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Spoiler alert: This week, we will be giving away two iPhone cases from FUZ Designs. All you have to do is like our Facebook page to enter. On Valentine’s Day, we will be selecting two readers to win one of the cases. Since we all love our devices, we figured Valentine’s Day was a perfect day for choosing a winner.

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Important Updates to Device Geek Blog

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Today is Device Geek Blog’s second birthday and to celebrate it, we want to thank every one for looking at the blog over the past two years.  What originally started out as a class project in my junior year of college, turned into something much more. On our first birthday, we hit one thousand total views and for this birthday, we are almost at ten thousand total views. Either the blog has gotten much more popular in year two or the same person is viewing the blog over and over again. Regardless, thank you.  In this post, we outline some very important updates to the blog.

RSS Feeds

On the left side of the page, you can now subscribe to the blog’s RSS feed. In iOS 8, this means that all new posts will be displayed in your “Share Links” tab of Safari. You can access our RSS feed on your smart watch, email and more.  You still have the option to follow the blog via email or if you’re a WordPress user, on your account.


Project of the Week

Each week, our team will hand pick a very innovative and creative product on Indiegogo or Kickstarter that works as an accessory to the iPhone, iPad or iPod.  It could be anything from a dock, a charge cable, a case or something else entirely.  As long as it is built for iOS and it intrigues us, we will write about it.  Also, the featured project will have a summary post with a video (when available) on the page titled “Project of the Week.”  If you have an amazing project in mind or if you want extra free advertising for your project, send us an email at devicegeekblog@gmail.com and we may feature it in on the blog.



The blog has proudly been mostly ad-free for as long as we can. Nothing ruins a good blog post like an underwear advertisement or waiting ten seconds to access an article. WordPress may sometimes post advertisements on the site, but know that we are not responsible for them. Until we host elsewhere, though, WordPress may continue to display ads. We have been considering hosting the site on a different server and adding advertisements. If we go down this path, we promise to make sure the ads do not get in the way of reading our content. They would help the blog earn money, which means contests, DGB merchandise and more.


Website Address

As of October 14th, the website www.idevicegeekblog.com will no longer work. We switched over to www.devicegeekblog.com earlier this year and this will be our domain name from now on.  If you attempt to go to our old one after the license expires, you won’t be coming to our site.


Join Our Team

The team at Device Geek Blog is getting larger and we would like you to be part of it. We strive on high attention to detail and passion for Apple products. Although all of our positions currently on a volunteer basis, this is a place for you to get your opinions out about Apple. We are looking for writers for the following topics: Mac rumors/news, iOS hardware and iOS accessory reviews. Send us an email at devicegeekblog@gmail.com for more information.

Thank you again for reading the blog, here’s to many more years!

Kickstarter Project: Impervious

Leave your Impervious coated iPhone on a rock in the middle of a stream.
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Yesterday, I wrote a post about a New York Times article that compared the Samsung Galaxy S5 to the iPhone 5s.  They mentioned that the only advantages that the S5 had over the iPhone 5s was slightly longer battery life, larger screen and water resistance.  The iPhone 6 should have a longer battery life and is expected to come in two larger sizes: 4.7″ and 5.5″  The final advantage, water resistance, can be easily solved.  One method of making your iPhone resistant to water is to send your iPhone out to Liquipel and let them spray a water resistant coating on your phone for $60.  Another method is a new Kickstarter project that sends you the materials for half the price of Liquipel. Today’s Kickstarter project of the week is Impervious.

Spray on Impervious to make your iPhone water and scratch resistant.

Spray on Impervious to make your iPhone water and scratch resistant.

Impervious is a spray that you can apply to your smartphone to make it water and scratch resistant.  The spray is not made from water, so it won’t cause any damage to your phone.  It is invisible so it doesn’t leave a residue and doesn’t come off when scratched.  The spray lasts for 3 years on your device (meaning that you have plenty of time between now and your next iPhone upgrade).  By using the spray externally, the iPhone becomes water and scratch resistant.  Some of the kits ($39) include tools to remove the display on your iPhone so you can spray the inside for complete water resistance and submersion up to 3 feet.

Leave your Impervious coated iPhone on a rock in the middle of a stream.

Don’t be afraid to take your iPhone hiking with you. 

A few months after I got the iPhone 5 (when it was the newest iPhone), I accidentally dropped it in the toilet.  I panicked and searched all over the Internet looking for what to do and trying to figure out how many hundreds I will need to spend to fix it.  This tragic event inspired my post about what to do if you drop your new iPhone into water.  I researched for other ways to prevent water damage if my iPhone would continue to work.  My first option was a Lifeproof case ($80), which I ended up purchasing.  My second option, which I considered, was Liquipel ($60).  Impervious is a much cheaper option to consider and I probably would have gone with it if it was available.  The best way to avoid putting yourself into a panicking situation about what to do with your new water-damaged iPhone is to avoid the situation altogether.  You could send it to Liquipel for a few days for $60 or you could do it yourself at home with Impervious for $29.  This solution is definitely a must-have for any new iPhone.

