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Apple offers free Beats headphones with Mac, iPhone, iPad for college

Apple Back to School 2016
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On Wednesday, Apple announced this year’s edition of their Back to School promotion. With every eligible Mac, iPad, or iPhone purchase for college, Apple is giving free wireless Beats headphones. This is in addition to their education pricing which takes $200 off the price of a Mac and $20 off the price of an iPad.

Apple Back to School 2016

Apple announces Back to School sale, via Apple

The iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac Pro are eligible to purchase for the promotion and they come with Solo2 Wireless Headphones. These Beats headphones retail for $299. Although the Mac mini is listed on the sale page, it is not eligible for the free headphones.

The iPad Pro is the only eligible tablet and the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 6s Plus are eligible smartphones. Each of these comes with the Powerbeats2 Wireless Headphones worth $199. Apple notes in the terms and conditions that the headphones are upgradable to the Solo2 Wireless Headphones for an additional $100. The iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4, iPad mini 2, and iPhone SE do not qualify for the promotion.

This sale is not limited to those who are enrolled in college; any “qualified” educational purchaser can receive a pair of Beats headphones when they make an eligible purchase. Qualified individuals include: K-12 employees, board members, and officers; higher education employees, students, and parents of students.

Last year Apple announced this deal in late July and it only lasted a couple of months. This year they are starting in early June and ending in early September for a total of three months. Perhaps their reasoning behind extending the deal by an extra month is due to their recent decline in sales. The deal usually ends the week before their fall special event. This year’s promotion starts on June 2 and ends on September 5.

On a side note, it is interesting that Apple is only offering wireless headphones. This could be a subtle confirmation that the iPhone 7 will not have a headphone jack.

Apple Rolls Out Back to School Promotion

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Get a $100 gift card with the purchase of a Mac and a $50 gift card with the purchase of an iPad or iPhone.

Get a $100 gift card with the purchase of a Mac and a $50 gift card with the purchase of an iPad or iPhone.

Although Summer has just started, Apple is ready for school with their annual Back to School promotion.  Like last year, any students, faculty members or staff members will get a $100 Apple Store Gift Card with the purchase of a Mac or a $50 card with the purchase of an iPad or iPhone. In addition, the Apple Education Store sells Macs and iPads at a discount to students, faculty and staff.  You can also trade in your current Mac, iPad and iPhone to receive a second discount on your new device.

There’s a few things that you need to know before you consider taking advantage of this promotion.  The iPhone 4S and the Mac mini don’t qualify so no gift cards come with them.  All purchases must be through the Apple Store website, retail store or over the phone.  For example, Walmart is selling the iPhone 5c for $29; while Apple is selling it for $99.  You could save extra money by going to Walmart, but you won’t get the gift card.  Also, the gift card is for use in the Apple Store only, not the iTunes Store.  You can use it towards the purchase of a case for the iPad, the Apple TV, an AirPrint printer, a case for the MacBook, etc.  This promotion is aimed towards students; however, if you have recently graduated you can still take an opportunity to use this offer.

The promotion started July 1, 2014 and ends September 9, 2014.

Rumor Roundup: Back to School Promo, iPhone 6 Update, iWatch Release Date

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It has been a very busy week for me so here are all the latest rumors that were supposed to be individual blog posts:

Apple’s Gearing Up for the Back to School Promotion

Apple's back to school promotion from Summer 2013.

Apple’s back to school promotion from Summer 2013.

In the end of June, Apple starts their Back to School event for students, faculty and staff of educational institutions.  It typically consists of someone buying a computer or tablet with their school ID and receiving a free gift card or product with their purchase.  It also runs from the end of June through early September.  According to employees at Apple, the front store windows will have their displays changed overnight on June 30th.  Last year’s event consisted of a $100 App Store gift card with the purchase of any Mac or $50 App Store gift card with the purchase of any iPad.  Also, those who qualify for the promotion also receive special educational pricing which covers Macs and now iPads.

Keep reading below to learn about the latest rumors for the iPhone 6 and iWatch.