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WWDC 2016: Apple announces iOS 10, watchOS, tvOS, and more

WWDC 2016
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The annual Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC 2016) kicked off a few hours ago with a keynote from the CEO Tim Cook and other team members. They announced the latest in software updates with iOS 10, watchOS 3, tvOS, and more.

iOS 10

WWDC 2016

The tenth generation operating system for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch was announced and this is literally the biggest update Apple has ever released. There are a plethora of changes across the board with user interface tweaks, redesigned apps, increased security and privacy, and new apps. Messages, News, Music, Photos, and Phone are just some of the apps that received overhauled features and designs and the Lock screen, Notification Center, and Control Center are now very different. iOS 10 is available to developers today, beta testers next month, and it is available as a free upgrade in the fall to the public.


watchOS 3

WWDC 2016

The third generation software for the Apple Watch comes with many new features, design changes, and updates in speed. Apple also took some favorite iPhone functions, like Control Center, and brought it to the Apple Watch. There is a dock for frequently used apps, new watch faces, more customization with watch faces, a new Breathe app, more APIs for developers, and a function called Scribble which allows you to write/type. It is available to developers today and is coming to the public in the fall.


WWDC 2016

The next-generation software for the Apple TV is a relatively small update, but it brings much needed features and a Dark Mode. The Remote app for iPhone will be updated to be identical to the Siri remote so users can use motion, swiping, Siri, and more to interact with their TV. Siri can now search across more platforms, like YouTube, to find the right content. One of the greatest features announced, called Single Sign-On, lets users sign in once to their TV provider in the Settings app instead of individually per app. This update is available today for developers and is coming this fall to the public.


Other Updates

  • 2 million apps on App Store
  • 130 billion app downloads
  • Apple has paid over $50 billion to developers
  • four platforms: iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS
  • this year is the 27th year of WWDC 2016

For the next week, developers will be at the developers conference to learn how to design their apps to work with the latest software updates and how to make better apps. The keynote kicks off the event for the rest of the week. The next Apple event will likely be held in September for the release of the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2.