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Apple announces watchOS 3 with new watch faces and tvOS

watchOS 3
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While we have been primarily focused on the hundreds of updates with iOS 10, Apple also spent time at the keynote on the newest major operating systems for the Apple Watch (watchOS 3) and the Apple TV (tvOS). The Apple Watch is updated with new watch faces, features borrowed from the iPhone, and more; while the Apple TV received a few relatively minor updates.

watchOS 3

watchOS 3

The Apple Watch running watchOS 3. The first watch shows the new Dock, the second shows the Breathe app, and the third shows the Activity watch face, via Apple

The third-generation operating system comes with a many welcomed changes for the Apple Watch. The app layout is staying, but there is a new dock that will house your favorite apps and Control Center for frequently used settings. Background App Refresh is coming to the watch and will automatically keep apps open and updated with the latest content. Instead of taking what seems like an hour for an app to load, it will be opened in an instant. There is a SOS feature now that will initiate a call with local emergency services no matter where you are in the world, and send a message to emergency contacts about what is going on. This is activated by holding the right elongated button for several seconds. The Apple Watch will also unlock your MacBook if it is on your wrist and within range of your computer.

Additionally, the Activity app has received quite a few updates. The Activity rings are now shareable with friends and family so you can compete with each other over who can close the rings first. You and they can opt-in for being alerted when others finish workouts or earn achievements. There are new metrics on the display during a workout that show distance, pace, active calories, heartbeat, and elapsed time. The Activity app is also optimized for wheelchair users. Apple added a Breathe app that is designed to guide you through a series of deep breaths throughout your day.

Like the Messages app for iPhone, the Apple Watch Messages app is updated. You can send fullscreen effects, add stickers, use invisible ink, reply in your own handwriting, and send much larger emojis. You can also write letters on the watch that will convert into text.

Finally, there are many new watch faces that allow for more customization. Apple added Minnie Mouse as a watch face, in addition to a new Activity and Numerals watch face. They can be easily swapped out with an edge-to-edge swipe instead of the previous deep press.

The operating system is currently available to developers and it will be coming alongside iOS 10 in the fall.



watchOS 3

The new tvOS has a Dark Mode so the background is no longer blinding you when watching TV before bed, via Apple

The newest Apple TV is being updated with a few minor features that will stabilize and enhance the system. Siri now has the capability to search by topics (i.e. high school movies from the 1990s) and search YouTube for videos. The TV also has a Dark Mode, live tune-in to watch live TV, and single sing-on for apps. You will no longer need to login to a new app with your username and password from your TV provider to access the app. Instead, you will sign in once in the Settings app and the TV will use this information in all the apps you use. This feature is also coming to the iPhone.

The next-generation tvOS software is currently available to developers and it is coming to the public in September.

Pre-orders commence for the new Apple TV online

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 4.19.37 PM
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On Monday, pre-orders for the fourth generation Apple TV started on Apple’s Retail Store website. The new Apple TV is an entirely new entertainment system with Siri, an App Store, system-wide search, new user interface and more. Apple has also added support for third-party controllers to play the new games that will be found in the App Store.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 4.18.27 PM

The Apple TV (4th generation) has two available storage capacities with different prices. The first option, which is 32GB of storage, is available for $149. This amount of storage is perfect for someone who will primarily stream their content and download only a few apps and games to play. The second option, 64GB of storage, is $199 and is great for someone who plans to download their content and store many apps and games.

Customers can also purchase the AppleCare Protection Plan alongside their Apple TV for a price of $29. This extends the repair/replacement service and technical phone support to two years. Without the plan, the repair/replacement service is one year and the phone support is ninety days. Unlike their other devices, there is no deductible for repair under AppleCare.

Inside the box, you’ll find the new Apple TV, Lightning cable for charging the remote and power cable for the box. The HDMI-to-HDMI cable is sold separately from Apple for $19, or you can pick one up online from Amazon for less.

The Apple TV is currently seeing a delivery date of November 2nd through the 4th for the quickest method of next-day shipping. If customers want free shipping, this is extended to November 3rd through the 5th.

Apple TV pre-orders begin Monday, October 26th, shipping later in the week

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 12.44.56 PM
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In his interview with the Wall Street Journal yesterday, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed the pre-order and release date for the new Apple TV. The set-top box, which was set to be released during sometime in October, will be available for purchase starting next week.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 12.39.37 PM

Pre-orders for the new Apple TV will begin on Monday, October 26th and devices will start being shipped later in the week. This matches up perfectly to the rumor we heard earlier this month about the release date. It said the Apple TV would be available online starting the last week of October with shipments arriving and physical store location sales starting in November.

The fourth-generation Apple TV is $149 for 32GB of storage and $199 for 64GB of storage. If you’re going to sell your current Apple TV to make a deposit on the new one, read our guide first.

