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iPhone 5c Commercials

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Quick update on the contest: The end of September is coming up extremely fast.  If you are interested in entering the contest for this month, which includes a $20 iTunes gift card (or Google play gift card), a month subscription to Hulu plus, a universal armband and one more surprise, you have to hurry and enter.  Tweet or share this post and you will have 2x the number of entries in the contest.  If you tweet it, tag us @idevicegeekblog, and if you share on Facebook, hashtag us #idevicegeekblog.  On a final note, December’s contest has to be big (because its Christmas and Hanukkah time!) So put your input in the poll below to help me decide on a big prize!

iPhone 5c

The new iPhones have been out for nearly a week now.  The iPhone 5s comes with Touch ID (a fingerprint scanner), two processors (A7 and M7) and more.  The iPhone 5c comes out in multiple colors, as expected, with a cheaper price and internal components that are similar to the iPhone 5.  Apple has created three new commercials (below) showing the iPhone 5c, one features an extended cut of one of the commercials.  I added more videos that Apple has on their YouTube page showing the iPhone 5c.




Check out the other videos by clicking below!



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Can I just say that the new iPod commercial called “Bounce” by Apple is just amazing?

It is definitely better than the Apple Genius commercials that aired during the Superbowl.  It is fun to watch the iPods bounce into other iPods and show off all of their colors.

Here’s a link if you have yet to see it: Bounce.

Although, the moral of the story is that iPods can bounce, if you drop an iPod touch, it will break into a few iPod nano’s and those will break into iPod shuffle’s if the nano is dropped. So I think I will buy an iPod touch, drop it and then sell a couple of the iPod nano’s that come from it lol.