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Apple is Working on New Health Apps for Apple Watch to Track Sleep

new health apps
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During the Apple’s summer event for developers, they introduced the next software version for the Apple Watch which included a new Breathe app. It is responsible for calming the user’s mind during the day by reminding them to take a moment to focus on breathing. This app, which is another step towards the health industry, is not the only one Apple is planning to release.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple is working on new health apps for the Apple Watch that will track and analyze more data. People familiar with the matter who spoke to Bloomberg said there is a sleep-tracking app in the works. There is also an app that measures the time it takes for the heart rate to slow from its peak to the normal resting level. Both of these apps would not require any special hardware and can already work on the Apple Watch.


Analyst Predicts GPS, Barometer, and New Processor on Apple Watch 2

watchOS 3
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Based on Apple’s history, the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2 should be completely redesigned with new internal components and external housing. Since this is major iPhone year and this is the second-generation Apple Watch, a redesign for both is typical for Apple. Unfortunately it appears that Apple is playing it safe with both of these devices with a complete redesign next year instead. A new report from KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi-Kuo claims the Apple Watch 2 will have the same physical design as its predecessor with updated internal components.

Apple Watch 2

KGI Securities analyst expects the same design for the Apple Watch and the Apple Watch 2, credit: Apple

The Apple Watch 2 will be loaded with new sensors and a better processor for updated graphics and performance. The watch will include a GPS, barometer, the second-generation SoC processor, and be more waterproof. Other reports have rumored a cellular or Wi-Fi antenna and camera as well. The new SoC will improve the GPU and CPU of the watch for better performance. Next year’s watch, the Apple Watch 3, will be completely redesigned with a new form factor and potentially new casing materials.

According to Kuo, the current Apple Watch will not be discontinued but instead, upgraded. The watch will feature the new SoC processor and be priced for much less. It previously saw a price drop of $50 in the spring so hopefully the next price drop will put it below $200. The Apple Watch 2 will take over the prices of the current Apple Watch.

The new Apple Watch 2 is expected to be announced alongside the iPhone 7 in early September. Kuo predicts the watch will come out in late 2016, which would means September to December according to Tim Cook. He previously confirmed the definition of “early,” “mid,” and “late” meaning the first four months, middle four months, and last four months, respectively.

KGI: Apple Watch shipments to decline this year (not surprisingly)

Apple Watch
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Earlier this week, KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi-Kuo released a report about the Apple Watch’s declining  shipments. The note, which was obtained by 9to5Mac, claims that shipments will decrease by as much as 25% this year from 10.6M units in 2015 to 7.5M units in 2016.

Kuo claims that one cause for this decline is likely because the Apple Watch is not where it should be. The device still is dependent upon the iPhone for complete functionality, the battery life is limited, form factor is quite thick, and there is not enough difference between the models. There are three models (four if you count the Hermes line), for the Apple Watch with differences in case materials, bands, and prices. The Apple Watch Sport starts at $299 while the Apple Watch Edition starts at $10,000. The aluminum to 18-karat gold case material and bands are not enough to justify the massive price difference.

Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, agrees saying that the bands are the only difference between the Apple Watch models. While some of the bands can be purchased separately, some the higher-end bands like the white Sport band with rose gold pin are exclusive to the Apple Watch Edition line. The Apple Watch models look identical on the inside with the same battery capacity, same dependence on the iPhone, and the same form factor.

Apple Watch personalization

The Apple Watch Sport rose gold with the white Sport band, Apple.com

Apple needs to create some differentiation between the models. If a customer is paying $10,000 for the same Apple Watch as a customer who bought one for $299, there is a problem. With the higher price point, there should be increased functionality. Perhaps a camera, slimmer design, and at the very least, more personalization. One road Apple could go down is to allow customers who want to pay that much for their watch is to select the case material, band, colors, and watch face first instead of buying something Apple selected themselves and boxed up months ago. This would create much more customization and personalization. For example, a customer could select the Apple Watch Edition in rose gold with a black Sports band with rose gold pin and the Mickey Mouse watch face. Their device could be ready-to-use right out of the box. For that price, Apple should create something much more personal.

