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First set of Apple Watch pre-orders sent to US in bulk shipments

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Ahead of the official Apple Watch launch on Friday, some orders are preparing to ship while others still have weeks or months to prepare. Those that were lucky enough to place their pre-orders before everyone else at midnight PST were met with a two-week delivery window of 4/24 to 5/8. For those that are hoping to see their Apple Watch on Friday, the status of their Apple Watch should soon change to “Shipped”. According to a new report by¬†MacRumors, the first set of Apple Watch devices have started being sent to various distribution centers across the United States so shipping is imminent.


Citing a source that has been accurate in the past, the report says that bulk shipments have begun and individual orders should start shipping very soon. When a customer pre-orders an item, Apple creates bulk shipments which are delivered to a few distribution facilities around the United States. The orders are then separated, the customer’s account gets charged, the status message is updated on the Orders page and the individual order ships.

The Apple Watch has seen an enormous amount of demand and a very limited supply. When pre-orders first started on Friday, April 10th, many watches slipped from delivery in the two-week window to June or even July. It only took six hours for the initial stock of Apple Watch devices to sell out. Due to this, Apple has announced that the watch will be unavailable to purchase in stores on April 24th.

UPDATE: Customers have begun getting charged for their Apple Watch devices and should expect delivery on Friday, April 10th.

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Source: MacRumors

Apple Watch shipping times slip to May, June and July

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Early yesterday morning, pre-orders for the Apple Watch began. All three collections, the stainless steel Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition, sold out of their initial inventory and the shipping estimates are pushed back for a few months.


The stainless steel Apple Watch, which is the mid-tier watch, retails from $549 to $1,099. Of the twenty models available, most are shipping in June and others are shipping in 4-6 weeks (so early May to late May). The most expensive model, the 42mm watch with the black stainless steel bracelet is not able to ship until July.

The Apple Watch Sport is available in ten models and comes with an aluminum watch case with sport band. It retails for $349 to $399 and is the least expensive watch available. All the models are shipping in June.

The final collection, the Apple Watch Edition, which has the expensive price of $10,000 to $17,000 had a very limited initial supply so it was only minutes after the pre-order started that it would sell out. Like the Sport watch, all the models are shipping in June.

During the initial pre-order phase, the Apple Watch will be sold exclusively online; however, customers can still visit their local Apple Store to try on the watch. You will need to make an appointment first which can be done on the Apple Store website or through the Apple Store app and even if you have no intent on buying one, you can try on the Apple Watch Edition.

Yesterday, Tim Cook stopped by the Palo Alto store in California to meet with people trying on the Apple Watch. He was quoted with saying “Customers have been giving us great feedback and orders have been great, as well. Reaction¬†to the smartwatch has been extraordinary.”

The Apple Watch comes out April 24th.