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Apple Alters Focus of Retail Stores

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Walk into any Apple Retail Store and you’ll immediately see photo panels on the walls displaying Apple products.  Whether it be an few iPads lined up (like the picture above) or several iPhones; you are presented with Apple showing off their products.  However, this is starting to change.  Like their television commercials, Apple is focusing less on the actual product and more on how their customers use them.  The new photo panels will show customers using their devices in real life situations, like multiple children gathering around to use Maps on an iPad Air or someone taking pictures of lanterns with their iPad.


After, credit: 9to5Mac

The changeover happened in a few Apple Stores when the company changed the front panels to promote the Back to School promotion.  It is unclear if this redesign is limited to select stores or if every store will be seeing the new photo panels.  Check out your local Apple Store to see if yours is focusing more on the product or on the customer.