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The Apple Watch can already do so much: open hotel rooms, show lyric information, answer phone calls, etc.

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When the Apple Watch was shown off at the “Spring Forward” event on March 9th, Kevin Lynch took us through almost a “day in the life of Apple Watch” to help us see how beneficial the watch would be. He went over a few of the features that were designed by Apple, like using Siri, and a few created by developers.

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 6.20.44 PM

Here’s everything he showed off:

  • Important notifications: boarding pass with Passbook, hotel information like Apple Watch room key, confirmation number, check-in/-out time, etc. with Starwood Hotels
  • Glances: stock market, business information, sports scores, top trending on Twitter, flight information for upcoming trips
  • Siri: weather, reminders,
  • Apps: WeChat (reply with text message or stickers), Instagram (view recent photos, more information and like photos), Uber (request car, view car and driver information, reminders), Shazam (song identification and lyrics), Messages (read and reply with dictation as voice or as text, quick replies or emoji), Alarm.com (view house information, unlock front door, garage door, update thermostat, etc.)
  • Fitness: stand up reminders
  • Apple Pay
  • Communication: phone calls (answer on watch, reply with message, send to iPhone), communicate with friends (call, send a message, Digital Touch)
  • Customizations: change watch face with force press

In addition, Kevin said that the Apple Watch can communicate with the iPhone either over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

This is just the beginning for the Apple Watch. The possibilities are really endless and the team at Apple is just getting started. With the creative minds of developers, the watch will completely change the way we live.

The New York Times reveals more information about the Apple Watch

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A new article that was featured in the New York Times gives us a few more details about the unreleased Apple Watch and a new unannounced feature called “Power Reserve.”

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 11.10.33 AMThe source of their information, three Apple employees, asked for anonymity for obvious reasons but said they worked on the smartwatch, code-named “Gizmo”, team. This team consisted of several top designers and engineers that have worked on other products, like iPhone, iPad and Mac.  There were also top executives like Jony Ive, Jeff Williams and Kevin Lynch. Employees who were testing the product in their daily lives before the announcement in September, created a fake casing to make the Apple Watch appear to be a Samsung smartwatch.

Apple had been working on the Apple Watch for at least two years since they first started imaging what sensors to pack into the device. They knew it would require a heart rate sensor and a way to track movement so it could be a fitness device, but they also wanted more sensors for measuring the user’s health, like stress tracking. Ultimately a lot of these sensors were unreliable and were dropped from the final product.

As for battery life, Apple has confirmed that the watch will have to be charged every night after a full day of use. Tim Cook has talked a few times about charging his Apple Watch during the night. Recently he said in an interview that the watch will charge quicker than the iPhone. The Times reports that a new feature called “Power Reserve” will be a low power mode for the Apple Watch that will save battery power by only displaying the time.

Tim Cook recently stated in an interview with The Telegraph in the United Kingdom that the watch will be very versatile and hopes that one day it will replace key fabs for locking and unlocking cars, opening doors and more.

The Apple Watch is rumored to be released during the first week of April 2015.