The end of Kuo’s note suggested an updated ‘S model‘ is coming out this year with a revamped design not expected until 2017.

Apple Watch coming to retail stores next month

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During Apple CEO Tim Cook’s recent visit to China, he held a meeting with several employees at the headquarters in China to discuss news about Apple Watch and Apple Pay.


Citing sources who were involved in the meeting, 9to5Mac reports that the retail launch of the Apple Watch is coming next month. At the meeting, Cook said that the Apple Watch is seeing great success and their suppliers are working hard to make more watches. Since the supply is starting to catch up with the high demand, Cook expects that stores will begin stocking the watch by the end of this month and it will be available for purchase in stores starting in June.

During the meeting with employees, Cook also revealed a few details about Apple Pay expanding to China soon. The payment service, which is only available in the United States, is expected to see international expansion in the coming months. It has been rumored for a while that Apple is working with a banks and retailers to support the payment service in a few different countries. Cook mentioned that one of the main reasons for this recent trip to China is because Apple is in talks with a few potential Apple Pay partners and different banks have already signed on to support the service.

Source: 9to5Mac

Our comprehensive guide to everything Apple Watch

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The first generation Apple Watch, which was announced on September 9th, 2014, is finally available to buy. The watch, unlike other Apple products, will be sold exclusively online until Apple has time to catch up with the tremendous demand for the device. In this post, we walk you through everything Apple Watch.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 9.30.11 AM


Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 9.43.46 AM

The Apple Watch is advertised as Apple’s most personal device yet. It comes with a plethora of new features, ways to communicate, customizations, ways to tell time, track your fitness and more. Right out of the box, the Apple Watch will be able to do so much without the thousands of apps available on the Apple Watch App Store.

For the timekeeping aspect of the Apple Watch, there are numerous ways to display the time with a chronograph, color, modular, utility, Mickey Mouse (we need to have Mickey Mouse), simple, motion, solar and astronomy clocks. In addition, each clock can be highly customizable to include a stopwatch, calendar, moon phases, the weather and more. Each clock can also be customized with different colors to make it very personal and specific to you.

The Apple Watch also has new innovative ways to communicate with friends and loved ones. The Digital Touch feature allows you to sketch a drawing, tap a rhythm and send your heartbeat to someone else with an Apple Watch. The watch works with your iPhone so any incoming notifications, like text messages, phone calls, mail and more can be accessed, managed and replied to on your wrist.

The watch is also designed to be a fitness and health companion. The Activity app made by Apple tracks your exercise, how many calories burned and tells you when to take a break from sitting. Their second app, Workout, shows real-time updates about your current activity, like calories burned, pace and distance. It also works with a variety of activities so the Apple Watch only uses the sensors it needs. If needed for your exercise, the Apple Watch will use the GPS sensor in the iPhone.

In addition, the Apple Watch comes with a number of built-in apps, like Stocks, Photos and Calendar, and has access to its own App Store with over a thousand apps already available. The Apple Watch also works with Apple Pay for those users that have the iPhone 5, 5s and 5c.


iFixit tears down the Apple Watch Sport

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Late Thursday night, iFixit completed their teardown of the Apple Watch Sport and unlike their prank from April Fool’s Day, this is the real Apple Watch. Before starting the teardown, they looked at the specs of the Apple Watch, took apart the packaging and looked at the Apple Watch.


The Apple Watch Sport, unlike the other models, comes in a long white box and is laid out flat. The other models have the watch in a square box and band is wrapped around itself. The front of the Sport model has a pressure-sensitive and flexible touchscreen AMOLED Retina display with Ion-X glass. For internal specs, we see 8GB of storage, NFC, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, several sensors, the first generation of Watch OS and the custom-design SiP (System in Package) for the computer behind it all. The rear of the watch has a composite cover with hard coated optical polymer lenses, whereas the other models have a zirconia ceramic cover with sapphire lenses.


For the teardown, the display of the Apple Watch is removed first. Underneath it, we can see the Taptic Engine, which has Apple’s logo and is clearly labeled as such with the 205 mAh battery. The microphone and speaker both have O-ringed rubber gaskets around them to help with the watch’s IPX7 water-resistant rating. Under the battery, the SiP is held in place with tiny tri-winged screws. The SiP looks great when looking at the top, but the underside has flex cables in every which way (looks like an octopus), lots of adhesive and unfortunately, many components are soldered to it.

