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iPad event expectations

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There are less then 12 hours remaining until Apple’s next special media event where they are expected to announce the next-generation iPads, updated Macs, iOS 8.1 and Apple Pay release dates and a surprise product.


credit: Martin Hajek

An iPhone 6-inspired concept for the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3.

It is no surprise that there will be new tablets announced at Apple’s event today. The iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3, which are the confirmed names, will feature a similar design to their predecessors and a few new updated components.

For the iPad Air 2, rumors have suggested it will be a little thinner, but still have mostly the same design.  New external features, like single row of speaker holes and recessed buttons, will help the tablet to lose a few millimeters.  Apple is also rumored to move the microphone from the top center to the left side, next to the camera. The mute/sound switch may be taken off completely.  For internal specs, we expect 2GB of RAM, A8X processor with M8 co-processor, 8MP camera, Touch ID Home button and more updated internal components.

The iPad mini 3 will have the same design as it’s predecessor and only gain internal upgrades. Besides the new Touch ID sensor on the Home button, not much else is known about the tablet.



The current iMac, credit: Apple

The current iMac, credit: Apple

Although we typically only focus on mobile devices on Device Geek Blog, we can’t ignore that Apple is planning on announcing a few new Macs at their event. The 27-inch iMac is rumored to get a 5K Retina display, which would double its current resolution, we will find out the release date for OS X Yosemite and other software like the new Photos app for Mac and iLife and see an updated Mac mini.


iOS 8.1 and Apple Pay

Apple Pay works with the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch.

Apple Pay works with the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch.

Leaked internal documents for some of the retailers who will support Apple Pay showed the release date for their store. Walgreens said it would be on Saturday, October 18th and Panera Bread said it would be Monday, October 20th.  Regardless of when stores will start allowing it, this means that Apple will likely launch iOS 8.1 with Apple Pay immediately following the event (or within a few hours).


Surprise Product

The current generation iPod touch has the A5 processor.

The current generation iPod touch has the A5 processor.

On the event invitation, Apple wrote “it’s been way too long.” It is believed that this line is referring to the Mac since it has been a while since the Mac mini or iMac have been updated.  The invitation also uses the apple outline from when Apple celebrated 30 years of Mac so this screams Mac.  There are other products, though, that haven’t been updated for a long time. For example, the last major update for iPod happened alongside the announcement of the iPhone 5 in 2012. The iPod touch is still rocking the single-core A5 processor. For comparison, the iPhone 6 has an dual-core A8 chip, which is a lot more advanced, has 64-bit architecture and comes with a M8 co-processor. The Apple TV also hasn’t been updated since March 2012 at the iPad 3 event.  It has the A5 processor as well. Apple, finally, may also be launching new Smart Covers for the iPad Air and iPad mini in new colors. Although it’s not as exciting as the iPod or Apple TV.


iPad Pro? Retina MacBook Air?

We likely won’t see either of these until 2015. Apple may hold an event in the beginning of the year, like they did in January 2012 when they announced textbooks on iPad.  The event may be focused on education as well, aiming the new hardware to educational institutions, students and professors.

September 9th Event Expectations

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There are less then twenty-four hours left until Apple’s big reveal of the products they have been working on all year long. This will be their first special event of the year where they will unveil new hardware, like the next-generation iPhone and first wearable product.  Here’s a quick guide of what we expect:

iPhone 6

The 4.7" iPhone 6 (left) is compared to the 4.0" iPhone 5s (right).

The 4.7″ iPhone 6 (left) is compared to the 4.0″ iPhone 5s (right).

The eighth-generation iPhone, which will most likely be called the “iPhone 6″, is expected to be the main star of the event tomorrow.  This phone will be getting some major internal improvements in addition to a complete external redesign.  It’s predecessor, the iPhone 5s, is rumored to have inspired the rear casing.  Other popular Apple products, like the iPad, iPod touch and iPhone 5c all have been thought to inspire the design too. One model of the iPhone 6 will have a 4.7″ display while the other one will have a 5.5” display. It is worth noting that the larger phone may be suffering from production issues and may actually not be shown off at the event.

Release Date: September 19th, 2014

For full expected specifications, check out our final rumor roundup.



This new concept by Martin Hajek closely resembles the reports by The

This new concept by Martin Hajek closely resembles the reports by The

Tim Cook first announced to the world last year that Apple will be creating a product in a new category this year.  All the rumors have suggested that the company has been investing their time looking into the wearables category.  Their smart watch, which is thought to either be called the “iWatch” or “iBand”, is expected to be fashionable, work very closely with the iPhone 6 and be a fitness accessory.  The watch will contain about ten or more sensors that will collect data about the user and transmit it to the new Health app via NFC.  Due to the lack of leaks and continuous rumors about production delays, Apple will most likely announce the iWatch to us, but it won’t be made available for a few months.  They did something similar last year with the completely redesigned Mac Pro.

Release Date: January 2015

For more information about the rumored tech specs, follow this link to our final rumor roundup.


iOS 8 Release Date


The eight-generation operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod was announced to us at Apple’s keynote on the first day of their developer’s conference.  This new system will not be an overhaul in design like iOS 7 was, but it will give us a lot of new features, some new applications and a better experience. We have compiled a small list of below of the major features of iOS 8:

  • Photos stored in iCloud library
  • New Snapchat-like features in Messages
  • More customizations, like third-party keyboards that work in every app
  • Health app, where all your fitness and health apps can store data about you
  • Interactive notifications
  • Shazam integration with Siri for song identification
  • Smarter spotlight search

Apple will summarize their newest operating system at their event and likely give us a release date for sometime in the coming weeks. It will be made available to the public before the iPhone 6 is released on September 19th.


New Mobile Payment Plan – “iWallet”

iOS 8 Passbook icon leaked in new iPhone 6 video.

iOS 8 Passbook icon leaked in new iPhone 6 video.

Apple has been reportedly working with major banks, like Capital One and Bank of America, in addition to large credit card companies, like VISA and MasterCard, and retailers, like CVS and Walgreens, to design a new payment plan.  With a lot of features already set in place, Apple could create their own payment system.  The iTunes Store has nearly one billion accounts on file, which translates to nearly a billion credit cards stored.  Touch ID would replace traditional passwords so users can purchase content on their phone.  The iPhone 6 will likely use its new NFC technology in conjunction with the Passbook app to allow customers to use their stored information to make purchases at brick-and-mortar stores (similar to PayPal).


Additional Security Measures

If Apple is working on a payment plan to use in conjunction with Touch ID and Passbook, more security measures would be needed to make sure customer information stays safe.  Plus after the recent iCloud hack, Apple will likely bring up what additional steps they have taken to protect their customers.  We are not sure about what the mobile payment plan will be like, but it probably will store customer information like credit card numbers and confidential information.  The new Health app may also store confidential information about the customer so major security measures would need to be taken to keep everyone protected.

Yes, Apple, I wish you would say more.

Yes, Apple, I wish you would say more.

The special event is set to begin on September 9th at 10am PDT (or 1pm EST).  Live streaming will be available (follow this link) and many major blogs like The Verge and MacRumors. Once the event ends, come back to this blog for a detailed post of what Apple just revealed.