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Developers told to have Apple Watch apps ready by Feb 12

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When the first generation Apple Watch launches in April, Apple is hoping to have several Apple Watch-compatible apps all ready so the watch can be used immediately out of the box.  Apple is reportedly asking certain developers to have their iOS apps ready for launch by February 12th according to anonymous sources who have spoken with MacRumors.

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Apple may be requesting this from developers for two reasons: testing the Apple Watch and holding a special media event. The company will want to test these apps ahead of the watch’s launch in April to make sure they work without bugs and don’t drain the battery too much. Since the watch is a completely new product and developers don’t have experience with it, Apple will need as much time as possible to ensure the apps their developers have created work efficiently with the watch. Also, Apple may looking to hold a second special media event for the watch where they can have their developers talk about and demonstrate their apps. The Apple Watch will also bring Apple Pay to the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. A media event may be needed in order to show these iPhone users how to use the payment service.

Several people in the Cupertino area have already been spotted using their Apple Watches which shows that Apple is now testing them in a wide, but controlled setting.  They have been seen integrating the watch into their daily lives by accessing Maps and viewing notifications.

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, announced in their most recent earnings call that the Apple Watch is on schedule to ship in April. The watch will be starting at $349, which likely for the Sport collection.