The SiP computer

The SiP, credit: iFixit

iFixit points out that the heart rate sensor is actually plethysmograph, but it looks and acts like a pulse oximeter. These are typically used to measure the oxygen level in your blood, but it appears Apple didn’t advertise the sensor in this way likely due to the FDA restrictions. Their device is a watch and not medical equipment.

The stainless steel Apple Watch actual internals versus Apple's internals design from their website.

The stainless steel Apple Watch actual internals versus Apple’s internals design from their website, credit iFixit and Apple.

In addition to taking apart the Apple Watch Sport, they also took apart the inductive charger and the stainless steel Apple Watch. There was nothing too exciting with either of these except for more gold is found inside the stainless steel model.

Check out the full teardown here.


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Apple airs three new Apple Watch ads: 'Rise', 'Us' and 'Up'

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On Thursday night, Apple aired three new commercials that announced the Apple Watch is here. These ads focus on using the watch when you first wake up and during your morning commute, using it communicate with your friends and loved ones and the final one shows the health and fitness side of the Apple Watch.


The first commercial, ‘Rise’, is all about using the watch in the morning and during the morning commute. We see people checking incoming messages, looking at the train schedule, using the watch as their boarding pass at an airport and more.


In the second commercial, which is called ‘Us’, we see the communication features of the Apple Watch. It is used as a new communication tool between friends, families and loved ones. We see people drawing pictures to each other, sending animated emojis, viewing missed calls and more.


The final commercial, called ‘Up’, focuses on the fitness and health aspect of the watch. It shows people working out, bicycling, running, hiking a mountain, walking up stairs and more with the Apple Watch tracking all of their movements with its internal sensors.

The Apple Watch is here, but it can only be purchased exclusively on the Apple Retail Store website.

Apple Watch pre-orders will be delivered sooner than expected

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Many Apple Watch orders that were scheduled to be delivered in May and June will actually be delivered sooner than expected, according to a new report by BuzzFeed News. They reached out to an Apple spokesman that confirmed they are ahead of schedule in terms of orders that are expected in late Spring and early Summer.


Before this report came out, 9to5Mac posted that several of their readers saw their Apple Watch order statuses change and their credit cards being charged event though the delivery isn’t expected until May and June. This typically happens when Apple prepares to ship out a product. Thankfully, the Apple spokesman in the BuzzFeed News report was able to confirm that this was intentional.

“We’re happy to be updating many customers today with the news that their Apple Watch will arrive sooner than expected,” an Apple spokeswoman told BuzzFeed News. “Our team is working to fill orders as quickly as possible based on the available supply and the order in which they were received. We know many customers are still facing long lead times and we appreciate their patience.”

It appears that Apple purposefully set extended delivery times for the Apple Watch in hopes to avoid disappointment with false guarantees. In an email exchange between a MacRumors reader and one of the members of the Apple executive team, the executive member said that delivery times were extended so Apple Watch orders could be delivered “sooner than expected.”

Sources: BuzzFeed News, 9to5Mac, MacRumors

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First set of Apple Watch pre-orders sent to US in bulk shipments

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Ahead of the official Apple Watch launch on Friday, some orders are preparing to ship while others still have weeks or months to prepare. Those that were lucky enough to place their pre-orders before everyone else at midnight PST were met with a two-week delivery window of 4/24 to 5/8. For those that are hoping to see their Apple Watch on Friday, the status of their Apple Watch should soon change to “Shipped”. According to a new report by MacRumors, the first set of Apple Watch devices have started being sent to various distribution centers across the United States so shipping is imminent.


Citing a source that has been accurate in the past, the report says that bulk shipments have begun and individual orders should start shipping very soon. When a customer pre-orders an item, Apple creates bulk shipments which are delivered to a few distribution facilities around the United States. The orders are then separated, the customer’s account gets charged, the status message is updated on the Orders page and the individual order ships.

