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Our comprehensive guide to everything Apple Watch

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The first generation Apple Watch, which was announced on September 9th, 2014, is finally available to buy. The watch, unlike other Apple products, will be sold exclusively online until Apple has time to catch up with the tremendous demand for the device. In this post, we walk you through everything Apple Watch.

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The Apple Watch is advertised as Apple’s most personal device yet. It comes with a plethora of new features, ways to communicate, customizations, ways to tell time, track your fitness and more. Right out of the box, the Apple Watch will be able to do so much without the thousands of apps available on the Apple Watch App Store.

For the timekeeping aspect of the Apple Watch, there are numerous ways to display the time with a chronograph, color, modular, utility, Mickey Mouse (we need to have Mickey Mouse), simple, motion, solar and astronomy clocks. In addition, each clock can be highly customizable to include a stopwatch, calendar, moon phases, the weather and more. Each clock can also be customized with different colors to make it very personal and specific to you.

The Apple Watch also has new innovative ways to communicate with friends and loved ones. The Digital Touch feature allows you to sketch a drawing, tap a rhythm and send your heartbeat to someone else with an Apple Watch. The watch works with your iPhone so any incoming notifications, like text messages, phone calls, mail and more can be accessed, managed and replied to on your wrist.

The watch is also designed to be a fitness and health companion. The Activity app made by Apple tracks your exercise, how many calories burned and tells you when to take a break from sitting. Their second app, Workout, shows real-time updates about your current activity, like calories burned, pace and distance. It also works with a variety of activities so the Apple Watch only uses the sensors it needs. If needed for your exercise, the Apple Watch will use the GPS sensor in the iPhone.

In addition, the Apple Watch comes with a number of built-in apps, like Stocks, Photos and Calendar, and has access to its own App Store with over a thousand apps already available. The Apple Watch also works with Apple Pay for those users that have the iPhone 5, 5s and 5c.