The Impervious spray bottle and packaging.

The Impervious spray bottle and packaging.

Impervious has 27 days left to go and they are seeking $7,500.  In order for this idea to become a physical product, they must receive their full funding by May 21.  Pledge $29 for an unpackaged kit which includes the spray bottle and applicator pad for easy application for external water and scratch resistance.  This one will be immediately shipped and the backer will receive it in June.  If you are interested in a packaged kit, pledge $30 for a fully packaged kit with the spray bottle, microfiber cloth and applicator pad for easy application. Since this one needs to be packaged, the backer should expect to receive it in July.  To learn more about Impervious, check out their Kickstarter page.


Do you have a Kickstarter project you would like me to feature? Send some information to me at info@idevicegeekblog.com or direct message me on Twitter.

iPhone 6 Case Show New Design

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The iPhone 6 is rumored to be in production now for an anticipated announcement date in September.  Previous iPhones have sold out quickly due to high demand so it appears to be that Apple is increasing production to attempt to satisfy demand with a large supply.  Rumors about the iPhone 6 have appeared everyday now which has convinced some case manufacturers to get ahead of the game with their cases.

The picture originally found on Nowhereelse.fr shows a case for the upcoming iPhone 6.

The picture originally found on Nowhereelse.fr shows a case for the upcoming iPhone 6.

The case shows an iPhone that will have rounder edges (like the iPod touch and iPhone 5c), a Lock button that has been relocated to the side of the device, new volume controls (like the iPod) and a 4.7″ display.

This picture clearly shows there is no Lock button at the top of device, instead it is on the right side.

This picture clearly shows there is no Lock button at the top of device, instead it is on the right side.

Case manufacturers in the past have attempted to get ahead by producing thousands of cases based on a rumored product.  Turns out, those rumors were off and the company wasted thousands of dollars (and the iPhone 4S featured the same design as the iPhone 4).  Please note that this case is only based off rumors, so if the rumors are incorrect, the case is too.

As more rumors and iPhone 6 leaks appear, the blog will be updated many times daily with new posts.  Follow the blog via email (on the right side of the page) or like our page on Facebook.

Rumors/News Round-Up: 8GB iPhone 5c, iPhone 6 Camera, Healthbook

9to5Mac mockup of Healthbook app
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Here are the top headlines that we saw this week in Apple news and rumors:

iPhone 5c 8GB and iPad 4 Released

This past week, Apple released an 8GB version of the iPhone 5c in countries were 4G LTE is still developing: Australia, China, Europe, etc.  Although this iPhone will likely not be available in the United States, it does come at a cheaper price that the 16GB in the countries where it is sold.  Apple also replaced the iPad 2 with the iPad 4.  This iPad was announced in October 2013 featuring the Lightning connector, Retina display, A6X processor and 5MP camera.  You can purchase the iPad 4 here for $399.

The iPad with Retina display.

The iPad with Retina display, credit: Apple Inc.

iPhone 6 to Keep 8MP Camera

AppleInsider released a report earlier this week, citing ‘people familiar with the matter’ as its sources, that the iPhone 6 will retain the 8MP sensor that was originally announced with the iPhone 4S.  Instead of competing with Android by increasing the camera’s megapixels, Apple will focus on improving the image quality and enhancing other components of the camera.  The iPhone 6 is also rumored to feature sensors that detect the weather.

iPhone 5 camera specs, credit: PetaPixel

iPhone 5 camera specs, credit: PetaPixel



Apple Considering Spotify Competitor for Android

Billboard released a report this week that Apple may be working on an on-demand streaming service, similar to Spotify, that would allow listeners to hear songs without purchasing them.  Apple might also create the app for Android users in addition to its iOS users. Although Steve Jobs said he would never bring iOS to Android, this is Tim Cook’s Apple and we may see it within the next couple of years.

iTunes Radio, credit: TUAW

iTunes Radio, credit: TUAW

Healthbook App Leaked

Earlier this week, a report by 9to5Mac revealed some leaked screenshots of the new Healthbook app on iOS 8.  It has a similar design to Passbook, with tabs for: blood work, heart rate, hydration, blood pressure, activity, nutrition and more.  Apple is expected to reveal iOS 8 at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference in June and release it in September alongside the iPhone 6.

Healthbook app icon

Healthbook app icon, credit: 9to5Mac

Check out this week’s Kickstarter project of the week: MagBak and MagStick.  These handy devices allow you to stick your iPad to any surface: furniture, wall, cabinets, etc.  It is great for FaceTime, watching movies and reading recipes as you cook.  Back this project now to get the MagBak for your iPad Air or iPad mini for $34.