The Apple Watch has seen an enormous amount of demand and a very limited supply. When pre-orders first started on Friday, April 10th, many watches slipped from delivery in the two-week window to June or even July. It only took six hours for the initial stock of Apple Watch devices to sell out. Due to this, Apple has announced that the watch will be unavailable to purchase in stores on April 24th.

UPDATE: Customers have begun getting charged for their Apple Watch devices and should expect delivery on Friday, April 10th.

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Source: MacRumors

Today I visited an Apple Store to try on the Apple Watch Sport

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I live in Maine and the closest Apple Store (actually the only Apple Store) is two and a half hours away from me. Pre-orders for the Apple Watch started on Friday and the earliest opportunity for me to visit my Apple Store was today (Monday, April 13th.) I woke up early and opened the Apple Store website on my iPhone 6 Plus to schedule an appointment. Since Maine is a relatively unpopulated state as compared to others, like New York or Massachusetts, every appointment was available from open to close. My store is also smaller compared to other major city stores, so the Apple Watch Edition wasn’t an option to try on. I decided to go with the Apple Watch model I wanted: the 38mm Apple Watch Sport with a blue band.

The Apple Watch that I want.

The Apple Watch that I want.

I arrived at the Apple Store about an hour before my scheduled appointment. I walked into the mostly empty store to find several employees standing around talking or helping customers. When I walked in, I was greeted by an employee that was checking people in. I told him that I had an appointment in about an hour and that I planned to look around first. There were several Apple Watches on display with an iPad that walked you through how to use many of the apps. One of the tables had an inset covered in glass with every model of Apple Watch (including the Apple Watch Edition.)

Every model of the Apple Watch Sport

Every model of the Apple Watch Sport

After a few minutes of looking around, I checked in with the employee in the front of the store. I told him, again, that I had arrived early for my appointment and wanted to see if someone was available for me to test out the Apple Watch now. Luckily there was an employee available to assist me in trying on the Apple Watch. He asked me which one I was interested in: Apple Watch Sport 38mm with a blue sport band. Unfortunately, they didn’t have this model available for trying on in the M/L band size so he chose the black Apple Watch Sport with black sport band for me. He took his iPhone 5s with a special case on it, placed it against one of the drawers under the table and this allowed it open with a few Apple Watches in it.

The mystery drawer with several Apple Watch models in it. This table had three drawers on this side and presumably three drawers on the other.

The mystery drawer with several Apple Watch models in it. This table had three drawers on this side and presumably three drawers on the other.

The employee placed the Apple Watch on the leather mat and proceeded to wipe it down to make it shiny. He explained briefly about how the clasp works, compared it to the fitness watch (not an Apple Watch) that he was wearing and placed it around my wrist. The loose ends tucks between the watch band and your skin so it’s nearly impossible for the watch to fall off. He showed me how to turn on the demo, which went through a few settings and apps. I wasn’t really paying attention to it, but more to how lighter and smaller the watch was than what I expected it to be. I always mentally compared it to the first generation iPhone, but it seemed to be a little better than that. There is, however, lots of room for improvement by making the next generation model much thinner. The underside that connects to the charger and tracks your heart rate seemed to be thicker than it needed to be. This should be the area that Apple should focus on for the next-generation watch.

Although not the color I wanted, the Apple Watch looks right at home on my wrist.

Although not the color I wanted, the Apple Watch looks right at home on my wrist.

The try on session didn’t seem that personal due to the demo playing on the watch. It would have been nicer if I was able to sync the watch to my phone to actually test out the service (since there were still plenty of Apple employees not helping customers, I’m sure it wouldn’t have been a problem for me to spend a few extra minutes with the watch) or actually use some of the apps instead of just viewing a demo.

Overall, the Apple Watch impressed me due to its lightness in weight and feel. The 38mm model appeared to be too small, even though that is the one I planned on pre-ordering so I’m glad that I was able to try on the larger model. The try on experience, however, wasn’t that impressive. I wished it was as personal as the Apple Watch is supposed to be. The model I wanted to try on wasn’t available so I had to go with a different color band, different size of the watch face and different color of the watch case. The demo seemed to be something that automatically played for everyone, which is not very personal.