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Apple CEO Tim Cook teases many apps available at Apple Watch launch

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As expected when the Apple Watch is shown off next week, Apple already has a lineup of apps ready for it. Apple CEO Tim Cook told employees at the flagship store in Berlin, Germany that there will be “a whole ton of announcements coming shortly about all the apps coming” for the watch.


Cook said that some of the top hotels in the worldwill be designing apps for Apple Watch. It will be used like a key fab so customers can get into their rooms with their wearable device instead of a card.  Other hotels will give customers the option to bypass the check-in process altogether by just using their specially designed watch apps. Cook said in September 2014 that Starwood Hotels was already in the process of designing their app so we expect this to be one the apps shown off next week.

The CEO went on to say that the Apple Watch will also replace car keys but didn’t specify as to which companies are working on this and when the capability will be ready.

Panera Bread, unsurprisingly, is also working on an app that will allow its customers to pay for their orders through Apple Pay on the Apple Watch.


Apple is also hoping that the smartwatch will work its way into the enterprise market. Salesforce.com, which is a longtime partner of Apple, is developing software for the Apple Watch. They were responsible for creating the first few applications for iPad and iPhone so it’s really no surprise that they are working on the Apple Watch.

Finally, Cook is very excited for the fitness apps that will be available when the Apple Watch launches. He describes them as “really, really fantastic.”

The Apple Watch launch event in next week on March 9th at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and online at apple.com/live.