that Apple has fixed the #Bendgate issue.

Bendgate Should Not Stop You From Buying an iPhone 6 Plus

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After both next-generation iPhones launched last week, several customers were concerned with an apparent structural flaw in iPhone 6 Plus that allowed it to bend easily with little to no pressure.  This flaw was dubbed “Bendgate” on social media.  YouTube user Unbox Therapy created a video that showed an iPhone 6 Plus bending with the human force.  After this video hit the website, the outcry of Bendgate became worse and more videos made their way online.  People also created parodies and Apple’s competitors were taking advantage of the “flaw.”  Apple responded, like they did with Antennagate on iPhone 4, by allowing journalists to explore their secret testing facility.  They test thousands of phones for durability before they put them on sale.  In addition, Consumer Reports scientifically tested the iPhone 6 Plus and other top smartphones to determine if this problem is real and they found that Bendgate was completely blown out of proportion.


Consumer Reports, an independent consumer-testing company, conducted their own tests to determine how much pressure it takes to bend an iPhone 6 Plus.  In addition, they tested other top smartphones like the LG G3 and HTC One (M8).  They determined that it takes 90lbs of pressure to permanently deform an iPhone 6 Plus, which is better then the HTC One’s 70lbs.  After their testing, they concluded that the iPhones may not be the strongest phones on the market, but Bendgate was completely overblown.

Apple officially responded to Bendgate by saying that “with normal use, a bend in iPhone is extremely rare and through our first six days of sale, a total of nine customers have contacted Apple with a bent iPhone 6 Plus.”  Out of 10 million iPhones sold, that is nine who contacted Apple that were concerned with the accidental bend in the phone.  This is an extremely low percentage of users and should not stop anyone from purchasing an iPhone 6.

In conclusion, if you are still being kept up at night worrying about the iPhone 6 Plus bending, there is an easy fix. Invest in a case, like the Felt Case by FUZ Designs, and avoid the situation altogether.  Like Antennagate, the “flaw” will be fixed with a case.

iPhone 6 Plus Suffers From Bendgate

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The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are currently in the spotlight since they came out recently. Like always when a new device comes out, videos pop up on YouTube that show the device being put through some torture tests.  Some of the tests were done on purpose (i.e. drop test), while others may be done on accident (i.e. placing the iPhone in your tight jeans pocket).  In this post we discuss the latest problem with the iPhone 6 Plus: bendgate.

This unintentional torture test can be done by simply putting the iPhone 6 Plus in your tight jean’s pocket.  Many iPhone 6 Plus owners have found their phones are bending slightly over the course of the day (dubbed #BendGate).  9to5Mac wrote a short post about the bending problems that users are having. Aluminum, which is the material used in the rear casing, is quite malleable and the front panel is apparently not strong enough to prevent device from bending.  One Youtube user, Unbox Therapy, found that you can actually bend the device with just the strength of your hands. Apple will reportedly fix this problem at a cost.  The company charges $79 on AppleCare+ for accidental damage so it looks like this will be the cost of bending the iPhone back to normal.