Apple Entertainment concept: on-demand music, TV and movies

Apple TV 4 Home screen
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With Apple Music and a rumored streaming Internet TV service coming next year, Apple is working their way into on-demand entertainment. Music and TV channels will be available at any time of day whenever we want, but what else is there for Apple? What else do we want on-demand? Movies. Specifically new movies. Using this inspiration, we created a concept called Apple Entertainment that allows subscribers to access movies, music and TV on-demand.

Apple Entertainment is a revolutionary system that incorporates three entertainment services into one. It takes Apple Music, Apple’s rumored Internet TV streaming service and a new idea called Apple Movies and packages them all together for a set monthly price.


The first component, Apple Music, was introduced at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference in June and it allows subscribers to stream any song at any time, on-demand. It also includes curated radio stations, like Beats 1, and a platform for artists to connect with their fans. Subscribers can access all this content for a set monthly price of $9.99 for individuals and $14.99 for families. It’s a whole new system of music that directly competes with Spotify, Rdio and other similar services.


The second component of Apple Entertainment is Apple’s rumored Internet TV streaming service. It was expected to be announced in June, then this was pushed back to September and now the release is sometime in 2016. The Wall Street Journal reported that the service would start at twenty-five channels anchored by major networks like CBS and Fox. The channels would be live and Apple would be competing directly with Sling TV. The rumored price is around $30 to $40 per month.


The final component is Apple Movies, which hasn’t been really rumored or announced yet, but we feel that it is the next step for Apple. This would allow subscribers to access movies on-demand, like Netflix and Hulu. As of earlier this year, the iTunes Store had 50,000 movies available for rental and purchase. If Apple could offer these movies on-demand for a monthly fee instead of paying per rental, it would be huge. Understandably the newer movies would probably not be able to be streamed immediately after release, at least for now, but Apple could offer movies ahead of Netflix. We predict a monthly charge for this service of $9.99 or $14.99, similar to Apple Music. In addition, Apple is reportedly going to be making their own movies and TV shows, similar to what Netflix does now so this could be further evidence that Apple is working on on-demand movies and TV.

Apple Entertainment would take each of these services (music, TV and movies) and put them together for a set price of $60 to $70 per month. Since Apple doesn’t believe in bundling and saving money, like when they offered AppleCare+ for the Apple Watch and iPhone together and literally made it the price of the one plus the other (no discount), we see Apple doing something similar here. The minimum price would be $60 (assuming $40/month for the TV subscription) for one user and $70 for two or more up to six. Subscribers can view music, radio, TV shows, live TV channels, movies and more on-demand. Apple would take over the living room in terms of entertainment and after seeing the new Apple TV, we could very well be seeing this in the next few years.

Apple TV 4: new user interface, motion-sensitive remote, A8 processor, coming next month

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The fourth generation Apple TV, like the iPhone 6s, is no longer a secret. This device has been in the works for years and finally we expect for it to be announced next week at Apple’s special media event. Besides a new form factor, we will see a redesigned user interface, completely revolutionary remote control, support for iOS functions and a price for under $200.

Apple TV concept

Apple TV concept by Martin Hajek

The new Apple TV will have a similar design for its body, like its predecessor, with a redesigned and more simplified remote control. The box will be slimmer, wider and primarily made of plastic. It will be powered by the A8 processor, which is the same processor in the iPhone 6, and have the much faster and efficient Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity. The storage capacity will be 8GB, like its predecessor, but Apple is considering a 16GB model as well. The back of the box will have the usual ports: power, HDMI connector and USB port for connecting to the Mac.

The dark gray/black metal remote control will be motion-sensitive similar to the Wii remote with multi-axis sensors and it will use Bluetooth to connect to the box. The controller will be thicker and bigger than the current remote with a touchpad on the top, two physical buttons (one is the Home button and the other is for Siri) on the bottom, rocker buttons for volume and a microphone for Siri. It may even have a headphone jack in it. In addition, Apple is opening up the platform by providing support for more complex and console-style remotes. Third-parties can create game controllers with more buttons and joysticks to interact with the content on the Apple TV.

Apple TV concept

Apple TV concept by Andrew Ambrosino

For the software of the Apple TV, there is a redesigned user interface with support for Siri, an App Store and home automation. The Apple TV will run a custom version of iOS 9 so it will feel consistent to the experience on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch when iOS 9 is released publicly this month. There will be a system-wide search bar that will allow users to find results from multiple apps. For example, searching for “The Office” will pull videos from YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, iTunes Store and more. In addition, the Apple TV will be receiving its own App Store. The software development kit (SDK) for developers will be available following the announcement so there will apps populating the App Store when the Apple TV is released next month. The box will support voice search, home automation and more through Siri. She will be activated using the special button on the remote, or likely by saying “Hey, Siri” (as hinted by the event invitation.) Finally, the Apple TV is rumored to have support for HomeKit, which will allow it serve as the central hub for home automation.

