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Apple CEO Tim Cook teases many apps available at Apple Watch launch

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As expected when the Apple Watch is shown off next week, Apple already has a lineup of apps ready for it. Apple CEO Tim Cook told employees at the flagship store in Berlin, Germany that there will be “a whole ton of announcements coming shortly about all the apps coming” for the watch.


Cook said that some of the top hotels in the worldwill be designing apps for Apple Watch. It will be used like a key fab so customers can get into their rooms with their wearable device instead of a card.  Other hotels will give customers the option to bypass the check-in process altogether by just using their specially designed watch apps. Cook said in September 2014 that Starwood Hotels was already in the process of designing their app so we expect this to be one the apps shown off next week.

The CEO went on to say that the Apple Watch will also replace car keys but didn’t specify as to which companies are working on this and when the capability will be ready.

Panera Bread, unsurprisingly, is also working on an app that will allow its customers to pay for their orders through Apple Pay on the Apple Watch.


Apple is also hoping that the smartwatch will work its way into the enterprise market. Salesforce.com, which is a longtime partner of Apple, is developing software for the Apple Watch. They were responsible for creating the first few applications for iPad and iPhone so it’s really no surprise that they are working on the Apple Watch.

Finally, Cook is very excited for the fitness apps that will be available when the Apple Watch launches. He describes them as “really, really fantastic.”

The Apple Watch launch event in next week on March 9th at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and online at apple.com/live.

Apple announces "Spring Forward" event for Apple Watch

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Yesterday, Apple announced plans for their first special media event of the year on March 9th. March 9th is the day after Daylight Savings Time in the United States where Americans will “spring” their clocks forward an hour. This in itself confirms that we will see the Apple Watch at this event in addition to hopefully a few other rumor products like the 12-inch MacBook Air and iPad Pro.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 6.32.34 AM

The special media event is scheduled to take place at 10am at the Yerba Buena Center for Arts in San Fransisco.  This venue was previously used by Apple to announce the next-generation iPads and iPods.

The event will live stream on Apple’s website at www.apple.com/live. It only works through Safari on Mac OS X, iOS devices running iOS 6 or later and Apple TV (sorry PC users, Apple doesn’t want you viewing the event).

Is Apple planning it's Apple Watch launch event for late February? Probably not.

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Early yesterday morning, the French blog iGen.fr released a report about Apple’s plans to hold a special media event in late February where they are expected to announce a few more details for the Apple Watch and the rumored 12″ MacBook Air.  Their unnamed sources claim that Apple is focusing on February 24th as the day for the event; however, 9to5Mac‘s sources say this is not correct.

credit: Forbes.com

credit: Forbes.com

iGen.fr made a very convincing argument in the report as to why Apple would be holding an event in February, which is more than a month before the Apple Watch is confirmed to be shipping. They say that an early announcement would give developers time to tweak their applications before the Apple Watch is released.  Apple will answer the many questions that were left unanswered from the first event they held for the watch, like pricing and battery life.  We also reported that Apple is requesting a few of their major app developers to have their Apple Watch apps ready by mid-February for launch.  The French blog believes that this is because Apple will be hosting an event soon and they want their developers to show off their apps.

9to5Mac doesn’t doubt that Apple is planning on holding an event for the release date of the Apple Watch, but their sources say that this event won’t be held in February. Their report doesn’t specify as to when Apple is considering to hold the event; however, we expect it in March because it will reveal the April release date for the watch.

The Apple Watch will be available in three main collections with Sport being the least expensive starting at $349.

Apple is planning a special media event for Apple Watch in Spring

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A new report by BGR claims that a trusted source has told them details about Apple’s spring roadmap.  They say that iOS 8.2, the software update that will bring Apple Watch compatibility to the iPhone, will be released in the second week of March and that Apple is planning a special media event geared around the launch of the Apple Watch. Since it was only shown off at the iPhone 6 event in September, many of us expected that Apple will be planning an event for the release of their first wearable device.

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 9.49.28 AM

BGR doesn’t specify as to when Apple will be scheduling this event, but I would expect it to be around the time iOS 8.2 comes out.  Since iOS 8.2 is responsible for bringing Apple Watch compatibility to the iPhone, the watch and update should be announced together at one event.  Apple could give us the release date for the update, likely the week after the event, and either a preorder date or launch date for the Apple Watch.  They may even release the next-generation MacBook lineup as well.

The second version of iOS 8 is currently in the fifth beta for developers.