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Indie App 'Pyramid Jumble' Grabs Your Attention

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Pyramid_Jumble_IconWith Kevin out of the country for a few days, he asked me to step in and deliver some content in his absence and I’m honored to help out. If you haven’t read my articles here on DGB, you can get a taste of what I’ve posted by clicking here. The website I run is iOSetc.com where we focus on making life better one app at a time. In our quest to making your life a little better, we seek out indie apps you may not know about to expose you to something you might not find on the front page of the App Store. One indie app we’ve recently reviewed is called Pyramid Jumble. This word puzzle game offers up numerous challenges amongst many different categories.

My love for word jumble games goes way back to my teenage years when I’d get my hands on a newspaper. I’d always skip over the crossword puzzle section, which I still do today, and find the word jumble. I always got a kick out of trying to figure out the four or five words which then gave you letters to help solve the mystery phrase for the picture associated with the puzzle. When I was contacted by the developer of Pyramid Jumble, I immediately was drawn to it from my love for word jumble games.

Pyramid Jumble starts with three categories you must solve to collect three different colored gems. These gems are used to unlock other categories in subsequent rows. Once you solve a certain percentage of words in any given row, you unlock another row of categories.

In most cases, the categories don’t change too much from row to row, besides getting a little more difficult. There are cases when the category changes in the next row you unlock. I got a little too comfortable with some categories and was surprised when a new row was unlocked to find a new category. My strategy was thrown off a little bit.

When you’re stuck on a word, Pyramid Jumble can give you a hint. It does come at a price though. When you elect to reveal a letter, Pyramid Jumble takes away some of the allotted time you have to solve words in this category. Bonuses are given when you solve words efficiently without using hints. When you use a hint, you lose the time bonuses so make sure you use your hints wisely.



Motivation to Exercise This Year

Credit: Examiner.com
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It has been a few days since the new year has started and many New Year’s resolutions that were made might seem to be nearly impossible.  The number one New Year’s resolution is to exercise because the holidays always take a toll on people’s bodies. With delicious treats like gingerbread and pumpkin pie, it is hard to say no to a second or third helping.  To keep you motivated in your New Year’s resolutions, there are some excellent apps on the App Store and Google Play (for our Android users).  My New Year’s resolution in 2013 was to exercise and I exercised the entire year.  To take it a step further this year, my resolution is to exercise at least twice a week and these are the apps that I will be using to help me accomplish this:

1. Lift – Daily Motivation by Lift Worldwide

20140104-125223.jpgThis app is excellent motivation for any goal.  Choose from hundreds of plans; including exercise, drink more water and spend less time on Facebook.  Once you decide on a plan, you’ll see you are not alone in your plan.  Many of them have thousands of participants that you can connect to.  Set a goal, like exercise, and make it your priority for 21 days (the time it takes the average person to make something into a habit) with this app.  Lift is free on the App Store and Google Play.



The POPSUGAR Active app is a great exercising app that makes any workout fun.  Discover new workouts (yoga, strength training, running, etc.), save workouts and create custom routines, download workouts for offline viewing, schedule workouts directly into your calendar and more.  The workouts either come with a video that makes you feel like you are part of the class or a step-by-step guide that moves at your own pace.  For exercising apps, this one covers a broad range of exercises. POPSUGAR Active is free on the App Store and Google Play.

3. Fooducate by Fooducate Ltd.


Fooducate has to be the best app on the App Store that tells you more information about the food you have in front of you.  It can be used to track your meals and exercise, personalize your weight loss goal and help you achieve it.  I rather use the app to find out how healthy my food is and what are some better alternatives.  Scan any product to reveal if any ingredients are genetically modified, if there is excessive sugar present, additives and preservatives, vitamins, good fats and more.  The app not only identifies the negative aspects of the food, but the positive aspects too.  The food is graded on a scale with “A” being the highest depending on nutrition and ingredients.  Fooducate is free on the App Store and Google Play.

For more great exercising apps, check out RunKeeper (App Store and Google Play), 7 Minutes by Lolo (App Store) and MyFitnessPal (App Store and Google Play).

Download these three apps and you will be on your way to a healthier 2014 full of exercising.  Many New Year’s resolutions don’t survive the first month, but it is time we change this.  Stick to your New Year’s resolutions so when Christmas comes around, you can indulge without having to worry about the effect on your body.   Good luck and enjoy your 2014.

October 22 Event: The Full Breakdown

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Here is the full breakdown of all the new products that Apple announced at 10am PT today.  Check us out on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date with tips, news and rumors for next year’s Apple devices.  We should see a large iPhone 6, full-sized Apple TV and iPads with Touch ID.

Apple covered a lot of new products today.  Click below to see them all!

Apple covered a lot of new products today. Click below to see them all!


App of the Week: Scan

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Good morning, I’ve been considering the idea of a featured “App of the Week” in addition to the “iOS 7 Tip of the Day” that is on Facebook. This week I’m trying it out and the App of the Week is Scan. This app is available on both the iTunes Store and the Google play store. The user scans a barcode or QR Code with their smartphone and the app gives them more information about the product they scanned. For example, I scanned a can of air freshener and it gave me 5 online prices (OfficeMax, BuyTheCase.net, Pricegrabber, etc.), the ability to add it to my wish list and save it for later, a review on the item and I can also google the UPC number. This app is only $1.99 for a limited time, but it will increase back up to its original price of $4.99 relatively soon.

Check it out on the App Store (either Apple or Android) or like this post today on Facebook before midnight and you will have a chance to win the app for your smartphone. The app will be electronically delivered through email, so anyone can like it. Also, like the Facebook page as well for chances to win more products.