Apple TV concept by Andrew Ab

Apple TV concept by Andrew Abrosino

Besides offering on-demand TV and movies, the Apple TV is also rumored to have a streaming TV service. The service will initially have twenty-five channels which will be anchored by major networks and be available for about $30-$40 per month. This will unfortunately not be announced at the event next week as Apple is still in talks with programmers about their service so we anticipate the release date will either be later 2015, or more than likely, 2016. Apple is also reportedly exploring original TV and movie content that they may included in the future on the streaming service.

When the new Apple TV is announced next week, rumors suggest that Apple will be continuing to sell the third-generation Apple TV. This older model will be able to access the Internet TV streaming service when it’s released next year, but it will not have access to the App Store or Siri. The price will remain at $69, while the new Apple TV will be $149 and it will be released in October.

Apple TV shipping times delayed could hint at WWDC refresh

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Ahead of the possible refresh at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference in June, some places are reporting that Apple TV shipping times have slipped to 1-2 weeks. The set top box, which was last updated in March 2012, recently saw a price decrease to $69. The slipping shipping times and the reduced price could correlate with the rumored hardware and software updates that we are expecting in June.


It has been rumored for a couple of months that Apple is working on refreshing the Apple TV at WWDC. The new box will be slimmer than previous generations, be controlled with a more capable and tactile remote and powered by the A8 processor. In terms of software, we may see a new user interface with support for Siri, HomeKit and the App Store. Apple is also rumored to be working on an Internet TV streaming service that will come with about twenty-five channels and be available for $30-$40/month.

The reduced price and new shipping times may not be related at all, or Apple may be trying to sell off the rest of its stock ahead of the fourth-generation Apple TV that may be coming out in June.

The WWDC Keynote will take place on June 8th, 2015.

Source: AppAdvice

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Apple adds NBC Sports channel to Apple TV

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On Monday, Apple added the NBC Sports Live Extra channel to the Apple TV lineup. This new channel has content for free and for paid TV subscribers.


The NBC Sports Live Extra channel allows viewers to access NBC Sports coverage of live events from NBC, the Golf Channel and NBC Sports network. Those without a paid TV subscription will only be able to access replays and highlights of sporting events, while those with paid TV subscription can view the whole channel including the live coverage events. The channel provides content on many sports: “NHL Regular-Season and Stanley Cup Playoff games, PGA TOUR, U.S. Open (golf), Notre Dame Football, French Open (tennis), Premier League (soccer), Formula One, IndyCar and Triple Crown horse racing.”

This new sports channel joins several others ahead of Apple’s rumored Internet TV streaming service, which is expected at WWDC in June.

Source: 9to5Mac

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Apple adds TED, Tastemade and Young Hollywood channels to Apple TV

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On Tuesday, Apple updated the Apple TV with three new channels for the first time this month. TED Talks, Tastemade and Young Hollywood are now all available as channels on the Apple TV.


The TED channel will allow users to view hundreds of TED Talks. TED is a nonprofit organization that hosts a global set of conferences every year. The speakers are specialists that have a variety of different backgrounds and talk about the most interesting of topics. For example, one speaker designed a talk about asking if we could create new senses for humans and another talked about the mathematics of love.


BuzzFeed reports new Apple TV with App Store and Siri coming in June

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Late last week, BuzzFeed News came out with a new report suggesting that Apple is planning on announcing the redesigned Apple TV at their Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) in June. The announcement will show off the new design, long-rumored App Store, a software development kit for developers and a few other features.

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 3.33.07 PM


Apple is reportedly launching TV streaming service in fall with 25 channels

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Earlier this week, it was reported in The Wall Street Journal that Apple is in talks with programmers to offer a web TV service on the Apple TV and other iOS devices. This service would be limited to about 25 channels to start, which is a “slimmed down bundle of TV networks” and it would cost about $30-$40/month.

Citing people familiar with the matter, the WSJ said that major broadcasters would be the anchor of the service and there will be twenty-five channels initially. The first channels would be offered by ABC, CBS and FOX. Apple is also reportedly talking to Disney, Discovery, which is the owner of the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and TLC, and Viacom, the owner of MTV, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon. We expect that the new HBO Now channel will also be included in the twenty-five. Due to the falling out last year with Comcast, the parent company of NBC, this channel will likely not be available anytime soon.

A few media executives spoke to the WSJ about Apple’s TV service and they expect it to be offered for around $30-$40 per month. This compares to the Sling television streaming service, which only costs $20 and is available on multiple platforms and devices, but is limited to seventeen total channels. Apple’s service will be limited to their iOS devices, like the iPad and Apple TV.

credit: WSJ

credit: WSJ

The service will be shown off at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) in early June and released to the pubic in September alongside the iPhone 6s and iOS 9. We should also see a redesigned Apple TV in early fall as well.