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Apple releases three new Apple Watch ads

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On Monday, Apple released three new Apple Watch commercials that showcase specific categories of apps: music, fitness and travel. These advertisements follow three others that Apple posted earlier this month for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The first commercial, which is called “Music”, shows off three music apps available on the Apple Watch. We briefly see Shazam, Pacemaker DJ and StubHub.


The second commercial is all about fitness apps available on Apple Watch. In the commercial, which is called “Fitness Apps,” we see several apps with Nike+, WaterMinder and MLB.com being showcased.


The final commercial is entitled “Travel Apps” and as you may have figured, this shows off three travel apps available. We briefly see Expedia, Uber and Yelp on the Apple Watch.


These new videos can also be seen on Apple’s YouTube channel.

Apple airs three new Apple Watch ads: 'Rise', 'Us' and 'Up'

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On Thursday night, Apple aired three new commercials that announced the Apple Watch is here. These ads focus on using the watch when you first wake up and during your morning commute, using it communicate with your friends and loved ones and the final one shows the health and fitness side of the Apple Watch.


The first commercial, ‘Rise’, is all about using the watch in the morning and during the morning commute. We see people checking incoming messages, looking at the train schedule, using the watch as their boarding pass at an airport and more.


In the second commercial, which is called ‘Us’, we see the communication features of the Apple Watch. It is used as a new communication tool between friends, families and loved ones. We see people drawing pictures to each other, sending animated emojis, viewing missed calls and more.


The final commercial, called ‘Up’, focuses on the fitness and health aspect of the watch. It shows people working out, bicycling, running, hiking a mountain, walking up stairs and more with the Apple Watch tracking all of their movements with its internal sensors.

The Apple Watch is here, but it can only be purchased exclusively on the Apple Retail Store website.