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Apple Regulatory Filing Shows ‘AirPods’ and Two New iPhone Models

Concept for AirPods, credit:  Miroslav Majdak
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While the best confirmation of rumors is an actual announcement by Apple, the next best thing is official paperwork filed by the company. A new document was leaked this week that shows Apple’s regulatory filings with the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC). The document reveals new wireless headphones, two new iPhone models, and ten new Apple Watch models.

regulatory filings

Regulatory filings indicate new wireless headphones called ‘EarPods,’ two iPhone models, and ten Apple Watch models. Credit: AppleInsider

Apple filed the paperwork earlier last week, but the Russian website Mobiltelefon.ru (via AppleInsider) did not discover it until this week. The documents were filed with the EEC, which is the main regulatory body for Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia. They filed for certification with wireless headphones called “AirPods,” two iPhones with model numbers A1784 and A1778, and three sets of Apple Watch models for a total of ten.

regulatory filings

Concept for AirPods, credit: Miroslav Majdak

“AirPods” is likely the name Apple has chosen for their rumored wireless EarPods. Since the iPhone 7 will not have a headphone jack, the phone will rely on Bluetooth and its Lightning port for audio. Apple is rumored to be working on two sets of headphones under their name (versus until their Beats by Dr. Dre brand). The first will connect with Bluetooth, which are likely the registered “AirPods,” while the other will connect with Lightning. Apple will include one of them in the box and list the other for sale. Rumors have gone back and forth as to which one goes where, though.

Apple has also registered two new iPhone model numbers, A1784 and A1778. These will correspond to the iPhone 7 models, with one for the iPhone 7 and the other for the iPhone 7 Plus. This confirms that only two models will be announced, not three as previously rumored. The model numbers also follow Apple’s system with “A” as their identifier and first two numbers indicating the year of announcement. While they do not correspond to the numbered year (i.e. 16 for 2016), all devices released have the same number. The iPhone SE, for example, was launched in spring 2016 and its model number starts with “A17.” Additionally, the registered numbers do not correspond to any current iPhone generation.

Finally, the document indicates three groups of Apple Watch models for a total of ten. This could correlate to the three Apple Watch versions: Sport, stainless steel, and Edition. Two of the versions will be updated with four new models, while the other version will only have two new models. Apple is likely not expanding the $10K+ Edition with four new watches, so these are meant for the Sport and stainless steel versions. The company is expected to re-introduce the first-generation Apple Watch with an improved processor and a second-generation model with a GPS, barometer, and better battery next week.