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Apple is planning a special media event for Apple Watch in Spring

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A new report by BGR claims that a trusted source has told them details about Apple’s spring roadmap.  They say that iOS 8.2, the software update that will bring Apple Watch compatibility to the iPhone, will be released in the second week of March and that Apple is planning a special media event geared around the launch of the Apple Watch. Since it was only shown off at the iPhone 6 event in September, many of us expected that Apple will be planning an event for the release of their first wearable device.

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BGR doesn’t specify as to when Apple will be scheduling this event, but I would expect it to be around the time iOS 8.2 comes out.  Since iOS 8.2 is responsible for bringing Apple Watch compatibility to the iPhone, the watch and update should be announced together at one event.  Apple could give us the release date for the update, likely the week after the event, and either a preorder date or launch date for the Apple Watch.  They may even release the next-generation MacBook lineup as well.

The second version of iOS 8 is currently in the fifth beta for developers.